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PMC Flex Silver clay / pack

PMC Standard is great for adding intricate detail to wet metal clay. This silver metal clay is 77% fine metal particles and 30% binder by weight. PMC Standard shrinks about 28% of its original size during the firing process.
Objects made from this version are somewhat more delicate. PMC Standard can withstand mild distortion such as dapping, but does not lend itself to bending. Try out PMC standard for your next jewelry project.
Uses This form is excellent for highlighting details and texture. The shrink factor can be used as a design device to scale down larger forms. This version can be used to craft any type of item, but is not recommended for making rings. This version does not have the strength to hold up to the abuse that rings are subjected to and break easily. I avoid soldering PMC Standard. If you do solder this version, the area to be soldered must be burnished well. Be aware that it requires a huge amount of solder, about 4 times the normal amount, and you need to remove the flame the moment the solder starts to flow, leaving a lump of what I call solder slobber. Consider using a cold connection or embed and re-fire with other forms of PMC to incorporate it into a design.
Workability PMC Standard stays moist longer than the other formulations, which gives a longer working time, but be sure to keep any unused portions tightly sealed from air because all metal clay (except paper form) dries very quickly when exposed to air.
Any object that can withstand the firing temperatures and times of PMC Standard can be embedded and fired in place. Some natural gemstones, lab gems, cubic zirconia and porcelain can be used.
  Temperature Hold Time
Kiln 1650F 2 hours
Torch Not Recommended 2 hours

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