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Vitamin C ( brand : DHC ) / 1 pack
| Nutritional Function Information
  • Vitamin C has antioxidant effect and helps maintain healthy condition of skin and mucosa.
  • Vitamin B2 help maintain healthy condition of skin and mucosa.
  • Supplement of "Food with nutrient function claims" to compensate 1000 mg of Vitamin C for a day
  • Vitamin C supplement blended with vitamin B2, which helps promote the role of vitamin C.

Capsule type

| Ingredients
  • [Name] Food including vitamin C group
  • [Ingredients] Vitamin C, gelatin, coloring (caramel, titanium dioxide), vitamin B2
  • [Net Weight] 104.6 g [weight per capsule 578 mg (weight without capsule 501 mg)]
  • [Nutrition Facts] [Per 1156 mg (578-mg capsule x 2)] calories 4.6 kcal, protein 0.13 g, total fat 0.004 g, total carbohydrate 1.0 g, sodium chloride equivalent 0.0008 g, vitamin C 1000 mg (1000), vitamin B2 2.0 mg (143)
| Direction
  • Follow recommended daily intake (2 capsules).
  • Recommended to take twice daily, one in the morning and one at night.
  • Take with water or lukewarm water.
  • Consuming a large quantity of this product does not cure disease or promote health. Please follow the recommended daily intake.

Powder type

| Ingredients
  • [Ingredients] Maltitol syrup (made in Japan), vitamin C, sweetener (stevia), flavoring, vitamin B2
  • [Net Weight] 48.0 g [1.6 g x 30 packets]
  • [Nutrition Facts] [per 1.6 g] Calories 6.3 kcal, protein 0 g, total fat 0 g, total carbohydrate 1.57 g, sodium chloride equivalent 0.03 g, vitamin C 1500 mg, vitamin B2 0.32 mg

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    Vitamin C ( brand : Itoh ) drink / 1 pack
    Vitamin C berbentuk granule yang mudah di campur dengan air untuk di minum.
    Satu saset setara dengan 60 buah jeruk Lemon (1.200 mg Vitamin C).
    Berbentuk granule (butiran), sehingga dapat juga di telan tanpa menggunakan air.
    Ingredients Daily: Energy 8kcal, protein 0.01g, lipid 0g, carbohydrate 1.97g, salt equivalent 0.00004g, vitamin B2 0.6mg, vitamin C 1200mg

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    Vitamin C ( brand : Nature made ) tablet / 1 bottle
    Nature made (Japan)
    Tablet 200 pcs Ingredients Rosehips, lactose/vitamin C, cellulose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, sucrose fatty acid ester, silicon oxide
    2 tablets / day.

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    Super Fish Oil ( EPA + DHA ) Nature made / 1 bottle
    Nature made (Japan)
    | Nutrition
    EPA: 162mg, DHA: 108mg
    Energy: 12.35kcal, protein: 0.311g, fat: 1.208g, carbohydrates: 0-0.1g, sodium chloride (salt) equivalent: 0-0.01g
    Capsule 90 pcs (90 days)
    | Directions
    1 capsule / day. Ingredients Pure fish oil (including mackerel), gelatin / glycerin, antioxidants (vitamin E from soybeans and other foods)

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    Fish Oil ( EPA + DHA + Nattokinase ) Dear Natura Asahi / 1 bottle
    | Brand
    Asahi Dear Natura ( Japan )
    | Nutrition
    EPA: 360mg, DHA: 154mg, NattoKinase 5.5mg
    Energy: 17kcal, protein: 0.58g
    Capsule 240 pcs (60 days)
    | Directions
    4 capsule / day. Ingredients Pure fish oil (including mackerel), gelatin / glycerin, antioxidants (vitamin E from soybeans and other foods), plus NattoKinase

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    • SEIROGAN® Tablet is a herbal dietary supplement to support the digestive system and help maintain normal bowel movement.
    • Trumpet Brand SEIROGAN® pills are the most popular and well-known gastrointestinal medicine in Japan and have a history of a century.
      SEIROGAN ® is extremely effective in counteracting occasional diarrhea, good-induced enteritis, indigestion and other gastrointestinal diseases that often occur in daily life. Trumpet Brand SEIROGAN® is used by people throughout the world as a remedy at home as well as in business/ holiday trip or travelling abroad.
    Take 3 pills after a meal with water up to 3 times a day as needed. For children 5-10 years of age, the recommended serving is 1 pill. For age 11-14 years, the recommended serving is 2 pills. Not recommended for children under 5 years of age.

