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Liquid soap scent (aroma for soap making) / 1 pc

This is highly concentrated oil based fragrance
Just add a few drops of liquid scent to melted soap until desired fragrance is achieved. Stir and pour into mold.
Note : reheating scented soap will result in loss of scent.
Sold in 1 bottle of 30ml, can scent more than 4kg of soap.
id:12982 (sku:OC-SOAP-041A1)  
  Pilihan (Rp) Harga Stok Qty
12982-babypowder   Baby Powder 148,500 1
12982-cinnamon   Cinnamon 148,500 2
12982-cocomango   Coco Mango 148,500 4
12982-lavender   Lavender 148,500 1
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