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Soft Mold for Resin / 1pc
  • These molds is for Resin, UV resin, Soft clay etc.
  • If you use it for clay, be sure to use mold release (for easy take out).
  • If you use 2 part epoxy, it is better to take out before the resin completely hardened (otherwise it will be difficult to take out).
  • Can NOT be used with microwave or oven.
  • NOTE : Kiyohara brand molds made from Silicon rubber, so... do NOT use this type of mold for Silicon resin, otherwise it will stick together and become difficult to take out apart.
BRAND : All, , Padico, KIYOHARA,
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Hydrangea 3D Silicone Mold
W80×H60×D5mm 225,000 1
Flower cabochon 3D Silicone Mold
W80×H60×D10mm 225,000 1
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