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Logan Handheld Mat Cutters #1100 : FreeStyle / 1 set
Type: Push or Pull (both can be used)
Cut unique shapes and designs into matboard using the Logan Freestyle handheld mat cutter. It's easy to use with either your left or right hand, and is Logan's most affordable mat cutter. Follow traced designs by pushing or pulling the cutter. Available in red or silver. Uses Logan 324 blade.

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Logan Handheld Mat Cutters #2000 : Push Style / 1 set
Type: Push
The Logan Push Style handheld mat cutter includes a retractable blade. The blade slot prevents blade flex, resulting in straighter cuts. A start-and-stop indicator helps to eliminate overcuts. Can upgrade for use on the Adapt-A-Rule straight edge and Compact or Simplex board mounted mat cutting systems. Uses Logan 270 blade.

ID: 16512 Stok: 1 Rp
Logan Handheld Mat Cutters #4000 : Deluxe / 1 set
Type: Pull
The Deluxe Pull Style is Logan's most advanced handheld mat cutter, including features developed and refined by Logan since 1974. The Deluxe Pull Style includes a marker bar system for faster marking, a pivot-and-pull blade, and an ergonomic handle. The blade slot prevents blade flex, resulting in straighter cuts. A start-and-stop indicator helps to eliminate overcuts. New ergonomic knob for comfortable operation. Can upgrade for use on the Adapt-A-Rule straight edge and Compact or Simplex board mounted mat cutting systems. Uses Logan 270 blade.

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Logan Handheld Mat Cutters #5000 : 8-Ply Handheld Mat Cutter / 1 set
Type: Pull
Technology meets artistry with the new Logan Model 5000 8-ply mat cutter. Designed to cut both 8-ply and 4-ply mat board, the 5000 features an ergonomic grip and an indicator light that glows when the blade is fully engaged. A quick-change magnetic blade cartridge easily flips from 8-ply to 4-ply setting. Uses Logan 270 (double bevel edge) or 271 (single bevel edge) blades and is compatible with Logan models 301-S, 450, 750, 700-S, Team Systems, and Adapt-a-Rules.

  • Size: 320g
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    Logan Handheld Mat Cutters #6000: Freestyle V-Groover / 1 set
    A handheld freestyle v-grooving tool to enhance photos or artwork with decorative surface v-grooves. Pull style action allows freestyle v-grooving or can be used to follow traced designs. Features two blades that v-groove the surface of the matboard only. An onboard storage compartment keeps extra blades handy at all times. Uses Logan 324 blade.

    ID: 16516 Stok: 1 Rp
    Logan Handheld Mat Cutters #701-1 : Straight Cutter Elite / 1 set
    Pull type 90-degree straight cutter has comfortable 3"(7.62cm) ergonomic handle. Features an adjustable depth pivot cutting action. Use with any suitable straight edge. Three depth settings: safety, single sheet, and 3/16" (4.7 mm) foamboard. Includes pre-installed nylon guides and screws to instantly add on to Logan Adapt-A-Rule, Logan Team System, Logan Compact, Logan Intermediate, and Logan SimplexPlus. Includes five replacement blades. Uses Logan 270 blade.

    ID: 16520 Stok: 1 Rp
    Logan Handheld Mat Cutters #704-1 : Glass Cutter Elite / 1 set
    New from Logan! Replaces the discontinued 704 Glass Cutter. The 704-1 Glass Cutter Elite easily cuts glass with or without a compatible Logan cutting system. Simply score glass with this tool, then bend slightly to snap the glass, and you have a clean, professional cut. Designed for use with any Logan system using hook on cutting heads: Team System, Adapt a Rule, Compact, Intermediate, Artist, and Simplex. Does not work with other Logan models, but can be used with any straightedge. Uses Logan #786 hardened steel cutting wheels. Includes bottle of cutting fluid and one glass wheel. Made in USA.

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    Logan 201: Oval & Circle Mat Cutter / 1 set
    3-step mechanism is fast, portable, very easy to use, and costs hundreds less than comparable oval cutters. Cuts perfect bevel openings without connecting to any other equipment. Cut single, double, or even triple mats. Adjusts from oval to circle cutter with a simple twist of the knob. Cut ovals from 3-1/4" x 4-3/4" (8.25cm x 12cm) to 20"x 23" (51cm x 58cm) and circles from 4-3/4" to 20" (11.5cm x 51cm) diameter. Maximum difference between oval width and oval height is 3" (7.62cm). Includes creative matting instructions and five extra blades. Uses Logan 324 blade.

