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Eurotool Flexible shaft system / 1set

This flexible shaft machine has a very powerful 1/4hp motor that is perfect for polishing, sanding, drilling, cleaning and more. Great for hobbyists and craftspeople. It has a carry case making it great for travel and shows. It features...

  • A powerful 1/4hp motor with flexible shaft
  • #30 style Jacob's chuck handpiece
  • A chuck key
  • Replacement pair of motor brushes
  • Electronic variable speed foot control
  • Maximum speed of 22,000rpm
  • Ball bearing design
  • Works other brand's "standard" handpieces
  • Hard plastic carry case
  • Made in China

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Eurotool Quick Change Handpiece / 1pc

  • Alat ini adalah sebagai PENGGANTI ujung standard yang biasa di pakai di alat Flexible shaft polisher (lihat Produk yang berkaitan di bagian bawah halaman ini).
    Jadi.. alat ini TIDAK BISA di pakai sendiri, anda harus sudah punya Flexible shaft
  • Alat ini chuck nya KHUSUS, hanya bisa cocok dng mata yang punya diameter 3/32 inch (2.35 - 2.4mm). ukuran 3/32 inch ini adalah standard yang banyak di pakai di mata gerinda untuk jewelry.

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Flexible shaft system : Foredom Motor + flexible Shaft + foot Controller (M+S+C) / 1set

  • Alat ini sangat berguna dan banyak fungsinya (tergantung handpiece type mana yang dipakai)
  • Ini adalah merek Foredom asli (USA), hati hati karena banyak sekali tiruan yang sangat mirip buatan China

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Foredom system: Handpiece only (H) / 1unit

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Flexible shaft system : Spare parts

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Flexible cord hanger & holder / 1unit

  • Size: 550mm×87mm×32mm
  • ID: 14675 Stok: 1 Rp
    Flexible shaft hanger / 1unit

    Telescoping hangers will extend 42 above your workbench. Height adjustments are made easily with the thumbscrew. Made with a solid mounting base or clamp and a 10 swing arm. Bench clamp model.

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    Tools, Marukan (jump ring) maker PRO / 1set

    Produce jump rings quickly and easily with this time-saving device. Coil your wire around one of the twenty mandrels (in the diameters 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12mm) using the included hand-winder. Once the coil is formed, place it in the adjustable coil holder and saw through it using the included rotary saw, handpiece guide, and your flexible shaft machine. It's that easy!

    And now the world's best-selling jump ring maker is redesigned and better than ever. The redesigned Jump Ring Maker has a new aluminum stand to organize your mandrels in an upright position. This stand conserves space on your workbench and is removable from the base of the unit. The hand winder can be permanently attached to the black, powder-coated aluminum base of the machine, or you can attach it to the included round aluminum flange (shown in the right foreground of the photo) for mounting elsewhere. The arbor that supports the rotary saw is now made from stainless steel. The cutting box, handpiece holder, mandrels, and mandrel stand are precision machined. Furnished with a complimentary tube of Pepelube saw lubricant. The Jump Ring Maker is now made in USA.

    The Jump Ring Maker is used with 2 sizes of rotary saws:
    31.75 mm blade: Cuts up to 18 ga. (1.02 mm) wire (included with the outfit)
    38 mm blade: Cuts up to 14 ga. (1.63 mm) wire (not included)

    Flexshaft machine with a 1" diameter handpiece required (not included).

    The redesigned Jump Ring Maker will work only with Foredom brand no. 30 handpieces.

    The 4 smallest mandrels in this set do not have holes. In using one of these small mandrels, the wire to be wound is inserted into the chuck of the winder together with the mandrel.
    You can buy from here. Instruction in English

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