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Transfer Tape 12" x 24" / 1pc
Transfer Tape helps you transfer perfectly spaced and arranged vinyl cuts to the surface of your choice.
Size : 300 x 600 mm
How To Use Transfer Tape :
  • Cut your project - First you must use your Silhouette Cameo / Cricut or other cutter to cut your desired lettering or graphic.
  • Weeding - After cutting the vinyl with your Silhouette Cameo / Cricut you must remove the unwanted vinyl from the backing. This is a process known as weeding.
  • Apply transfer tape - After cutting and weeding it is now time for the transfer tape. At this point you have a piece that looks finished, the only problem is it is still attached to the backing material and not to the surface where you would like it. You could remove each individual element from the backing and apply it where you want it, or you can use transfer tape. Simply apply transfer tape over your vinyl piece and the backing material, then rub it lightly to ensure good adhesion.
  • Remove the backing - The transfer tape will allow you to remove the vinyl from the backing and maintain the position of all the elements in your design.
  • Apply your vinyl to the substrate - Now you have your design all held together and ready to stick to something. The transfer tape will also help you to position your project. The exposed areas of transfer tape can be pressed to the substrate to check positioning and repositioned if necessary. (Be careful here, if your vinyl makes good contact with the substrate it may not be repositionable.) When you have your piece where you want it push down in the center. Slowly work your way out to the edges pressing down your vinyl and working out any air bubbles (a plastic application tool is helpful for this).
  • Remove the Transfer tape - Once you have placed the piece you must remove the transfer tape. Begin with one corner and work your way across. Pull back the transfer tape between 120 and 180 degrees. Pull slowly and watch to make sure your not taking any vinyl with it. If the vinyl begins to come up release the pressure and rub down on the spot trying to come up. Sometimes you will have to rub parts down as you remove the transfer tape.

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