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Wire Form Metal Mesh (Aluminum) / 1pc

Amaco WireForm is a specially manufactured metal mesh that is pliable enough to mold, yet sturdy enough to add structure to clays and modeling materials. It works exceptionally well as a base for clay, plaster, and papier mâché. A flat piece of WireForm easily transforms into three-dimensional shapes by simply molding, crimping, twisting, expanding, and gathering.
This product has incredible flexibility and strength. Its unique raised diamond strands expand to form three-dimensional shapes. Since it can be stretched into tight contours and shapes, it is ideal for detailed projects and delicate crafts.
Size 406 x 508 mm
Material : 100% Aluminum
id:13651 (sku:PO-MTSH-X101A)  
  Pilihan (Rp) Harga Stok Qty
13651-con   pattern 1/16 inch : Contour mesh 125,000 1
13651-spa   pattern 1/8 inch : Sparkle mesh 125,000 1
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