SmartyHands Pusat Kreatifitas New product
Silver 925 pendant parts crown /1pc
Silver 925 pendant parts crown /1pc
Silver 925 pendant parts V /1pc
Silver 925 pendant parts /1pc
Silver 925 pendant parts for stone ring /1pc
Silver 925 pierce parts / pair
Silver 925 Ring parts /1pc
Silver 925 Ring parts Butterfly /1pc
Silver 925 pierce clutch Rhodium Plating / pair
Silver 925 Necklace chain / 1pc
Silver 925 pierce Easy set (Loose stone&clutch NOT included) /1pair
Stainless steel wallet chain /1pc
Shackle and other screw ring / 1pc
Stainless steel snap hook dragon head for wallet chain / 1pc
Stainless steel clasp / 1pc
Stainless Steel pierce Snap-set round / pair
Stainless chain pierce (American pierce) / pair
Stainless steel Double Interchangeable Infinity Clasp (Hook) / 1 pc
Clay dome and cone mold / 1pc
Grid silicone color separation cup /1pc
Round resin table Silocon mold /1pc
Empty plastic small box - Organizer  / 1set
Thomson die cutter Leather craft punch / 1set
Leather craft Sewing hold locking pin /1pc
Parallel Edge  /1pc
Corner processing metal fittings for leather /1pc
Sharpener guide for edge beveler cutter /1pc
Wing compass (divider) / 1pc

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