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PILOT Prera Fountain Pen Fine nib / 1pc
Ukuran : 12 cm( termasuk tutup pen)
10.75 cm ( tanpa tutup pen)
Berat : 50 gram
Kompatible dgn CON-20 dan CON-50 converter.
Gratis satu refill tiap pembelian satu pen.

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PILOT high end Fountain Pen collection

    Pilot Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge / 1 set (5pc)
    This is fountain pen ink cartridges for PILOT.

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    Platinum Fountain Pen Ink Refill / 1 set
    This is fountain pen ink cartridges for PLATINUM

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    Fountain pen CONVERTER : Pilot / 1pc

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    Fountain pen Converter : Platinum / 1 pc
    Capacity : 0.53cc tidak bisa dipakai untuk PARN-5000
    Dimensi : 63 mm

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    Platinum Fountain Desk Pen
    This elegant fountain pen is right at home on your desk.
    Its elongated body and gold-colored extra fine nib bring a touch of
    sophistication to your everyday writing tasks.

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    Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen
    The 'Preppy' pen applies “Slip & Seal Mechanism” that prevents ink from
    drying out in the pen, even after a year without usage. It provides smooth
    writing anytime. The nib made of a mixed metal provides a point excellent in
    abrasion resistance. By replacing the ink cartridge, users can enjoy the pen
    for a long time.
    Thanks to this innovation, currently being patented, it is possible to have a
    screw-type cap with complete airtightness.
    Preppy : can NOT use any converter

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    Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen /1pc

    It is the surface of the body which is hard to be damaged.
    The surface of the body has a beautiful shine.
    The new cap prevents drying of the ink.
    This model has a innovative cap contains a unique “Slip & Seal” mechanism that prevent ink from clogging, even if the pen goes un-used for a year.
    Note: you can use converter 500 or 700.

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    Sailor Fude De Mannen (Calligraphy Fountain Pens) / 1set
    Fude DE Mannen is a fountain pen whose special nib allows the user to write calligraphy-quality letters easily, even for individuals unskilled in the use of calligraphy and brush products. In Japan, pens like these are growing in popularity compared to traditional brush pens due to their more ergonomic grip and easier stroke. The pen is available in a high angled “Wakatake” nib (nib angle 55°) for fine lettering and a low angled “Kon” nib (nib angle 40°) for more bold lettering. The line weight changes depending on the angle of the pen.

    Two black ink cartridge is included. This pen is compatible with SAILOR ink cartridges and converters.

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    Sailor Profit Junior toh-mei-kan Transparent Fountain Pen / 1set
    toh-mei-kan(toumeikan) means the feeling of transparency in Japanese. Medium-fine stainless steel nib. Takes ink cartridge and converter.
    - ink cartridges NOT included.
    - Converter sold seperately.

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    Fountain pen CONVERTER : Sailor Transparent Converter (toh-mei-kan) /1pc
    • ini adalah CONVERTER saja ( bukan PEN )

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    Glass Pen /1pc

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    Uni Ball Propus Window Double-Sided Highlighter Pen / 1pc
    Propus Window Highlighters enable you to read what you are highlighting as you highlight!
    A transparent window is imbedded into the broad tip of the highlighter so you can see exactly what you are highlighting. The Propus Window is also a dual-tip highlighter with a 4.0 mm and 0.6 mm highlighter tip for underlining.
    Available in 2 colors.

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    Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighter / 1pc
    The Mildliner highlighter features a unique color that shows up softly on paper. It has just the right shade to attract your attention, but won't overwhelm you with bright fluorescence. The highlighter is double-sided with a broad and fine tip.
    Water-based Pigment
    Tip Material: Felt

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    Zebra Kirarich Glitter Highlighter / set
    Marker untuk highlight tulisan ini memberikan efek sparkle yang ditambahkan di formula tinta tahan air dengan tambahan bubuk kaca dan perak. Mmepermudah kita untuk mengenali bagian tulisan yang telah diberi tanda. Markernya telah didesain seperti alat kosmetik untuk mempercantik penampilan pen ini.

