Hand Tools for craft and hobbyBook & Video for Art clay & PMC3
Book Kawaii Accessory of UV resin and Plastic Shrink Wrap (Japanese) /1pc

    • ISBN: 978-4-07-418337-1
    • Size: 26 x 18.6 cm
    • Page: 65
  • ID: 11735 Stok: 1 Rp
    Book The Art of Jewelry: Polymer Clay (English) /1pc
    Unlike some books which include some basic techniques and then load all the good stuff into the gallery, this book is all in.
    Each of the artists represented here has very generously shared amazing techniques and accompanied them with easily understood directions.
    You should really enjoy this book from cover to cover.

    • ISBN: 978-1-57990-616-0
    • Size: 26 x 22.5 cm
    • Page: 152
  • ID: 9496 Stok: 2 Rp
    Book Polymer Clay Art (English) /1pc
    A special collection highlighting material from some of Quarry's popular books about polymer clay art, this book will present a wide spectrum of the latest techniques and materials with many of the leading artists in the field.
    Learn how to create beautiful boxes, pendants, vases, wind chimes, book covers, jewelry and much more.

    • ISBN: 978-1-59253-357-2
    • Size: 27.7 x 21.6 cm
    • Page: 304
  • ID: 9017 Stok: 1 Rp
    Book The Art of Polymer Clay Millefiori Techniques (English) /1pc
    She explains many new techniques as well as the basics. The book is well written and the projects are of a very high quality level. The photography and pictures, of which there are many, are also exceptional and the printing is much better quality than Donna's previous books.

    • ISBN: 978-0-8230-9918-4
    • Size: 24.7 x 19 cm
    • Page: 176
  • ID: 11102 Stok: 0
    Book Sweets * Decollage (Japanese) /1pc.
    Let's make fake sweets motifs and accessories in a short time.

    • Size: 21 x 14.9cm
    • Page: 32
  • ID: 5308 Stok: 1 Rp
    Book The Art of Polymer Clay Creative Surface Effects (English) / 1pc
    : Techniques and Projects Featuring Transfers, Stamps, Stencils, Inks, Paints, Mediums, and More
    Polymer clay has grown and grown and grown in popularity since the publication of Donna Kato's best-selling The Art of Polymer Clay in 1997. And there have been so many technical advances, too. Now poly-diva Donna Kato presents an all-new look at one of crafters' all-time favorite mediums. The Art Of Polymer Clay Surface Effects begins with the essentials of polymer clay, including its working properties, plus tools, curing, safety recommendations, and color blending (with full information on the now-indispensable Skinner Blend). Photo-packed chapters focus on exciting projects—beads, bracelets, pins, pendants, and boxes–and showcase new techniques, including image transfers, surface treatments such as stencils, stamps, paints, and inks, sculpting, inclusions, special effects, and finishing. Finished pieces by some of the biggest names in polymer clay, including Kathleen Dustin, Pier Voulkos, and Nan Roche, plus Donna Kato herself, offer ideas and inspiration.

    • ISBN: 978-0823013623
    • Size: 24.7 x 19 cm
    • Page: 176
  • ID: 13251 Stok: 1 Rp
    Book Flourish 1 (English) / pc
    : Flora: Leaf, Flower, and Plant Designs for Polymer Clay

    120 pages of full-color step-by-step project pictures, images, doodles and other fun stuff.

    In this book, you will wander through leaf, flower and plant designs in the form of projects, techniques, creative nudgings, doodles, inspirational photos and more. Always more! I?m excited about the guest-artist spotlights in this book, as well as my quirky role as tour-guide for this romp though the flora! (you?ll see....)

    Great for all skill levels, of course, and a good volume for artists who work in other media, since the emphasis in this book (and the others in this series) will be on technique, exploration, creativity and design, not just projects. Don?t worry, though, there are still plenty of projects.

    • 978-0-9802314-5-8
    • Size: 28 x 21.5 cm
    • Page: 120
  • ID: 19766 Stok: 1 Rp
    BOOK Creative Ways with Polymer Clay (English) / pc
    It is remarkably well written with all of the how-to details extremely clear and precise.
    The photographs are stunning and the projects exciting. There are projects for beginners as well as for the advanced clayer.
    The author has included not only her own projects, but those of some other fine clay artists which gives the book a wonderful variety.

    • ISBN: 978-1-4027-0113-9
    • Size: 25.3 x 21.5 cm
    • Page: 144
  • ID: 13268 Stok: 2 Rp
    BOOK Friendly Plastic 101 (English) / pc
    This book gives a range of creative options for using the Friendly Plastic.

