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Clover : Roller Korokoro opener /1pc
You can quickly open and fold down with light force, fold down and fold.

Working efficiency increases as you use it for ironing.
It is gentle on the fabric and hands.
1. Since it presses while rotating, it does not damage the fabric without stretching it.
2. Because there is a thickness in the center of the roller, you can press the seams and folds intensively, the Atari of the cloth edge does not appear on the table.
3. Handle gentle with universal design. Since it is easy to grasp, you can firmly press with light force and it is hard to put a burden on hands. It is easy to use even for left-handers.
It is also useful for lamination and other materials that can not be ironed, foundation piercing, sewing machine piecing, folding before ironing.
  • 75×190×30mm
  • Merk / Produsen: clover

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