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Roaster : Cafe Rosto CR-100 personal (home use) coffee roaster / 1unit

Cafe Rosto CR-100 Is a Home Coffee Roaster.
In 20th century people would buy the coffee roasted in factory from departments, supermarkets and coffee shops, brew and drink it. Coffee manias think that coffee becomes to lose the original flavor and they are getting tired of the unchanged flavor. Fresh coffee culture is coming in New Millenium.

CR-100 makes it possible to roast 150g (5 1/3oz.) green coffee beans to various kinds of color by just controlling the timer knob. The roasting chamber is made of stainless steel and it is convenient to wash and handle. The heat-resistant glass lid can be dish washable and it is easy to check roasting condition.
The heater applied by thermostat and timer produced delicately in Europe and made by the experienced technology producing four million popcorn poppers generates safe and accurate heat, and roasts green beans at most suitable condition. This coffee roaster is smokeless during operating and keeps flavor and aroma of coffee at best.
  • Capacity: 150gr (Green Beans Weight) / 8~15minutes
  • Roasting Method : Hot Air
  • Source of Heating : Coil Heater etc.
  • Size : 140(w)x 260(h)x 190(d) mm
  • Weight : 2.6 kg
  • Electric : 220 volt
  • Power Consumption : 1.3kw
  • Warranty : 1 year from the date of purchase.
How it works
  • CR-100 uses a "fluid air bed" roasting system which allows constant rotation of the coffee beans as it roasts, and when it cools.
  • CR-100 heats the coffee beans to the correct temperature using an internal thermometer to regulate the heat. The unit will automatically cool the beans once they are roasted.
  • this is the only home coffee roaster to recycle the hot air throughout the roasting chamber, enabling the coffee to roast more evenly and have better flavor.
  • You can control the darkness of the roast by simply setting the timer for the desired roasting time.
  • You can change the flavor of the coffee by changing the amount of coffee beans you place in the roaster. If you increase the amount coffee, you will get a longer roast time, (you will notice more body as you would in a professional drum roaster). By decreasing the amount of coffee you will achieve a roast with more inherent acidity and brightness.
  • No other home coffee roaster has the unique ability to roast to your exact preference.
Roasting guide

If the bean color is too light after the pre-set time is up, you may wish to add 1~2 minutes before the cooling cycle begins.
The cooling cycle begins when the timer reaches zero (0). If desired bean color is achieved prior to the pre-set time elapsing, turn the timer to 0 and allow the cooling process to begin.
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