Resin Plaster & Polymer material
Tamiya Clear Epoxy Resin (150g) /1set
  • Material : Clear Epoxy resin
  • ideally suited to reproduce "water" like model, such as the layout of the model railway works and the scene of the scale model
  • High transparency non yellowing
  • Mixed in a ratio of 2:1 base compound and curing agent, completely cured in about 24 hours. It is easy to inject, such as low viscosity type.
  • Also can be useful to make accessories such as transparent jelly, candy, ,juice, pendant or brooch.
    Can also be mixed with colored enamel paint color. Easy-to-use bottle with a nozzle tip, stir bar included
  • Sold in set of 150 grams (100gr resin + 50gr hardener)

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Amazing Casting Resin Kit / 1set
Casting resin ( white color ) Amazing Casting Resin is the easiest and safest way to create exact cast replicas of practically anything in minutes! Simply mix equal amounts of resin and hardener and pour into your mold. Less than 10 minutes later remove a beautiful cast replica of your original.
Clear cast ( clear ) Amazing Clear Cast can be used as a casting resin or as a clear coat. It's low viscosity and 1:1 ratio by volume makes it easy to use. Bubble free castings can be achieved by slowly mixing and pouring the resin.

  • Size( A+B ):16 oz (454.6ml)
    (8 oz x 2 bottles)
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    UV resin and Epox resin Gel Cleaner / 1pc
    A specific cleaner for uncured UV resins.
    Removes uncured UV resins from mixing tanks, tools and equipment.

  • Size: 30ml
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    Ecozai : Basalt Chopped Fiber for reinforcement.
    What is Basalt Fiber
    • Basalt Chopped Fiber is made by chopping continuous basalt fiber into short lengths. It is used as a reinforcing agent for concrete, plaster and Polymers, providing three-dimensional strengthening.
    • Basalt Chopped Fibers can be mixed directly into Concrete or Polymers (resin) to increase tensile strength and reduce cracking and chipping.
    • Basalt fiber provides high adhesion to concrete and Polymers, without deterioration of the reinforcing properties over time; it is a corrosion resistant material that does not get inflamed even exposed to open fire, it does not bunch up when added at any time of making and pouring the mix. Basalt fiber can be used for concretes with plasticizers and agents that change the setting time.
    • Increase High tensile strength (bending strenght) by 30-40%
    • Increase impact strenght by 3 times.
    • Increase crack resistance by 2 times.
    • Resistant to alkali in concrete and require no special coatings
    • Resist cold down to -260°F and heat up to 1,500°F
    • Do not conduct electricity or induce electrical fields
    • Do not absorb or wick water
    • Will not harbor bacteria or microbial growth
    • Has good fatigue resitance
    • To achieve better adhesion, uniform distribution and the maximum reinforcing effect, depending on the application area, it is necessary to select a relevant monofilament diameter, cut length, moisture content, and sizing.
    • We have several types and size for different applications :
      • Diameter: 13 microns to 20 microns
      • Lengths: 3mm to 90mm
      • sizing (binder) for Cement and asphalt and for resins : thermoplastic, epoxy, polyester, pva, & phenolic

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    Ecozai : Basalt Fabric - Cloth.
    What is Basalt Fabric (cloth)
    • Basalt Fabrics are weave cloth, made from Basalt yarns manufactured to varying thickness, weight, weave pattern and weaving technique according to end-use requirements.
    • Basalt Fabric wet easily and therefore enable fast resin impregnation, making them suitable for resin transfer molding, infusion molding and pultrusion.
      "All the products that are made of fiber glass or Carbon fiber can be made of basalt fabric,".
    • Basalt fabrics are typically used in place of fiberglass or carbon fiber and are ideally suited for applications requiring high mechanical strength, resistance to high temperature and chemicals. Basalt fabrics regularly outperform standard E-glass in demanding applications and are close in performance to specialty fibers like S-glass or carbon fiber , but cheaper.

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    Ecozai : Basalt Mesh - Geo fabric.

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    EcoZai : Stone resin
    Ini adalah "Water based resin", yang fungsinya untuk membuat permukaan lantai dari batu yang terlihat rapi, alami, kuat tahan cuaca, tembus air ( permeable ).
    Cairan ini di campur dengan kerikil batu (atau bahan batu lainnya), setelah di aduk rata di tuang keatas permukaan lantai, dan di ratakan. Tunggu kering sekitar 1 - 2 hari.
    Setelah kering hasilnya kuat namun cukup fleksibel sehingga di injak atau dilewatin mobil pun tidak akan patah (karena agak lentur).
  • Eco material yang amanTerbuat dari bahan yang aman lingkungan, water based (berbasis air) yang tidak beracun, namun setelah kering hasilnya kuat, tahan cuaca, tahan UV (sinar matahari).
    Bahan untuk campuran ini , penting harus pilih yang aman (tidak bisa sembarang resin), karena kena hujan dll dapat meresap kedalam tanah (meresap ke air tanah) dan merusak lingkungan serta berbahaya buat kesehatan.
  • Di jual per botol 1.5 kilo, kira kira cukup untuk campuran batu kerikil 20 kilo
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    Fantasy Coating : A1 type / 1 set

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    Fantasy Coating : PA type / 1 set

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    Fantasy Coating : PU type / 1 set

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