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Hearty clay 50 gram / 1pc

  • Material : Inorganic flour
  • Characteristic : super lightweight,pliant and easy to handle
  • Coloring : acrylic, water based paint, or mixing with hearty color clay.
    Using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black "Hearty color pigment", which is colored clay made for mixing, you can make any color in the color circle of the three primary colors. Also, you can get light and pale colors by mixing in white, and dark colors by mixing in black
    "Hearty clay natural color" is convenient when making wood, leaves and stems of imitation flowers.
  • Usage : miniature cake, doll, flower etc
  • Packing : 50gr
  • Once opened, please wrap hearty clay with saran wrap and put in the airtight storage.
You can create any color from dark to light by mixing different color combinations of "Hearty".

Take blue and yellow

Mix together

The clay turns green

Artwork made from Hearty clay

  • Merk / Produsen: Padico

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