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Bead design board ( U shape ) /1pc

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Bead design board Silicone U shape /1pc

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Quilting Paper / 1roll (18meter)
12" wide by 20 yards long. For use with the No-Marking Method to create tear away stencils. Golden Threads Quilting Paper tears away cleanly and easily without pulling out your stitches. Can also be used for: paper piecing, trapunto, applique, machine embroidery, sketching and tracing, duplicating, adjusting and designing patterns, bobbin work and home-dec sewing.

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Omnigrip Invisigrip / 1sheet
  • Bahan ini transparan (bening), dapat dipotong sesuai kebutuhan, dan di tempelkan dibagian bawah penggaris, agar pada waktu motong kain tidak licin /tidak bergeser tempat
  • Bahan perekatnya tidak meninggalkan bekas lengket, sehingga bisa dilepas dan di tempelkan di tempat lain.
  • Ukuran lebar 31cm x panjang 90cm roll

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The Museum Gel , Putty , wax /1pc
  • Museum Gel For see-through glass and crystal objects. Perfect on glass shelves. It's so clear you won't even know it's underneath. The translucent gel forms a thin clear bond that holds tight.
  • Museum Putty For objects that are frequently moved because it comes off easily and quickly. Most universal product and holds up to 40 lbs. A superior Poly-Putty formulated to remain pliable and reusable.
  • Museum Wax For objects on high shelves and in hard to get locations where they are not likely to be moved often. HINT: Best for most wood. It is a specially formulated blend of Microcrystalline waxes used by museums for antiques.

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Tying Station / 1set
The Beadalon® tying station was specifically designed so you can keep both hands free, making it easier to create Shamballa-style macramé and wrap bracelets with wire, leather, waxed cord or other stringing material. Featuring a guide ruler on the side to help keep spacing even, the tying station includes an extra foam pad making the tool expandable for longer designs. Easy-to-follow instructions are included.

  • Package size: 345x91x53mm
  • ID: 939 Stok: 2 Rp
    ParaCord ( Parachute Cord ) Bracelet Maker / 1set
    Measure once, cut once. Simplify bracelet production time by making consistently sized bands. If you're knotting bracelets for trade, the Ezzzy-Jig™ can be your guide to making bracelets the same size, every time. The EZzzy-Jig™ works best with buckle closures. Pre-mounted 15mm and 12mm buckles are included. Buckles can be swapped out with a different size by unscrewing the plastic mounts with a Phillips head screwdriver (not included).

  • Size: 250 x 55 mm
  • ID: 15288 Stok: 2 Rp
    Versa-Light ( Magnetic Flexible Light ) / 1set
    The Versa-Light is a super bright LED light with three settings: High Beam, Low Beam and Flash. The sturdy clip holds the light while the 8-1/2 inch flexible arm allows for easy adjustment. The strong magnetic base stays secure on metal surfaces for hands free work. Use the light zoom function to pinpoint light onto small areas or zoom out for a wider view. Includes 3 AAA batteries.

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    Leathercraft edge coloring roller / 1set
    Alat ini sangat membantu dalam memberi warna di pinggiran sabuk kulit dengan rapi.
    • Medium type : Cocok untuk pekerjaan yang banyak, tempat tintanya besar sehingga sekali isi bisa untuk kerja banyak

  • 730x480x180cm
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    Leathercraft edge coloring roller #D / 1set

  • size:100x90x85mm
  • ID: 10770 Stok: 1 Rp
    FunLoom Rubber Band Bracelet Kit /1set
    Simply the best loom available for making rubber band bracelets and other fun stuff!
    • 4 rows of pins so you can create more designs.
    • Easier to use with wider spacing, smooth edges, wider head to better hold the rubber bands.
    • Larger hook tool to hold more bands and keep them from slipping off the tool.
    • Designed so you can attach as many FunLooms together as you wish to make longer and wider designs.

    It's it the best loom available!
    Comes with:
    • 1 FunLoom
    • 1 FunLoom Hook Tool
    • 300 FunLoom Bands
    • Super C-Clips

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    Wrapit Bracelet Loom / 1set
    Popular wrap bracelet, is fun and easy to make knitting machine without using a needle.
    Bracelet of your own original design can make.

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    Jewel Loom / 1set
    The Jewel Loom™, designed by Julianna C Hudgins, is innovative, portable, lightweight and easy to use. The sleek design with a work surface of 2.75” wide and 10.5” long is perfect for creating fashionable, on-trend jewelry pieces. The Jewel Loom fits perfectly in the palm of your hand allowing for ease of use for a comfortable grip and ultimate control while bead weaving. Enjoy endless hours of creativity while making unique bracelets, necklaces, pouches, pendants, ring tops, apparel, hair accessories, and much more! Instructions included with both loom sets. Patent Pending.

