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Mechanical pencyl : Pentel / 1 pc
Graph Gear adalah drafting pencil dari Pentel untuk memenuhi standar baik pengguna biasa dan professional.
Fungsi tambahan pro : - Satu kali tekan isi pensil keluar sama dengan diameter isi pensil yang dipakai.
- Tipnya didesain agar tidak menghalangi sudut pandang pengguna.
Fungsi tambahan GraphLet : - Ada petunjuk isi pensil yang bisa diubah-ubah, dan jepitan untuk saku.

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    Mechanical pencill : Pentel Orenz / 1 pc
    The Orenz mechanical pencil features 0.2 mm lead for amazingly thin, clean lines. It's great for writing notes, math problems, graphs, and more!
    Despite being so fine, the lead doesn't break as you write, due to the innovative Orenz mechanism. The guide pipe protects the entire length of the lead, and you write without extending the lead out of the guide pipe, which glides right along the surface of the paper. Since it has rounded edges, the guide pipe doesn't catch on the paper or scratch it. As you write, the guide pipe gets shorter. When you need more lead, just click the top button as you would with any other mechanical pencil. The guide pipe will extend again, along with the lead inside.
    Because there's no lead breakage, your papers remain clean without smudges from broken lead dust. You can also retract the guide pipe so it doesn't poke you or your belongings when you've stowed the pencil away.

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    Mechanical pencil : Pentel SMASH drafting pensil 0.5 mm / 1pc
    This rare ultra-weight Pentel drafting pencil has an all black body with a
    matrix of square rubber grips. Balances perfectly in hand and comfortable for
    long drafting job.
    Features a fixed 5 mm guide pipe length, lead indicator, clip and eraser
    under a unique rubber cap.

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    Multi Pen : Pentel Multi 8 / 1pc
    Lead holder contains eight inks and leads in one convenient holder! Move from one color to another with ease -- simply twist the plastic clip of the holder to point at the color you want, then press the top knock button to extend the ink or lead. The lightweight plastic holder has a ridged grip area and a balanced feel in hand.

    To refill the holder, first align the silver line on the top button with the arrow on top of the clip. Then, press the top button and keep it pressed down to keep the clutch claw at the tip opened, and insert the refill through the tip. Then, release the top button and turn the silver line away from the arrow on the clip.

    Dimensions: Approximately 5.5 inches (14 cm) long, and no wider than 0.5 inches (13 mm) in diameter.

    -Multi 8
    Lead holder contains eight colors: Diazo non copy, PPC non copy, red, blue, brown, orange, yellow, and green. Diazo non copy lead will not show up when copied by a Diazo (wet type) copy machine, and the PPC non copy lead will not show up when copied by a PPC (dry type) copy machine. Most modern copy machines are PPC. However, blueprints are still often copied by Diazo copy machines. Additional refill colors available separately.

    -Super Multi 8
    This pen plus lead holder contains eight inks and leads: three ballpoint inks (black, red, and blue) and five 2 mm leads (PPC non copy, fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow, red, and HB pencil). PPC non copy lead does not appear when copied by a PPC (dry type) copy machine. Most modern copy machines are PPC. Additional refill colors are available separately.

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    Brush pen : Pentel Pocket Brush Pen + 2 Refill Cartridges / 1set
    Bring the elegance of Asian calligraphy to your artwork and writing. These high-quality brush pens from Pentel can form thin lines or thick lines, creating a variety of effects. Writes smoothly and conveniently refills with cartridges.
    Each pen comes with 2 refill cartridges.
    Size:136mm (length)

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    Brush pen : Pentel Standard Brush Pen / 1 pc
    Asia's long history of Japanese calligraphy and drawing make it a great source for quality brush pens. These brush pens from Pentel feature nylon brush tips and are filled with aqueous dye-based inks that are great for painting or sketching on the go. Flexible nibs allow varying line widths and are easily refilled with black color cartridges.
    The Pentel Standard Brushes differ according to the denseness of the brush tips. For example, the Tsumi tip is more densely packed than Suki tip (meaning it has more hair).
    Size:175mm (length)

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    Brush pen : Pentel Pigment Ink Brush Pen / 1 pc
    Brush pen dari pentel ini diisi dengan tinta pigment yang memberikan warna hitam yang kuat dan cemerlang. Tintanya cepat kering dan tahan air.
    Pen ukuran medium cocok untuk memberikan sapuan dramatis di kaligrafi dan ilustrasi.
    Pen ukuran extra-fine cocok untuk menulis halus atau memberikan detail extra di gambar ilustrasi.

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    Brush Pen : Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen / 1 pc
    Pentel FUde Touch Sign Pen tepat digunakan baik untuk gambar dan tulisan
    ekspresive. Ujung pen didesain flexibel agar bisa sebaik mungkin membantu
    aplikasi teknik menulis dan menggambar anda.
    12 warna : Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange,
    Pink, Red, Sky Blue, Violet, Yellow, and Yellow Ochre.

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    Brush pen : Pentel Art Brush Pen / 1pc
    Imagine creating beautiful color gradations and soft blurred effects in your next drawing. The Pentel Art Brush Pens let you do just that. Once you try these effects with the flowing touch and vivid colors characteristic of brush pens, you'll discover endless creative possibilities. The brush pens are wonderful for writing, illustrating, and drawing. Surprise friends and family with one-of-a-kind cards!
    The pens have nylon brush tips. To create color gradations, touch brush tips of different colors together. To blur or lighten colors, touch the brush tips to water before drawing. The ink is dye-based, and you can adjust ink flow by squeezing the ink cartridge. Ink refills are available.
    Size:175mm (length)

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    Pentel Metallic Fude Brush Pen Kinnoho Ginnoho /1pc
    Filled with vivid, opaque metallic ink, this brush pen is perfect for creating beautiful brush lettering and adding festive accents to holiday and birthday cards. It features high-quality nylon bristles and a convenient push button for controlling ink flow.

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    Pentel Finger Paint
    Cat tangan Pentel dikemas dalam tube lunak yang mudah sekali dikeluarkan cukup dengan tangan.
    Ringan dan lunak di tangan ; komposisinya terbuat dari bahan-bahan tak beracun dan aman bagi kulit anak-anak semua umur. Memudahkan kreasi anak-anak dalam melukis dengan tangan, cat ini dapat dicampur dengan warna lain dari kombinasi 8 warna dasar.

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    Pentel Aquash Water Brush / 1pc
    Durable nylon brush tip holds its point.
    Soft, easy-to-squeeze barrel effortlessly stays in your hand.
    Translucent barrel allows you to monitor water supply.
    Fill with water to blend, or add your favorite ink or dye.
    Body Color: Blue
    Body Material: Plastic

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    Japanese Fude Brush Pen Pentel Calligraphy Anime Hakuouki Limited Edition /1 pc
    Brush pen buatan Pentel ini diinspirasi dari anime Hakuouki: Shinkai Kaze no Shou” of “Hakuouki.
    Pola pennya diinspirasi dari pakaian masing-masing karakter.
    Simbol masing-masing digambarkan di ujung pen.
    Di packagingnya disertakan cara dan petunjuk memegang brush pen dan contoh menulis halus yang indah bagi mereka yang belum terbiasa memegang brush pen.
    Tulisan di bagian belakang paket menunjukkan cara menulis nama karakter.
    Dalam tiap paket disertakan 2 cartridges tinta dan satu pen.

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