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Japanese style marking gauge - Kebiki / 1 pc

Japanese marking gauges (Kebiki) use blades, not points, to mark the workpiece, and have a relatively wide stock. The blades used have the advantage of leaving a clean cut when marking across the grain. Blades cut the fibers, while points just tear them up. Like other Japanese woodworking tools, these gauges are always pulled along the workpiece.

The Kebiki’s blade has a single bevel on the inside of the blade toward the stock, the angled edge dictates the pull stroke.
With the Kama-Keshiki (mortise marking gauges) with two knives, the bevels face each other. Suji-Keshiki with two stems, the bevels on the knives are parallel and not facing each other. Sometimes when delivered, the knives do not protrude from the stem enough to cut properly. One should never try to drive the knife farther out with heavy hammer blows! This could easily split the wooden stem! One should instead enlarge the hole with a needle file or a sharp knife. The marking knife should stick out about 1 - 5 mm -- it depends on the feel of the tool you prefer. But more will cause problems as the stock then cannot be consistently held square to the workpiece. Then push the knife back into the stem and tighten it up with very light hammer blows! The measuring scale on the stem should be used only as a rough guide. One must use a precise ruler or other measuring method to exactly set the distance between the knife and the stock if precision is needed. For fine adjustments on Keshiki where the stem is wedged in place, one can use light taps with the flat of a hammer on the appropriate end of the stem to adjust the setting. The wedge can be set by pressing forcefully with your thumb, or with light hammer taps if needed.

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Hasegawa Trytool : Template / 1 set

Template untuk mencetak alur.
Bentuknya beragam : Bulat, Persegi, Oval.

  • Size: 18.8 x 8.5 x 1 cm
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    Contour gauge ( plastic ) Niigata Seiki brand / 1pc

    Copy and measure any irregular shape by pressing gauge against the contour to be copied. When removed, a perfect pattern has been produced for cutting, matching or checking dimensions. Ideal for fitting floor tiles and carpet around molding and pipes. Also used for checking wood parts against drawings.

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    Contour gauge ( stainless ) Shinwa brand / 1pc

    Copy and measure any irregular shape by pressing gauge against the contour to be copied. When removed, a perfect pattern has been produced for cutting, matching or checking dimensions. Ideal for fitting floor tiles and carpet around molding and pipes. Also used for checking wood parts against drawings.

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    Ring Ruler ( 360 Degree Circular Ruler ) /1pc

    The Ring Ruler™ is the first size-adjustable, circular ruler. It has been designed to make the drawing and measuring of circles and arcs a much simpler and more efficient experience by eliminating the cumbersome pivot-point system. Not only is the natural feel of expanding and contracting a circular ruler more ergonomic than using a needle compass, it is also quicker, safer and provides more the useful circular metrics of diameter and circumference (arc length).
    One of the best features of the Ring Ruler™ is its simplicity. This makes it a great learning tool for children– especially ones too young to handle a circle compass.

    • Measure diameter, arc length, circumference and degrees
    • Snap in to lock circle
    • Size up to 15cm diameter
    • Available in US Standard and Metric Scales

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    Truflex flexible curve ruler / 1pc

    Easily-shaped lead core construction firmly holds any curve for accurate drawings. Graduated in both inch and metric. Inch graduations are color-coded black while metric graduations are color-coded red for quick identification. Convenient inking edges for pen and marker use.
    Calibrated designing ruler - use for quilting patterns, applique patterns, dressmaking, etc.

  • Size: 24inch (60cm)
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    True Angle Protractor / 1 pc

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    HG Protractor / 1 set

    Wave Corporation HG Protractor untuk keperluan hoby anda.
    Mudah digunakan, mendetail, cocok untuk para penghoby yang
    membutuhkan akurasi dan kemudahan saat bekerja.
    Size : 90 mm x 1.25 mm

  • Size : 90 mm x 1.25 mm
    :196 mm x 1.25 mm
    Weight : 64 gr
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    Shinwa Protractor / 1 pc

    • Protractor profesional untuk keperluan mengukur sudut dengan teliti.
    • Bahan Stainless steel

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    Shinwa digital protractor

