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Clay Cutter : Kemper tools cutters ( Klay Kutters ) / 1set

Kemper Klay Kutter set
Lovely brass cutters made for polymer clay and precious metal clay. These cutters give perfect clean cuts as the cutter is shaped from a brass tube, with no visible joins. Each cutter has a plunger ("pusher-outer") to help you push the clay shape out of the cutter. The cutters are also great for sugar paste, bread dough, soft wax, paint, and modelling paste. You might want to put a little badger balm, olive oil, Slik or similar, around the edge of the cutter to help release the metal clay.

Each set shown below consists of 4 or 5 cutters (depends on the sets) and the price is different for each set.

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id:3536 (sku:CC-PLCT-028M1)  
  Pilihan (Rp) Harga Stok Qty
.   Leaf Set Cutter 297,000 0
.   Rose Set Cutter 297,000 2
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