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    10-14 d
    Bufferin general pain killer / 1 pack
    Bufferin is the Best selling medicine in Japan, for general pain killer which eases your pain quickly.
    Easy to swallow, rapidly dissolving antipyretic analgesic that is gentle on the stomach
    | Indications
    1. Pain relieving effect on headache, menstrual pain, joint pain, neuralgia, back pain, muscle pain, pain due to stiff shoulders, sore throat, toothache, pain after tooth extraction, pain from bruising, pain from sprains, pain from bone fractures, pain from trauma and earache.
    2. Reducing effect on chills and fevers.

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    Folding Walking Canes / 1pc
    Folding Walking Canes are especially useful when traveling.
    They usually are used to support walking and then folded and carried in a backpack or satchel when not in use.
    Folding Walking Canes are becoming increasingly popular for people who especially want to stay mobile while needing some extra support while walking.
    A separate strap and carrying case is available for purchase also.

  • Size: 73 - 83cm
    Cane top weight : F19 cm
    Rubber feet : F16cm
    Material : Aluminum
    Weight : 290g
    include Strap and Bag for cane
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    Glitter Gel Insole for Women / 1pair
    Banish foot pain and step out in comfort with this pair of glittery gel insoles.
    You'll feel like you're walking on air as the gel flows underfoot, absorbs pressure and shock, and gently massages the soles of your feet as you move.

  • Made in Japan
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    Meiji Amino Collagen / 1pc
    Collagen terkenal dengan kemampuannya untuk menjaga "keremajaan dan kecantikan". Produksi collagen dalam kulit kita menurun setelah usia 20 tahun. Dengan mengkonsumsi collagen maka akan sangat membantu untuk memperbaiki kekenyalan dan keremajaan kulit sehingga Anda akan selalu terlihat segar dan tampil muda.
    Meiji Amino Collagen terbuat dari 100% high quality low-molecilar fish (Ikan) collagen (collagen peptide), yang mana kemampuan untuk diserap oleh tubuh kita lebih tinggi daripada collagen yang berasal dari hewan lain.
    Kelebihan lainnya collagen ini tanpa tambahan zat pewarna, mengandung Arginine (amino acid) yang baik untuk kesehatan kulit and vitamin C, hanya mengandung 27kcal.
    Sangat dianjurkan untuk mengkonsumsi satu sendok (7gr) setiap hari SEBELUM TIDUR dengan mencampurkan ke dalam minuman Anda.

  • Weight : 200 gram
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    Meiji Amino Collagen / 1pc
    Amino Collagen Premium mengandung kombinasi collagen dan vitamin yang sedang trend sekarang ini.mengandung Arginine (amino acid) yang baik untuk kesehatan kulit and vitamin C dengan tambahan Hyaluronic Acid (untuk produksi moisturizer kulit setiap harinya) dan Coenzyme Q10 (untuk mensupport energy untuk kemudahan penyerapan).
    Sangat direkomendasikan bagi pada wanita yang ingin menjaga kekencangan dan kekenyalan kulit. Gunakan Amino Collagen Premium sebagai anti-aging kulit Anda!
    Sangat dianjurkan untuk mengkonsumsi satu sendok (7gr) setiap hari SEBELUM TIDUR dengan mencampurkan ke dalam minuman Anda.

  • Weight : 200 gram
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    Mesh Lower Back Support Belt / 1pc
    Product Features:
    -A back support belt offering relief from back pain arising from slipped disc, sciatica, muscle strain and ligament damage.
    -Provides comfortable, yet firm support
    -Made from durable, high quality materials
    -It is ideally suited to office use, where support is required when sitting in warm environments, but will also offer a good degree of support when undertaking a range of activities such as driving, manual work such as gardening, and long periods of standing.

