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Leather Hardener and Stiffener ( Oil based ) High strength / 1pc
  • Oil based
  • Purpose : leather hardener that will stiffen leather well beyond what ordinary wet moulding is capable of doing.
    Excellent for wallet pockets, gussets, and filler that may require extra stiffness, or reinforcing wet moulded leather such as masks, bags or purses, as well as strengthening leather carvings or stampings.
  • Leaves leather with a subtle and stylish antique finish.
  • Simply apply to your dry leather on the grain side with a brush or airbrush after dyeing, burnishing or moulding and leave to dry before apply other treatments. Allow to dry for three days for maximum effect. Avoid saturation as dark stains may appear on leather if soaked in solution.
  • Applying the hardener is the last step before applying lacquer, so make certain to apply all other treatments and chemicals first.
  • size:100cc
  • Merk / Produsen: Kyoshin elle

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