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Fiebings Carnauba Creme / 1 bottle
Fiebing Carnauba Creme is a blend of high quality waxes (amongst others carnauba wax).
It can be used as a finish on freshly dyed or undyed leather. Also very suitable for leather care and for renovating old and new leather goods. Fiebing Carnauba Creme guarantees for a durable wax finish which is water and stain resistant and nourishes the leather at the same time. We recommend usage only on smooth leathers.
This is how you use it:
The leather should be dry and clean. Thouroughly shake the bottle before every use. Apply a thin layer of Carnauba Creme with a bit of sheepskin rug, a soft cloth or a slightly humidified sponge. Allow the wax to dry and polish it to achieve a soft gloss. If necessary repeat the process.
If you want to use Carnauba Wax on carved, cut or printed leather, please note that exceeding wax must be removed from cavities before drying.
The applicators (sheep skin, cloth or sponge) can be cleaned with water and soap.
  • size: 118ml (4 oz)
  • Merk / Produsen: fiebing's

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