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Boy Loom Pen / 1pc

Alat pembantu berbentuk seperti pen ini , memudahkan pekerjaan merajut dengan alat loom

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Boye Loom Hook /1pc

  • 121mm
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    Clover Hair Pin Lace Tool / 1set

    Hair pin lace is an age-old art which creates interesting and intricate fiber patterns on a small handheld loom.
    This hair pin lace tool is especially interesting for several reasons. The packaging features photos of ideas and finished items along with detailed step-by-step instructions.

  • The tool is sturdy and comfortable to hold with bright yellow and orange grips on either end.
  • The pins are adjustable in width from 2cm - 8cm, plus the tool features a third pin!
  • Create designs with two or more pins!
  • Fabulous for one of a kind trims in exquisite yarns, but also suitable for the girl who has fun with a knitting knobby.

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  • NA-TATG-001A1
    Clover Tatting Shuttles / 1set

    The lightweight plastic Tatting Shuttle is very handy to use.
    It is very comfortable to hold when working the shuttles.
    One set of 5 colorful tatting shuttle for easy identification.

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    Clover Mini Crochet Hook for Tatting Lace / 1pc

  • Length: 55mm
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    Clover Picot Gauge for Tatting Lace / 1set

    Sold in a set of 7 size (1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 13mm)

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    Lacis Tatting Needle & Picot Gauge / 1pc

    A picot gauge for needle and shuttle tatting in marked 1/8" steps from 1/8" to 1-1/4" and unmarked steps from 1-3/8" to 3", A tatting needle gauge for all steel and wood needles from size #8 to 6mm, and a 3" ruler. All in a durable pocket sized tool. Note that the size of the completed picot will be half the marked dimension. Using the 1" step will result in a 1/2" picot.
    Color : Pink
    Size: 76x35x1.7mm

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    Tatting Shuttle Winder / 1pc

    Ini adalah alat bantu memasukkan benang kedalam alat Tatting Shuttle yang anda miliki.
    Cara kerjanya cukup sederhana, hanya menjepitkan kedua ujungnya diantara alat Tatting Shuttle anda, lalu sedikit tekan bagian tengahnya, secara otomatis ujung Tatting Shuttle anda akan terbuka dan benangpun dengan gampang digulung.
    Sangat membantu bukan!!
    Terbuat dari Stainless Stell

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    Aerlit Tatting Shuttle with 2 Bobbins / 1set

    A plastic tatting shuttle with an in-built, removable bobbin-type spool, a steel hook at one end and the other end shaped to take the bobbin for winding.
    It is 2.75" excluding hook x .75 wide.

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    Spare Bobbins for Aerlit Tatting Shuttle / 1set(5pc)

    Use with the Aerlit Tatting Shuttle.

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    Tatting Needle / 1set

    ** Attached threader type may vary. **

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    Clover Tatting Design Sheet / 1set

    Ini adalah DESIGN sheet (semacam patron) dan instruksi cara mengerjakan saja.

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    Clover Tatting kit / 1set

    • This kits includes instruction (in japanese but very easy to understand even if you do NOT understand the language)
    • Includes all components to complete each projects

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    Filet lace needle set / 1set

    Filet lace (also known as Embroidery on Knotted Net, Lacis, Filet Brodé and Poinct Conté) is a Needle lace created by darning on a ground of knotted net or netting.

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    Clover lace thread fray stopper liquid glue / 1pc

    Stops Fraying on Lace thread (Cotton, silk, linen, polyester, rayon)
    Iron and Hand wash is okay.

  • size: 15ml
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    Weaving Looms : Ashford Knitting Looms / 1 set

    Three great weaving widths 30cm, 50cm and 70cm (12ins, 20ins and 28ins). The loom is ultra portable being lightweight, compact and folds in half – even with your weaving in place. Fast - from yarn to scarf in two hours. Easy - a loom that is simple to understand and operate with nylon warp stick ties, handles, cogs and pawls. Weave fancy yarns with the wide-eye 7.5dpi (30/10) reed. The loom is made from Silver Beech hard wood and comes assembled and lacquered, with all the warping tools – ready to use.
    The flexibility of the Knitters Loom means you can be weaving in your lunch break, while camping, or when visiting friends.

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    Weaving loom accessories & parts ( shuttle , Bobbin etc )

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    Knitting machine : Silver reed serie Ami Mu Me Mo / 1 unit

    Ini adalah versi baru Amimumemo GK-370

    Needle100 needles pitch 6.5mm
    Weight2.3 kg

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    21-30 d
    Knitting machine : Silver reed KI-100 and KI-150 / 1 unit

    This is the original knitting machine made in Japan by Silver Reed Japan.
    In other country it is sold as Knitting machine KL-150 ( in Japan the code is LK-150)

    • These LK series offers an excellent knitting machine for the beginner. It is a light weight portable machine that offers a quick and easy way to create stockinet fabric. This hobby machine gives you the ability to turn imagination into fashion. With its low cost and ease of use there is no reason not to own one. This machine is ideal for Sport, DK and 4 Ply weight yarns.
    • LK-150, 150 Needles, 2 Color Yarn Tension, Stitch Size Dial 1-10, 2 Side Levers, Row Counter Better than Bond Ultimate Sweater Machines. LK150 has 2 Color yarn tensions and antenna wires, large stitch size dial, side levers on carriage, spring-loaded needles which stay in place. Easy to use features which USM does not have.
    • Stitch style patterning with manual selection or hand manipulation for Brioche (Tuck) and Multi-color Brioche, Slip and Multi-color Slip, Fair Isle, Garter Stitch, Moss Stitch and knit-purl combinations, Cable Stitches, Lace, Eyelet and Open Work Knitting, Ribbings and more. Stitches exclusive to knitting machines Plating and Plating in color.
      Knits DK, Worsted and some Bulky weight yarns. Works well with novelty yarns.

  • 117x27x11.5cm,
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    Knitting machine : Silver reed SK-280 / 1 unit

    This is the original knitting machine made in Japan by Silver Reed Japan.
    In other country it is sold as Knitting machine Singer SK-280.

    • The SK280 is a very popular model that knits lace, fingering and sport weight yarns. This gauge is extremely popular for finer knits and delicate fabrics. Perfect for suits, skirts, baby garments and beautiful lacey fabrics. A mechanical machine, that needs no electricity. You can be up and knitting beautiful garments very quickly on this model.

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    Knitting machine : Siver reed SPARE PART only

  • WEAV-LM-021A0
    Clover : Punch Needle /1pc

    Use a needle through the yarn to stab the stitch as if drawing an illustration.
    The height of the loop can be adjusted in 4 steps. (Needle tip length 2.5 cm, 3.5 cm, 4.5 cm, 5.5 cm)
    Suitable yarns are medium to extra thick yarns. It is a straight yarn of No. 6 to 12 in needle notation. (* Not all yarns are suitable even in the 6th to 12th notation.)
    There are three designs in the instruction manual.
    Please use it together with the separately sold punch needle hoop <18 cm>, punch needle fabric, and punch needle bond.

    The tip of the needle is sharp, so handle it with care and keep it out of the reach of children with a cap.

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