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BOOK Creative Glass Etching (English) / pc
Whether you are a beginner or an experieced artist, you can enjoy the fun and excitement of creating beautiful etched designs to decorate and personalize your favorite glassware, windows and mirrors.
As a craft or hobby, glass etching is suitable for most age groups, and requires only a few supplies to complete your finished projects.
There is hardly a more beautiful or personal gift than a glass etched with someone's initials or a few words to celebrate that special day or occasion!

    • Size: 27.3 x 21.2 cm
    • Page: 34
  • ID: 14138 Stok: 1
    Book STENCIL IT (English) /1pc
    Celebrate the endlessly creative craft of stenciling. In addition to demonstrating the practical application of stencils to a wide range of surfaces using different media you'll also see how each stencil can be used in different configurations; sizes or colorways to create dramatically different looks. Included are fifteen ready-to-use stencils and five templates. Author: Helen Morris. Softcover; 112 pages plus templates.

    • ISBN: 978-0-312-61794-3
    • Size: 25 x 21 cm
    • Page: 110 + stencil Templates
  • ID: 9331 Stok: 2