/ Mokei : Model making (clay, diorama etc) / Clay : Non drying, Wax/Oil based clays

This is OIL Based clay, which means it WILL NEVER dry
Usually used for prototype making, or mold making.

ROMA Plastilina / 1pc

  • Roma Plastilina is considered by many to be the world’s finest modeling material.
  • It is permanently pliable.
  • Contains Sulfur

How to use

  1. Temporarily soften your plastalina modeling clay by increasing the temperature of the clay.
    Turn on a hair dryer to a low setting and hold it 3 to 5 inches from the surface of the clay.
    Run the dryer over the clay's surface in a constant motion to gently heat the clay.

  2. Knead the clay vigorously to spread the heat throughout the clay evenly.
    The process of applying the heat and the motion of kneading the clay will soften it for working. Once the clay cools, it will return to its previous level of firmness.

    No Hardness Purpose
    1 Soft For those who prefer an extremely plastic modeling plastilina, best for large work
    2 Medium A slightly firmer consistency, generally used for all average work
    3 Medium firm A more consistent degree of firmness, generally used for smaller models and by those who prefer a firmer modeling plastilina
    4 Very hard Very hard, for small figures , medallions, reliefs and other high detail work.
  • Size: 920 gram

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