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Holbein Artist Oil Color

The oil color is made by kneading pigments with plant oil such as poppy oil,
and linseed oil. The pigments are encapsulated by the oil, and this oil is
exposed to air and oxidized to make the oil color hard. It is due to such a
chemical change that oil color does not dry right away even if oil painting
is completed.
Holbein's oil paint is the highest-class product that is created from
carefully selected pigments and plant oil.

Characteristic :

Stable paint film
Oil is turning into a high molecular polymer by the chemical change.
Elegant color
The transparency of color is high.
Excellent light resistance
It is exposure to ultraviolet rays that mainly causes paint changes and also
color fading.

NOTE : kalau mau pesan per tube / per warna, juga bisa , pesanan khusus
Harga per tube Rp 59.000 per tube 10ml.

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