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Whaley sliding hammer / 1 set
From the mind of metalsmith and instructor Jay Whaley. The Rivette Sliding Hammer features a slender, hollow hammer head that holds a long punch that slides back and forth in the head. Jewelers typically use a hammer and punches to move metal, but that really isn't the "best" way to do it. There should be a better way, and this is what the Rivette does.
In bezel setting, the bezel needs to be hammer against the stone without damaging the stone. Channel setting requires moving metal to hold stones in place without breaking them. Chasing and repousse are done with repeated hammer blows. Even riveting needs careful accurate hammer blows for the right finish.
Since the punch slides within the hammer head, it is always perfectly aligned with the hammer blows. The impact the hammer blows can be easily felt by your hand so that you can quickly adjust your force.
The punch can rotate within the hammer body and the hammer head itself pivots. You can hold use the punch in whatever position is comfortable.
The hammer has a sculpted rosewood handle that is long enough to give maximum force. The punches are machined out of stainless steel for long life.
The Rivette comes with 3 punches that can be changed quickly and easily by just removing the machine screw on the hammer head. Each punch has pin that keeps it from falling out of the head.

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Creative Grids: Curves For Rectangles 6in x 24in Ruler /1pc
Curves for Rectangles Ruler
The Curves for Rectangles ruler is one of a range of rulers created to make cutting gentle curves from squares and rectangles simple and easy. Cut gentle curves from six different sizes of rectangles that are easy to piece. Use these curved, pieced units to replace any rectangles in a traditional block to add a sense of movement for a dramatic effect. The finished rectangle is 1" less than the cut size. Our exclusive embedded gripper strips hold the fabric while cutting when pressure is applied.

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Clover Trace 'n Create Quilt Templates : Dresden / 1 set
Create super-sized to traditional quilt blocks with Nancy's easy-to-follow directions

  • Size: 304mm, 609mm, 812mm and 914mm
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    June Tailor : Binding Buddy Ruler / 1pc
    Cut perfect binding strips without tedious measuring.
    • Cut bias strips by placing 45° bottom edge of ruler on the fabric’s edge.
    • Use top, straight edge of ruler to cut cross-grain strips.
    • Unique two-color printing for easy measuring and identification.
    • Measures 2.5 inch x 30 inch

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    Leaves Galore Template / 1pc

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    Ecozai : Art Resin Non toxic super Clear resin / 1set
    ArtResin adalah "Non Toxic High Gloss Epoxy coating" terkenal dan terbaik dari USA.
    Kelebihan produk ini :
    • Aman Ini paling penting, karena selama ini resin Epoxy menimbulkan gas dan berbau yang menyengat. Produk Epoxi dari ArtResin ini terbuat dari bahan kimia yang murni, menggunakan bahan dasar berkwalitas yang digunakan untuk restorasi barang berharga di museum atau galleri. sehingga TIDAK mengandung solvent yang berbahaya. karena itu aman terhadap kesehatan, dapat di gunakan / di kerjakan di dalam ruangan (tidak perlu menggunakan masker).
    • Bening Produk ini karena terbuat dari bahan dengan mutu terbaik, tidak mengandung campuran seperti layaknya epoxy jenis lain, sehingga hasilnya sangat bening seperti kaca dan bisa "bubble free".
      Produk anda akan tampil lebih cemerlang. sering dipakai untuk coating foto atau lukisan maupun produk ART lainnya.

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    Woodland Scenics : Realistic water / 1pc (473ml)
    Use to model still or slow-moving water, such as ponds, rivers, lakes and more. Pour directly from the bottle. Realistic Water is self-leveling, water soluble, it won’t crack and has minimal shrinkage. Surface dries firm and clear in approximately 24 hours, depending on humidity conditions.
    Non-toxic. Seal water area with Plaster Cloth and use only Woodland Scenics Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigments, Water Undercoat or 100% acrylic paint when preparing your water feature. One bottle covers an area 17 in (43.1 cm) in diameter if poured to a depth of 1/8 in (0.31 cm).

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    Ecozai : Art Resin Tint / 1set

  • ] Each bottle contains 25 ml
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    Padico Jewel Labyrinth : UV resin / 1pc
    Padico UV Resin "Drops from the Sun" is transparent resin gel which cures when exposed to ultraviolet rays.
    The resin has been improved in quality with high transparency and stronger adhesiveness. New Padico resin has three hardness: Hard, Soft, and Gummy. You can choose one suits for your piece.

    The new resin has two main characteristics. Can be mixed two types of resins and make your hardness resin. Can be used different types for different purposes in a piece. Unlike 2-part epoxy resins, Padico resin is "ready for use", no mixing required. Use just the amount you need without waste resin and time. Padico resin gives a very clean, transparent look and has outstanding hardness properties.
    New resin has three hardness types: Hard, Soft, and Gummy. You can choose the hardness for your piece.

  • Ingredient: Acrylic resin
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    Tamiya Clear Epoxy Resin (150g) /1set
    • Material : Clear Epoxy resin
    • ideally suited to reproduce "water" like model, such as the layout of the model railway works and the scene of the scale model
    • High transparency non yellowing
    • Mixed in a ratio of 2:1 base compound and curing agent, completely cured in about 24 hours. It is easy to inject, such as low viscosity type.
    • Also can be useful to make accessories such as transparent jelly, candy, ,juice, pendant or brooch.
      Can also be mixed with colored enamel paint color. Easy-to-use bottle with a nozzle tip, stir bar included
    • Sold in set of 150 grams (100gr resin + 50gr hardener)

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    Amazing Casting Resin Kit / 1set
    Casting resin ( white color ) Amazing Casting Resin is the easiest and safest way to create exact cast replicas of practically anything in minutes! Simply mix equal amounts of resin and hardener and pour into your mold. Less than 10 minutes later remove a beautiful cast replica of your original.
    Clear cast ( clear ) Amazing Clear Cast can be used as a casting resin or as a clear coat. It's low viscosity and 1:1 ratio by volume makes it easy to use. Bubble free castings can be achieved by slowly mixing and pouring the resin.

  • Size( A+B ):16 oz (454.6ml)
    (8 oz x 2 bottles)
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    Craft Glue / 1pc

  • 100ml
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    Impression mat for making texture sheet on clay - ceramic pottery (big large size)

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    Japanese Mizuhiki craft material / 1set

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    Merlin's Magic Plaster /1pack

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    Mold for Diorama : Rock terrain scenic mold / 1pc

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    Tri-fold stool bolt for Campaign Camping Hunting chair /1pc

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