    3 set terdiri dari : hijau, kuning, pink.
    5 set terdiri dari : biru, hijau, pink, ungu, kuning

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    Tombow : Kei Coat Double-Sided Highlighter / 1pc
    This Unique highlighters features exclusively developed materials and structure that protects the pen tip from mangling.
    A fine point highlighter marker on one end and a broad highlighter marker on the other.
    The thick pen tip is guarded by high polymer reinforced materials and the thin pen tip is made from durable special plastic material.
    This pen allows you to solve following unpleasant common issues, "Line became wider because of mangled pen tip" or "The ruler stained in ink messed paper or other pen tip" In other words, it allows you to highlight accurately and clearly for long time.
    This highlighters are refillable and are available in a wide range of colors

  • 3.8mm
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    Tombow Marking Holder and Refill / 1pc
    Tombow marking pensil ini dapat digunakan untuk memberi tanda pada bahan plastik, kain, metal, glass, rubber (karet), dan film.
    Setelah memberi tanda pada kain, goresan pensil nya dapat mudah dihilangkan dengan mencuci kain dengan air.
    Marking Holder dapat diisi ulang dengan Refill Pencil yang dijual terpisah.
    Tersedia 2 macam warna : Putih dan Kuning.

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    Dry Ace Marker / 1pc
    Marker ini mempunyai kelebihan yang unik dibandingkan dengan marker merek lain. Repot karena buka tutup marker berkali-kali? Anda bisa coba pakai marker ini, karena bisa dipakai dengan tutup terbuka sepanjang hari. Dan yang pasti markernya tidak kering dan bisa dipakai seperti biasa.

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    PILOT FriXion Light Erasable Highlighter / 1set
    These amazing FriXion Light highlighters are erasable!
    While highlighting textbooks and notes, sometimes you might accidentally highlight the wrong word, or you might over-highlight a chapter and want to un-highlight certain sections.
    If you're using the FriXion Light highlighters, that's no problem, because you can erase your highlighting! Simply use the rubber "eraser" tip at the top of the highlighter. The ink disappears cleanly, and there are no eraser shavings.
    The highlighters are eco-friendly too, made of 87% recycled materials.
    FriXion ink is a thermosensitive ink that can be erased by rubbing. Interestingly, erased ink reappears at temperatures below 14° F (-10° C).
    A freezer is cold enough to make this happen. Due to the thermosensitive nature of FriXion ink, we advise against using it for mailings, or leaving the written materials in hot cars or in environments that expose them to a lot of friction.

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    Shachihata Kawakima Marker / 1 pc
    Marker ini mempunyai kelebihan yang unik dibandingkan dengan marker merek lain. Repot karena buka tutup marker berkali-kali? Anda bisa coba pakai marker ini, karena bisa dipakai dengan tutup terbuka sepanjang hari. Dan yang pasti markernya tidak kering dan bisa dipakai seperti biasa.

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    Zig Posterman Wet-Wipe / 1pc
    • Zig Posterman Wet-Wipe, adalah marker khusus untuk menulis diatas permukaan plastik, gelas (kaca), metal, white board maupun black board.
    • Banyak dipakai untuk menulis MENU (restoran , cafe, dll)
    • Dapat dengan mudah dibersihkan dengan lap basah
    • Ada 3 macam ujung
      • 6mm : ujungnya Bulat dan Flat (bisa diganti)
      • 15mm : ujung flat lebar 15mm
      • 30mm : ujung flat lebar 30mm

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    Sharpie Marker Pens

  • ATT-AT-2M01U1
    Uni Mitsubishi Paint Marker / 1pc
    Oil base paint in a handy marker. The most popular paint marker on the market.
    Marks on virtually every surface. Extensively used by manufacturers, construction professionals and hobbyists.
    Great for marking sheet metal, auto parts, glass, pipes, wood, concrete, leather, stone, tile.

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    Uni Posca Poster Paint Marker Pens / 1pc