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Foils paper, Lisa Pavelka, Signature Series / 1set
This foil are perfect for creating fabulous faux effects such as dichroic glass, metal and more. Use them to gild, highlight, and crackle on clay and crafting surfaces.
Each set contains 6 different type of colors
Very easy to use! Simply roll out a sheet of polymer clay, lay the foil over the clay, coated side down, and burnish with fingertip firmly over the surface of the foil sheet using a scrap of paper between your finger and the foil. This will cause the metallic coating on the underside to attach itself firmly to the surface of the clay.
Rip the sheet off the clay in one quick movement and the backing sheet will come away, leaving the clay covered with wonderful metallic coating.

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1759-26995   26995. Celebration 187,500 8
1759-27143   27143. Bright & Bold 187,500 9
1759-27148   27148. Expressions 187,500 0
1759-27216   27216. Fantasy 187,500 6
1759-27388   27388. Jewel Tones 187,500 11
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