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KOJI Eye talk Double Eyelid Maker / 1pc

    How to use Eye talk Basic:
  • Create natural and beautiful double eyelids
  • Will not come off unless removed by cleansers
  • Great for beginners for making double eyelids
  • Contains moisturizing plant generated ceramide and skin tightening Rose hip extract

    How to use Natural Eye talk (2WAY):
  • Contains Rosemary extract and Chamomile extract which can help to mosturizing your eyelid.
    Film method :
  • 1. Make a line by pressing the push tool to your eyelid,
  • 2. Coating with the glue , wait until little bit dry
  • 3. Press your eyelid once more until completely dry and you make a pretty eyelid!
    Fix method :
  • 1. Just coating your eyelid with the glue and wait until it become transparent,
  • 2. Press your eyelid with the push tool.

Produk ini bisa "Back Order", artinya anda bisa order melebihi stok yang ada.(atau biarpun stok kosong, anda dapat order). Kekurangan stok nya, akan kami orderkan dari pabrik.

  Pilihan (Rp) Harga Stok Qty
18230-B   Eye talk Basic 168,000 0
18230-N   Natural Eye talk (2WAY) 241,500 8
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