  • This product is available in S, M, L size
    Please choose the size.
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    Noble Back Rescue Twin Belt Titanium Size: M / 1pc
    •give abdominal pressure, and reduce the burden of lower-back with modification of posture.
    •raise the heat retention of the hips circumference by wearing titanium to a back and a stomach part.
    •supports for your spine help to keep it in a good position, keeping the curve at the correct angle when you're sitting or driving a car.

  • Size: M (waist circumference size 63-79cm)
    made in japan
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    Rakanto 200 gram / 1pc
    Rakanto adalah pengganti gula yang alami (bukan menggunakan zat kimia) dengan zero calori sehingga aman bagi tubuh.
    Terbuat dari buah Arhat (Momordica grosvenori) atau yang lebih umum disebut dengan Luo-han-guo yang difermentasikan bersama dengan Erythritol.
    Di Jepang, rakanto digunakan untuk mengganti gula pada resep masakan/cake.
    Sangat cocok bagi penderita diabetes atau yang sedang berdiet.
    Saat ini untuk menjaga kualitas produk maka rakanto khusus di produksi di Jepang.

  • Weight : 200 gram
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    UV Light Sanitizer Sterilizer Box /1unit

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    UV-c lamp ( germicidal Lamp ) made in JAPAN / 1pc
    Menyediakan berbagai macam lampu UV-c buatan Jepang.
    Lampu yang kami jual adalah UV-c lamp ( ada logo segitiga tertulis UV-c),dimana lampu ini menghasilkan sinar UV-c (gelombang pendek) 254 nm, yang dapat mengacaukan struktur DNA, sehingga dapat meng NON aktifkan bakteri, virus, dan protozoa.
    Lampu ini khusus untuk mensterilkan benda, ruangan, atau mensterilkan air dsb.

    Ada 2 merek ( dua duanya orisinal Japan) sbb :
    | Sankyou Denki

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    UV-c Steril box : type F-20 / 1 unit
    • Sistem Sterilisasi tipe F series (Familly type) ini di peruntukkan untuk kebutuhan Keluarga, dengan kemampuan multi fungsi.
    • Menggunakan lampu short wave UV-c type buatan Jepang.
      Gelombang cahaya UV yang dapat mematikan kuman, bakteri, virus dll.
      Sistem sterilisasi menggunakan sinar UV-c ini adalah yang paling praktis dan aman.
      - Karena hanya menggunakan sinar (TIDAK menggunakan bahan kimia) , maka dapat mensterilkan makanan ( sayur, buah, daging , dll)
      - Karena tidak menimbulkan panas maupun gelombang listrik / magnet, maka dapat di gunakan di peralatan elektronik, misalnya HP ( handphone) dll.
    • Banyak di pakai di klinik, atau tempat yang membutuhkan kebersihan dan steril.
      Dengan adanya bahaya virus corona saat ini, maka rumah pribadi pun, sebaiknya mempunyai alat ini untuk mensterilkan masker (sehingga dapat di pakai ulang.), uang, kacamata, juga buah dan sayur sayuran.
    • Dilengkapi timer otomatis, dapat di atur waktunya hingga maksimum 60 menit.
      Biasanya dengan tenaga 20 watt, sekali steril butuh waktu 20 - 25 menit.
    • Listrik 220 volt (bisa langsung di pakai di Indonesia).
      Lampu UV-c 2 x 10 watt ( total 20 watt).
    • Jaminan 1 tahun (tidak termasuk lampu).
      Umur lampu sekitar 6.000 jam.
      Lampu pengganti tersedia (buatan Jepang).

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    Walker Shopping Cart / 1pc
    Walker Shopping Cart has multiple function: it can be used as a shopping cart in malls, an airport walker, a park carriage, a grocery transporter, it can further reduce plastic bag waste too.
    Features a wide and comfortable seat that folds down when you need a rest.
    It makes a wonderful gift for any occasions.
    This will help reduce the amount of stress on your back, neck, and shoulders.

  • Weight:4.9kg
    Seat capacity 80kg Bag capacity 2kg
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