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Clover Cutting mat /1pc

  • Grid unit : mm/cm ( metric unit )
  • Self healing.

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Economy cutting mat / 1pc

  • Ukuran A4, Type Ekonomi, murah namun cukup lumayan bagus (buatan Jepang)
  • Cocok untuk pemula, pelajar, atau untuk mengadakan kursus scrapbooking
  • Ukuran dalam mm ( metric ).

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Mr.Hobby Cutting Mat /1pc

A must-have item for model making, a cutting mat, appeared from the Mr.HOBBY brand.
-Black + white, excellent visibility design. As it penetrates well into Mr. masking tape,
It is possible to cut out straight lines accurately even in freehand.
-Print the corresponding scale from 1/12 to 1/700 on 4 sides.
· A3 SIZE also supports cutting out large format sheets. There are many design patterns.
· 2mm thickness made of PVC resin

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Tamiya cutting MAT / 1pc

  • Three layer design features a harder outer layer on the top & bottom of the mat with a softer center layer Perfect for cutting parts off of trees, cutting decals or any cutting with a hobby knife that would damage your table
    Metric rulers printed on the face make it easy to measure parts you are cutting

  • Size :
    • A4 :
    • A3 : 450mm x 322mm x 2mm
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    Olfa Cutting Mat ( USA version ) / 1pc

    • Sebagai dasar alas untuk memotong dengan cutter ( Cutting mat )
    • Buatan Olfa Japan
    • Satuan Inch (inchi)

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    Olfa Cutting Mat ( Japan version ) / 1pc

    • Sebagai dasar alas untuk memotong dengan cutter ( Cutting mat )
    • Buatan Olfa Japan
    • Satuan metric ( centimeter )
      Bolak balik bisa dipakai, warnanya beda, dan ada ukurannya.

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    Olfa Rotating Self-Healing Rotary Mat / 1pc

    Exclusive rotating design, just cut, rotate mat and cut again
    This 32x32cm (12" x 12") green exclusive rotating self-healing professional quality rotary mat rotates 360º smoothly, eliminating the need to move your body or your project around. It's simple to use, just cut, rotate mat, and cut again! Non-slip back for stable and safe cutting and light-weight to take along to class. Easily make 30º, 45º, 60º and 90º cuts. Especially designed for use with OLFA® rotary cutters. Rotary mats protect your work area and greatly extend the life of your rotary blades.

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    Olfa Folding cutter mat / 1 pc

    • Kelebihan cutting mat olfa ini adalah BISA dilipat
      Ukuran terbuka adalah A3, dan kalau dilipat menjadi separuhnya A4
    • Praktis, mudah disimpan, mudah di bawa bawa
    • Ukuran dalam keadaan terbuka : 450 x 320 mm (A3) , tebal 2mm

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    NT cutter Joint Cutting Mat / 1pc

    • Ukuran : 60 x 29cm
    • Cutting mat ini bisa di sambung kearah memanjang (interlocking), sehingga cocok untuk tatakan memotong yang panjang.
      Misalnya anda punya 2 buah, bisa disambung sehingga panjangnya menjadi 120 x 29cm

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    DSPIAE Cutting Mat /1pc

    Soft PVX material is used for both sides of cutting mat, and hard PVC material for the middle part.
    Boths are safe to use as they are environmentally friendly materials and are in line with EU EN71 standard.

    Cutting mat is designed for model cutting, 2mm thicken type, with scaleplate and ruling on the surface.

    With special automatic healing technology, the DSPIAE cutting mat is more durable.
    The surface material of cutting mat is soft, which may effectively protect the blade to extend its service life and protect the working table from being damaged by the blade.

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