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Padico Star Drops : UV-LED resin / 1pc
Padico UV Resin "Star Drops" is transparent resin gel which cures when exposed to ultraviolet rays - or LED lamp
Major characterristics are:
  • One component curing UV-LED resin with hard type
  • It can get cures with UV light 36W and also cures with LED light 405nm/ 365nm.
  • Compared to the cure time of UV resin, it is so quick. It starts curing just a few seconds and completely done in 30 – 90 seconds with UV-LED light. It also faster and takes 2 minutes with UV light.
  • After cures, it is solidly hard and waterproof with beautiul high-transparency.
  • No yellowing of color after exposed.
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15528-500   #500g 2,560,000 0
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