BRONZclay™ itself is easily to working with molds you make yourself or with commercially made molds. Molds allow for repeated elements and the production of multiples. Hollow forms allow your work to be light. Here are some ideas for molds:


A simple way to get started is to carve a pattern into a bar of soap. Press BRONZclay™ into the depression, peel it away, and you have a molded form. If you don't like the result, re-work the carving and try again. Need a dozen? It's a simple matter of repetition.

Rubber Molds

Hobby shops sell a variety of molds intended for candy, candles and plaster. Specialty kitchen shops may be a good source for interesting cookie, butter or gelatin molds. All will work for BRONZclay™.

To make your own molds, buy a two-part silicone mold compound.
Most molds do not need lubrication, but if the clay sticks, spray the mold lightly with an aerosol cooking oil