    Feature :
    Display digital untuk menampilkan hasil pengukuran
    Fungsi HOLD agar pengguna tidak lupa ukuran terakhir
    Batas ukuran :
    Angle : 0.0 ° ~ 359.9 °
    Length : 0 ~ 395mm
    Angle : ± 0.3 °
    Length : 200mm ± 0.2mm or less
    ( Two of the range that does not cross a straight length portion)
    Minimum scale
    Angle : 0.1 °
    Length : 1mm

    Power : one lithium battery CR2032 ×

    Auto power off : about 5 minutes in a non-operation state

    Battery life : about 2,000 hours

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    Angle Finder / 1pc

    This Angle Finder measures angles of most parts such as frame angle (pitch forward or backway) for setting truck front ends. Magnetic base holds tool in place. Tool is graduated in 1/2 degree increments.
    Size: 12 x 12 x 12mm

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    Digital Angle sensor ( Muratec KDS ) / 1 unit

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    • Berbagai macam LEVELer (untuk indikasi Level), buatan Jepang
    • Presisi dan praktis untuk berbagai macam kebutuhan

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    Black & Decker BDL310S Projected Crossfire Auto Level Laser / 1unit

    eliminating the need to squint at bubble vials and ensuring accuracy, something we've never been fond of. But what distinguishes this laser is that it projects two lines at once—-one vertical, one horizontal—-and the position of each can be adjusted individually. So if you need a square work area, the smooth rack-and-pinion mechanism will let you create it easily. We think this is the perfect tool for laying floor tiles or hanging a suspended ceiling. Once you've got your hands on it, you'll find dozens of uses around the house.-

    Technical Details

    • Automatically levels
    • Wall attachment micro adjusts vertical and horizontal lines for ease of use
    • Can hang from a strap for higher applications; projects plumb (vertical) and horizontal lines for added convenience
    • 1 year warranty
    • Included with leveler: 9-volt battery and wall attachment

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    Folding post level / 1pc

    A standard post level is forever locked in a rigid shape that limits its use to posts or pipes of a particular diameter, and takes up more room than it needs to in a toolbox.
    This level is unique among post levels in that it can be collapsed either by folding it closed like a book or by spreading it flat. It "clicks locked" every 15° allowing the Postrite® to be used on pipes or posts of any diameter.
    Not only does the Postrite® have the advantage of being able to fold closed for easy storage, but it can do what no other post level can - open flat for surface leveling. With magnets for work on ferrous posts and pipes, and strong elastic straps for attaching to wood, aluminum and plastic, it is the most versatile, all-purpose post level on the market.

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    Hand held weighing scale / 1pc

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    Shinwa Spring Tape Measure / 1pc

    • Auto Retractable Spring Tape Measure.
      ( when finished simply press the button to retract the tape.)
    • Flexing soft tape measure double sides ruler.( metric ruler )
    • Tape: Made of a fibreglass material
    • Tape length: 60” (1.5m)
    • Tape width: 8mm

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    Measure tape ( Muratec KDS ) / 1pc

  • TO-SWRL-201B1
    Tape measure (with Adhesive back) Muratec KDS - Japan / 1pc

    Meteran ini bagian belakangnya ada semacam "double tape", untuk di tempelkan di meja ukur dsb.
    Lebar 13mm, panjang ada 3 macam (1 meter,2 meter dan 5 meter), buatan Jepang.

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    Height Gauge measurement / 1unit

    • Total height: 460mm
    • Weight 2kgs
    • Range 0-300mm
    • Accuracy :0.02mm
    • Material Stainless

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    Manual Hand Tally Mechanical Palm Click Counter ( 4 digit Shinwa brand ) / 1pc

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    Radial scale ( R gauge ) / 1pc

    Alat ini simple dan praktis cocok untuk yang sering bekerja di bidang teknik / bengkel / atau kegiatan dimana harus sering mengukur R (radius) kelengkungan suatu sudut
    Satu alat berfungsi 3 macam.

    • Sebagai ruler ( penggaris biasa )
    • Sebagai pengukur diameter
    • Sebagai R (radius) scale, untuk mengukur kelengkungan suatu sudut / pojok.

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    SINWA thickness gauge

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    Taper gauge / 1 pc

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