    ID: 16517 Stok: 4 Rp
    Logan Adapt-A-Ruler
    Use your Logan Handheld Mat Cutter models 2000 Push Style or 4000 Deluxe Pull Style, Straight Cutter, Glass Cutter, or Mat Knife with an Adapt-A-Rule cutting guide and enjoy straighter, faster, more accurate cuts. The 24? (61cm) and 40? (101cm) models include a non-slip rubberized base and US or metric ruled guides. The unruled 60? (152cm) model includes a C-clamp. All models include an Upgrade Kit including nylon guides and screws allowing modification of your Logan Handheld Mat Cutter to then “hook” onto the Adapt-a-Rule.

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    Logan Team System plus / 1set
    IMPROVED! Get it all at once with a recent improvement of an included mat knife at no extra cost. This practical combo system includes a 24" (61cm) or 40" (101cm) straight edge and a Logan Handheld Mat Cutter for accurate, high quality mat cutting plus a three depth position mat knife with a slip lock depth feature for downsizing standard thickness matboard and foamboard up to 3/16" (4.7 mm). Just mark your borders using the ruled straight edge, attach the cutting head, and cut from line to line. All models include a non-slip rubberized base, US or metric ruled straight edge, and a Logan Handheld Mat Cutter. Can also be used with Logan Glass Cutter or Straight Cutter.

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    Logan Board Mounted Mat Cutters #301 : Compact Classic / 1 set
    The Logan 301-1 Compact Classic is a versatile, portable 32 (81cm)
    capacity mat cutter that provides affordable and professional results.
    The capacity of mat board between the hinges accommodates up to 32 (81cm)
    but being an open end machine, the length of a cut can be infinite by
    cutting and sliding the material through the length of the machine.
    Includes parallel mat guide for setting border widths from 3/4 (1.9 cm) to
    4-1/2 (11.4 cm), spring loaded serrated guide rail, push style #302-1 bevel
    cutting head with start and stop indicator, 500 mat knife for downsizing mat
    board and foam board, built-in carry handle in box, five extra blades and a
    fully illustrated matting instruction guide.
    The 301-1 Compact Classic is ideal for low volume at home framers.
    Uses Logan 270 blades.
    Features :
    32(81.3cm) capacity
    bevel cutting head and mat knife for straight cuts
    parallel mat guide
    spring loaded guide rail
    built-in carry handle in box

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  • ID: 16526 Stok: 2 Rp
    Logan Board Mounted Mat Cutters #350 : Compact Elite / 1 set
    Versatile, portable 32" (81cm) capacity mat cutter provides affordable and professional results. Open ended guide rail allows bevel cuts in matboards of any size. Downsize matboard up to 32" (81.3 cm). Includes parallel mat guide for setting border widths from 3/4" (1.9 cm) to 4-1/2" (11.4 cm), fully hinged guide rail to guide cutting heads, scaled production stop, built in squaring bar for holding mat board square, push style bevel cutting head with start and stop indicator, pull style straight cutting head for downsizing mat board and foam board, built-in carry handle in box, five extra blades, a free instructional DVD and a fully illustrated matting instruction guide.

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    Capacity: 70cm
  • ID: 16527 Stok: 1 Rp
    Logan Board Mounted Mat Cutters #450 : Artist Elite / 1 set
    A 40" capacity base board mounted mat cutting system with parallel mat guide in aluminum channels, 90 degree squaring bar, 20" removable measuring bar, production stops, hinging guide rail, improved 701-1 Straight Cutter Elite and Pull Style Bevel cutter. Includes creative matting instructions and includes five extra blades. Plus FREE set up and instruction DVD. Uses Logan 270 blade.

  • Comparison table :
    Capacity: 101cm
    Size : 7.0Kg
  • ID: 16536 Stok: 1 Rp
    Logan 500: Mat Knife / 1 set
    The Logan 500 Mat Knife now features a quick adjustment blade holding knob for 8-ply. The knob allows a user to quickly loosen the blade from one depth setting and reset it to a different setting in seconds -- the blade holding knob no longer needs to be removed when resetting the blade depth. This design improvement will not impact the everyday low price.

    For straight cutting matboard down to size. Use with any suitable straight edge, including Logan Adapt-A-Rule, Logan Team System, and most Logan board mounted cutters. Three depth settings: safety, single sheet, and double thick. Includes three extra blades. Uses Logan 270 blade.

    ID: 16519 Stok: 1 Rp
    Cos-tool Cosplay Cutter / 1 set
    Cut foamboard V-grooves to perfection using the FoamWerks Foamboard V-Groove Cutter. Features include adjustable blade depth, quick change blade clips, magnetic blade slot, on-board blade storage drawer and five blades. Will V-groove in up to 1/2" thick foamboard. Use with FoamWerks Channel Rail, Logan Adapt-A-Rule or Team System. Use replacement blades WC-5, WC-20 or WC-50.
    IMPORTANT: Always use a scrap piece of foamboard underneath the piece you are cutting. This is to protect the tool and extend the life of the blades.

