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DVD, W101-R4 Learning Wire Jewelry (Ring #4) /1pc
Kit included :
  • id:3025=> 0.64mm (22ga)SQUARE HALF HARD WIRE (2.5m)
  • id:3083=> 0.81MM (20ga) HALF ROUND HALF HARD WIRE ,(1meter)
  • id:2356=> CZ : 14x10mm oval cut
  • id:4032=> CZ : 4mm round CZ (white color) 2 piece

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DVD : The Genie Video Guide (English) / 1pc
Produced in cooperation with Diamond Pacific,this DVD Video contains over 60 minutes of valuable tips and procedures,including chapters on Set-Up and Break-In, Delivery, Accessories, Maintenance and Trouble-Shooting, including Pump Reconditioning and Repair, and even Bearing Replacement!

You'll see how to properly setup your Genie, break-in the diamond wheels, and benefit from simple Maintenance procedures, including how to rotate and balance the Galaxy wheels.

You'll see Lap / Polish combinations, including the Nova Magnetic Laps, how to setup the Trim Saw, The Boxer, Carving wheels and the Jeweler's Buff Kit!

A special segment on the Lapidary Process shows the Genie in action as The Gemsmith uses the Genie trim saw, the Galaxy grinding wheels, the NOVA sanding wheels and the diamond polishing pad to create an agate cabochon.

The Gemsmith explains and demonstrates with easy-to-follow on-screen instruction the tools, lubricants, supplies, accessories and other household items that you can use to keep your Genie running strong for years!

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DVD Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters: Russian Filigree (English) / pc
Learn Russian filigree through five open-back filigree projects taught by longtime educator and jewelry designer Victoria Lansford. Featuring easy-to-follow instructions and valuable tips and tricks, Metal Techniques is for those with a basic understanding of metalsmithing. Includes an illustrated, printable PDF booklet for additional understanding.

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