Paper craft & StationaryPaper craft : Dye, Ink, Pigment, Powder

Prima Marketing : Christine Adolph Watercolor Resist Pen /1set
This is the best Master Grade releases ever with not just one but two MG versions (normal and full burst mode) of everybody's favorite mobile suit Strike Freedom Gundam.
This full burst mode special version box comes packed with the same MG kit as the normal version of MG Strike Freedom Gundam except that this special box include gold coating parts, Dragoon effect parts, a special clear blue base stand, and a clear illustration poster of Strike Freedom vs Destiny.
Clear stands for each Dragoon are included, which can be attached to the special base stand and display them being sent flying out to its target(s). \
Stickers and custom decal markings are included to detail-up the completed Strike Freedom Gundam kit.

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