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Clover Zippered hook case with handy pocket for various accessories / 1pc

  • Ini adalah CASE ( tempat ) saja, isi tidak berikut.
  • Case ini di sediakan untuk Amure series (karena type Amure agak panjang), dan tentu saja bisa di pakai untuk jenis yang lain

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Clover Getaway Knitting Needle Case / 1pc

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Organizer : 3 pcs Craft Pouch / 1set

These handy 3 pc storage Pouches are ideal for travelling and becomes perfect add-ons to the larger Organisers !

Note : At this moment, we only have BLACK color

  • Size:
    • S: 12 x 12 cm
    • M: 14.5 x 14.5 cm
    • L: 17 x 17 cm
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    Organizer : Craft Wallet / 1 pc

    These small craft wallets are just perfect to keep all those little items for sewing. Alternatively, it can be used to carry your credit cards, notes, travel items, stamps, business cards, emergency items, bandaids, medical aids etc.
    Note : At this moment, we only have BLACK color

  • Size:
    • Open : 54 x 13 cm
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    Stok: 3 Rp
    Organizer : 4 Pocket Craft Organiser / 1 pc

    A new concept in storing your jewellery, make-up and craft accessories. This organizer comes with 4 individual detachable pockets. The pockets are zippered and have a see-through panel for easy viewing.
    Note : At this moment, we only have BLACK color

  • Size:
    • Closed : 22 x 15.5 x 9.5 cm
    • Each pocket : 18.5 x 12.5 cm
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    Organizer : Crafters Basket / 1 pc

    With this fantastic new Crafters basket, you do not have to franticly look for your favorite notions or sewing accessories. Enjoy a total piece of mind knowing that everything is always together and organized.The Yazzii Craft Basket offers 14pockets on the external side and 4 internal pockets and a generous base for large items.Handles are 21cms / 8.2 inches long.
    Note : At this moment, we only have BLACK color

  • Size:
    • 28 x 23 cm
    • Handle: 22cm long
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    Stok: 3 Rp
    Organizer : Oval Craft Organiser / 1 pc

    An innovative and well-finished zippered storage idea that is very functional. Perfect for storing all your craft needs. The see-through panel makes identification and retrieval easy. Features an interior with 4 'pages' of zippered storage. Each page (6 total) have zippered pockets with see-through fronts And center dividers (12 total compartments) There is a three side zipper to secure the exterior and allow for full opening of the organizer. An exterior pocket, short shoulder strap, completely quilted black cotton exterior and interior.
    Note : At this moment, we only have BLACK color

  • Size:
    • Open : 46 x 25 x 3.8 cm
    • Closed : 23 x 25 x 7.5 cm
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    Stok: 1 Rp
    Organizer : Supreme Organiser / 1 pc

    Made from lovely quilted fabric, this versatile product features zippers closing from either side. Inside you'll find two "pages" and 15 zippered pockets of all sizes, plus a large pocket for books or leaflets, and loops to hold pens, laying tools or scissors. All of the zippered pockets have top-quality see-through plastic fronts so you can find your tools, thread or accessories easily. You'll never again have to go digging through that drawer or basket or messy tote after you move all your precious needlework supplies to your Yazzii Supreme Organizer.
    A fantastic storage idea for all your craft accessories for cross-stitch, crewel, tapestry, embroidery or patchwork.
    Note : At this moment, we only have BLACK color

  • Size:
    • Closed : 34 x 31 x 9 cm
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    Organizer : Craft Project Folder / 1 pc

    Introducing our new Craft Project Folder. This innovative folder is designed to hold your individual projects you are currently working on. The Folder with its clear front, helps you identify the contents at a glance. The Velcro opening secures all the contents and is ideal for one to take to classes, groups or retreats.
    Note : At this moment, we only have BLACK color

  • Size:
    • 39 x 32.5 cm
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    Stok: 1 Rp
    Organizer : Crafters Playmat / 1 pc

    Finally, a crafters playmat that will accommodate all your craft accessories and much more! A mat board, your rulers, templates and the works! This is the ultimate solution to organize everything you need for class, retreats etc.

    • External large pocket for your A3 mat board, pattern books, fabrics etc
    • Internal sleeves have 15 see through zippered pockets in various sizes for all your craft accessories.
    • External back pocket offers 2 horizontal pockets that will fit an 18inch ruler.
    • Comfortable shoulder straps that will allow you to be hands free. The perfect portable storage solution!. Ideal for Quilting and Patchwork, Needlework, Papercraft and many other craft & hobbies

    Note : At this moment, we only have BLACK color

  • Size:
    • Closed : 44 x 54cm
    • Shoulder Straps : 48cm
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    Organizer : Mat Board Carrier / 1 pc

    A perfect solution to store your standard cutting mat board (12 x 18 inches) and an additional 2 pockets provided for your rotary cutters and other craft accessories. The large pocket also can hold an A4 sized pattern book or your favourite craft magazine.
    Note : At this moment, we only have BLACK color

  • Size:
    • 54 x 38 cm
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    ArtBin sewing storage / 1 box

    • Made from high quality durable translucent plastic

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    Smarty System : Raku Pegu Peg board Panel ( plywood ) / 1pc

    • Bahan : Plywood dilapis dengan Vinyl
    • Panel ini "Hanya panel saja", belum termasuk gantungannya (jual terpisah)
      Panel PEG board system ini berukuran 60x60cm, anda dapat susun / sambung sesuai keinginan anda
    • Panel Peg board ini mempunyai lubang khusus yang cocok dng Peg board hook (gantungan) yang dapat anda pilih sesuai kebutuhan anda (jual terpisah).
    • Ukuran lubang 5mm, jarak lubang 25mm, berat per panel 850 gram (lebih kurang)

    ID: 19541 Ada pilihan
    Stok: 15 Rp