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Landscape base : Artificial grass ReadyGrass Vinyl Mat - Woodland Scenics / 1roll
Its unique characteristics make this non-shedding, vinyl grass mat the best on the market! ReadyGrass mats are colorfast, no fading, and they are durable/tear resistant. Ideal for train layouts, battle mats, architectural models, school projects, arts and crafts, slot cars, collectible houses, military models and more! Use a heat tool to form a hill, mound or valley, or simply scrape to create space for roads and water areas. Permanently mount the ReadyGrass Vinyl Mat to your layout or roll it up and use it again!

  • Size: 27.3x41.2 cm(10.75 X 16.25 inch)
  • ID: 16466 Ada pilihan
    Stok: 8 Rp
    Material for modelling : Cork powder /1pack
    Ini adalah "cork powder" , bubuk / butiran dari bahan cork, untuk membuat diorama atau maket bangunan dll.

    ID: 19411 Ada pilihan
    Stok: 25 Rp
    Color Sand / 1pc

  • Size: 60 gram
    Package size: (H)100×(W)80mm
  • ID: 12316 Ada pilihan
    Stok: 14 Rp