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    Stok: 6 Rp
    Cos-tool Border Marker / 1pc
    A surface marking guide tool for suitable cosplay material to be used with any common marking device. Used to draw parallel lines along various shapes from 1/8" to 7" (3 mm to 18 cm). Accepts marking devices up to 1/2" (13 mm) thick. Trace perfect lines around the edge of your cosplay materials.

    ID: 16533 Stok: 1 Rp
    Logan Replacement Blades / 1 set
    The best way to cut a great mat is with a sharp blade. Logan replacement blades are the only blades specifically sharpened to give a professional finished edge to a mat. Always use Logan replacement blades in your cutter for outstanding results.

    ** 270-10 might be supplied in a small zip package.

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    Stok: 91 Rp
    Spare part for Logan. / 1set

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    Logan F49: Studio Joiner Clamp / 1 set
    Note : yang di jual ini adalah alat KLEM ( penjepit ) , persis seperti di gambar di halaman ini.
    Note : di video youtube, mungkin anda lihat ada macam macam tambahan. tapi... ini tidak termasuk.
    yang membuat video di Youtube tersebut, BUKAN langsung dari logan, tapi... toko lain yang menjual produk logan, dan toko tersebut menambah sendiri bonus tsb.
    Logan sendiri, tidak menyediakan bonus tambahan tersebut.

    ID: 16541 Stok: 2 Rp
    Logan F300-4: Hobby Joiner / 1 set
    An economical joining system for hobbyists and at-home framers used to join
    mitered wood moulding frames. Includes the F49 Clamp to securely hold mitered
    corners in place with a triangle support tool for rounded profile moulding,
    a hand held v-nailing tool with retractable magnetic nail holding tip, 4 oz.
    bottle of wood glue and 100 pcs 3/8? softwood v-nails

    Recommended for use on soft wood moulding only.
    Requires hammer to drive v-nails (hammer not included)

  • Weight : 1.14 kg
  • ID: 16551 Stok: 2 Rp
    Logan F300-1: Studio Joiner / 1 set
    All purpose picture framing joiner designed for light duty framing. Not as fast as the Pro Joiner, but produces perfect joined corners just the same. Drives single v-nail, one at a time, into hard and soft woods. Economical and extremely practical. Joins frames simply and accurately. Features include:
    • magnetic nail holder
    • quick depth setting adjustment
    • drives all V-nail sizes
    • includes support spacer for irregular shape profiles
    • use on hard or soft woods
    • includes quick-adjust corner clamp
    • use on mouldings up to 2.5" wide
    • reinforced baseboard
    • steel post sleeves prevent flexing
    • two adjustable height levelers for joining long mouldings
    • anti-slip pad protects moulding face
    • includes free instructional DVD

  • Weight : 3.6kg
  • ID: 16522 Stok: 1 Rp
    Logan F300-2: PRO JOINER V-Nail Picture Frame Framing / 1 set
    This Logan F300-2 PRO JOINER V-Nail is much faster than the Studio Joiner, the Pro Joiner drives 2 nails at a time into hard or soft woods and is ideal for production joining of duplicate frames using the same molding size. Extremely precise and versatile, yet compact and economical, while producing professional results. Heavy duty professional style joiner for precise corner joints.

    ID: 16550 Stok: 1 Rp
    Logan F400-1: Fitting Tool / 1 set
    The ideal tool to insert the 4 most popular types of inserts that finish framed art. Logan's unique swivel foot design drives single inserts including rigid points, flexible points, brad nails, and multi points for framing oil paintings. Multi points are an excellent choice for holding canvas artwork in frames. Multi points can be used as an alternative to flexible points that don't always stay inserted in some types of pine frames. Features include:
    • drives 4 different inserts
    • no slipping or bending
    • easy adjust foot
    • use on hard or soft woods
    • rotating insert holder
    • proper drive angle assured
    • no guessing or skill required
    • improved rubber foot and redesigned swivel point holder increases product durability
    • works with Logan's F9, F10, F11, and F12 point

    ID: 16523 Stok: 4 Rp
    Logan F500-2: Dual Drive Elite / 1 set
    IMPROVED! The new and improved F500-2 Dual Drive Elite represents the next step in easy-to-use, efficient picture framing point driving tools. The Dual Drive Elite fires either rigid or flexible points into all types of wood moulding. An improved comfort grip and and easy pull action makes the Dual Drive Elite better than ever as the must-have tool for any shop. Uses points F53, F54, F55 and F56.

    ID: 16524 Stok: 1 Rp
    Refill for Logan Picture Framing Tools / 1pack

    ID: 16545 Ada pilihan
    Stok: 115 Rp