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Wax Slice /1pc
Ferris File-A-Wax Carving Waxes are used for making models to be reproduced by the lost wax casting process. These are the waxes preferred by master carvers for years and years. Ideal for rings, cuff links, pendants, medallions and much more. Easily sawed, carved, drilled, milled and turned on a lathe. Burns out cleanly from molds. The will stand rough handling and will not soften in the hands. All have an approximate melting point of 240o F. Must be burned out of investment molds, not for use in steam dewaxers.
Blue-Softwill bend 90 degrees on a 1/8" thickness for extreme thin wall sections
Purple-Mediumhas some flexibility for general purpose carving
Turquoise-Medium Hard
Green-Hardcannot be flexed for highly intricate carving
Gold-Harderrecommended for CNC
  Pilihan (Rp) Harga Stok Qty
#0000ff Blue 4mm 17,680 0 X
#0000ff Blue 5mm 20,410 0 X
#0000ff Blue 7mm 27,300 0 X
#0000ff Blue 17mm 54,600 0 X
#0000ff Blue 25mm 68,250 0 X
#800080 Purple 4mm 17,680 1
#800080 Purple 5mm 20,410 1
#800080 Purple 7mm 27,300 0 X
#800080 Purple 17mm 54,600 1
#800080 Purple 25mm 68,250 0 X
#008000 Green 4mm 17,680 0 X
#008000 Green 5mm 20,410 0 X
#008000 Green 7mm 27,300 0 X
#008000 Green 17mm 54,600 2
#008000 Green 25mm 68,250 0 X
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