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    Bead Loom #1 / 1set
    Ini adalah beads loom kit (berikut benang, dan beads untuk latihan), cocok untuk pemula yang ingin belajar menganyam dengan beads
    Ukuran 30cm x 6.5cm

    ID: 945 Stok: 5 Rp
    Versa loom /1set
    Versa-Loom makes Looming Easy and Enjoyable! Now there is a way to loom with no need to weave in all those excess warp threads!
    Each Loom comes with:
    • 20 loom pieces
      • 6 Warp Bars
      • 6 Spacers: 2 each; 2", 2-1/2", & 3"
      • 6 Legs: 2 each 1/2", 3/4", & 1"
      • 2 End Sections
    • 1 Manual, 12 pages of illustrated instructions including information for Wrapping the Warp Bars, Warping, Weaving, and the E-Z removal technique.

    ID: 15287 Stok: 1 Rp
    Ricks beading loom / 1set
    Unlike traditional looms , which leave you with multiple warp threads to weave into your design, the Ricks beading loom leaves you with only 2 warp threads at the end of your project. Its ergonomic design and adjustable lengths make this an inegnious device which will quickly replace all other Beading looms. Comes with a comprehensive user guide and made of quality Wood.

    ID: 15286 Stok: 1 Rp
    Clover Beading Loom / 1set
    Portable, durable plastic beading loom adjusts to fit different design lengths and is suitable to use with even the most delicate and intricate projects. Loom features two warp thread spacing options to accommodate cylinder or round 11/0 beads. Use loom with cylinder beads for a maximum width weave of 65mm, 44 warp threads, 43 beads. Use loom with round beads for a maximum width weave of 63mm, 40 warp threads, 39 beads. Other bead sizes can be used by changing the intervals between warp threads and tightening the weft threads.

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    Hot Stamp Heater - Solder ( Japan - Goot brand ) / 1 unit
    • Ini adalah alat HEATER (alat pemanas) saja, yang fungsinya sebagai pemanas untuk membuat "merek , brand, tulisan" diatas kulit
      Alat ini harus anda gabung dengan JOINT ke matras atau holder stamp yang mau di pakai
    • Buatan Jepang
    • 220 Volt 150 Watt
    • Diameter lubang untuk Joint ke matras : 13mm
    • Suhu dapat di atur menggunakan alat tambahan (power controller, jual terpisah).

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    Tools : Jump ring maker / 1set
    Main unit size: (W)20.0 x (H)13.5 x (D)10.5 cm

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    Heat Insulation Silicone Pad /1pc

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    Stiffy Fabric Stiffener / 1pc
    Add dimension to your craft projects with Stiffy ®, the original fabric stiffener. This classic medium is perfect for stiffening fabric, ribbon, lace, needlework and more!

  • size: 8 FL. OZ.(236 ml)
  • ID: 20100 Stok: 0
    Aleene's Fabric Stiffener & Draping Liquid / 1pc
    Aleene's® Fabric Stiffener & Draping Liquid is a unique formula to shape and stiffen fabrics and trims. Both thinnable and tintable, use it to stiffen crochet doilies, fabric, lace, ribbons, cheesecloth and appliqués. When dry, it’s water-resistant and easy to paint. And its nontoxic formula is safe and easy to use.
    Recommended for: bows,laces,ribbons,trims,doilies,appliques,costumes,fabric

  • size: 8 FL. OZ.(236 ml)
  • ID: 20099 Stok: 7 Rp
    Aleene's Stiffen quick / 1pc
    Ini adalah bahan semprot untuk mengeraskan (membuat kaku) kain, renda, pita dll.
    Setelah di semprotkan akan menjadi kering dalam waktu 1 jam
    Isi satu botol ini 236 ml.
    Contoh pemakaian disini
  • size: 8 FL. OZ.(236 ml)
  • ID: 15078 Stok: 21 Rp
    Glue for Glitter Powder / 1 bottle (50ml)

    ID: 20122 Stok: 7 Rp
    Bezel Tube Setting Burnisher / 1 set
    Stone setting system with hardwood handle and 18 concave tempered punches is ideal for setting stones. Simply insert the stone and press the punch directly over the prongs to set. The concave shape pushes prongs in gently and evenly. This system is especially good for more fragile stones. Supplied in an attractive wood box, it will set stones from 2mm up to 6mm in diameter.

  • 0.75/1.0/1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0/2.25/2.75/ 3.0/3.25/3.5/4.0/4.5/5.0/5.5/6.5/7.75
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