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Multi Pen : Pentel Multi 8 / 1pc
Lead holder contains eight inks and leads in one convenient holder! Move from one color to another with ease -- simply twist the plastic clip of the holder to point at the color you want, then press the top knock button to extend the ink or lead. The lightweight plastic holder has a ridged grip area and a balanced feel in hand.

To refill the holder, first align the silver line on the top button with the arrow on top of the clip. Then, press the top button and keep it pressed down to keep the clutch claw at the tip opened, and insert the refill through the tip. Then, release the top button and turn the silver line away from the arrow on the clip.

Dimensions: Approximately 5.5 inches (14 cm) long, and no wider than 0.5 inches (13 mm) in diameter.

-Multi 8
Lead holder contains eight colors: Diazo non copy, PPC non copy, red, blue, brown, orange, yellow, and green. Diazo non copy lead will not show up when copied by a Diazo (wet type) copy machine, and the PPC non copy lead will not show up when copied by a PPC (dry type) copy machine. Most modern copy machines are PPC. However, blueprints are still often copied by Diazo copy machines. Additional refill colors available separately.

-Super Multi 8
This pen plus lead holder contains eight inks and leads: three ballpoint inks (black, red, and blue) and five 2 mm leads (PPC non copy, fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow, red, and HB pencil). PPC non copy lead does not appear when copied by a PPC (dry type) copy machine. Most modern copy machines are PPC. Additional refill colors are available separately.
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      Pilihan (Rp) Harga Stok Qty
    20785-m   # PH802 Multi 8 352,000 0
    20785-Sm   # PH803 Super Multi 8 427,000 0
    20785-CN2-D   #CN2-D Diazo non-copy 22,000 0
    20785-CN2-P   #CN2-P PPC non-copy 22,000 0
    20785-CH2-A   #CH2-A Black 22,000 0
    20785-CH2-B   #CH2-B Red 22,000 0
    20785-CH2-C   #CH2-C Blue 22,000 0
    20785-CH2-D   #CH2-D Green 22,000 0
    20785-CH2-E   #CH2-E Brown 22,000 0
    20785-CH2-F   #CH2-F Orange 22,000 0
    20785-CH2-G   #CH2-G Yellow 22,000 0
    20785-CH2-H   #CH2-H Pale orange 22,000 0
    20785-CH2-K   #CH2-K Yellow-green 22,000 0
    20785-CH2-P   #CH2-P Pink 22,000 0
    20785-CH2-S   #CH2-S Sky blue 22,000 0
    20785-CH2-V   #CH2-V Purple 22,000 0
    20785-CA2-HB   #CA2-HB HB 22,000 0
    20785-CH2F-G   #CH2F-G Fluorescent yellow 29,500 0
    20785-CH2F-P   #CH2F-P Fluorescent pink 29,500 0
    20785-CMB-A   # CMB-A Black 0.7 Ballpoint pen 29,500 0
    20785-CMB-B   # CMB-B Red 0.7 Ballpoint pen 29,500 0
    20785-CMB-C   # CMB-C Blue 0.7 Ballpoint pen 29,500 0
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