    • ISBN: 157421808-5
    • Size: 28 x 21.5 cm
    • Page: 35
  • ID: 19769 Stok: 2 Rp
    Book Miniature Work of Tomo Tanaka of Nunu's House (Japanese) / pc

    ID: 19608
    10-14 d
    Book Miniature Collection of Tomo Tanaka of Nunu's House (Japanese) / pc

    ID: 19609
    10-14 d
    Book clay : Beginner's sweet decoration accessories making / 1pc
    This Book explains how to make accessories using transparent clay.

    • ISBN: 978-4-12-390197-0
    • Size: 25.7 x 18.3cm
    • Page: 94
  • ID: 11722 Stok: 1 Rp
    Book CF Sculpture Series (English) / 1pc
    CHRISTI FRIESEN Projects, techniques and ideas!

    • Size: 25.8 x 16.8 cm
    • Page: 46 or 48
  • ID: 10281 Ada pilihan
    Stok: 6 Rp
    Book Clay Craft without Baking - Poem of Flowers - (Japanese) / 1pc

    • ISBN: 978-4-14-031071-7
    • Size: 26.4 x 19 cm
    • Page: 128
  • ID: 10282 Stok: 3 Rp
    Book Dip Art Colorful Small Articles (Japanese) /1pc
    You can make colorful small articles with wire and DIP.

    • ISBN: 978-4-277-43127-9
    • Size: 20 x 20 cm
    • Page: 47
  • ID: 2147 Stok: 4 Rp
    Book Fake Sweets Motif for grownups /1pc
    33 kinds of art sweets motif & jewel.

    • ISBN: 978-4-309-27200-9
    • Size: 24 x 18.5cm
    • Page: 80
  • ID: 9361 Stok: 2 Rp
    Book Candy Color Ticket Resin Accessories (Japanese) /1pc
    There are over 16 accessory recipes for rings, necklaces, brooches, charms, and deco art on smart phone in thia book.
    Many kinds of berries, colorful candies, hamburger & fries, Spaghetti, sunny side up egg, biscuit, popcorn, banana, you can make these items with resin clays and resin liquid.
    You can get the image with the picture on the book cover and learn basic techniques for resin clay & oven clay, resin liquid, and molding.
    Step by step photo instruction makes you easy to understand.

    • ISBN: 978-4-309-28365-4
    • Size: 25.6 x 19 cm
    • Page: 79
  • ID: 19797 Stok: 1 Rp
    BOOK Ichiban Wakariyasui UV Resin Kyoushitsu (Japanese) / pc

    • ISBN: 978-4-309-28630-3
    • Size: 25.8 x 18.8 cm
    • Page: 95
  • ID: 14028 Stok: 1 Rp
    BOOK Wa No Kirigami 200 Sen (japanese) / pc

    • ISBN: 978-4-416-31438-8
    • Size: 21cm x 18.2cm
    • Page: 272
  • ID: 14142
    Bisa Back Order
    Book Clay Cats (Japanese) / 1pc
    80 cats and small flowers. Make cats with light weight clay and flowers with resin clay. Full of cute cats.

    ID: 12834 Stok: 1 Rp
    Book Doll House Coordinate Recipe (Japanese) / pc

    ID: 19613
    10-14 d
    BOOK Otome Kawaii Sekken Sweets (Japanese) / pc
    Let's make Fake Sweets Soaps.

    • ISBN: 978-4-7778-0785-7
    • Size: 24 x 18.2 cm
    • Page: 96
  • ID: 14100 Stok: 1 Rp
    Book YOSHIDA STYLE 2 - Ball Jointed Doll Making Advanced Guide (Japanese) /1pc
    YOSHIDA STYLE I is ball joint doll making guide for beginners. It shows how the dolls be made with stone clay, how to paint, to make eyes, hair, and shows.
    YOSHIDA STYLE II is advanced level making guide and it goes into casting process. It explains how to model a primary original mold, shape with a mold, joint pieces, and style a doll. It also shows how the plaster mold be made and used with PADICO modeling cast for copying a doll. It is written in Japanese, but step by step photos make it easy to understand the instructions. You can enjoy a beautiful photo gallery of dolls that Mr. Yoshida has been made.

    • ISBN: 978-4-7986-0782-5
    • Size: 21cm x 26.2 cm
    • Page: 138
  • ID: 6956 Stok: 1 Rp
    Book Succulent Plants of Clay (Japanese) /1pc
    Let's make succulent plants using clay.

    • ISBN: 978-4834737059
    • Size: 20.6 x 20.6 cm
    • Page: 64
  • ID: 11734 Stok: 1 Rp
    Book How to Make Polymer Clay Beads (English) / 1pc
    : 35 Step-By-Step Projects Show How to Make Beautiful Beads and Jewelry
    This is a very good book for the beginner.
    Some projects seem a little complicated but the instructions are clear.

    • ISBN: 978-1906094447
    • Size: 21 x 27.3 cm
    • Page: 128
  • ID: 11725 Stok: 1 Rp