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Calligraphy pen : Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen / 1set

The Pilot Parallel Pen represents a major breakthrough in calligraphy pen design!
The pen nib consists of two parallel plates, allowing the writer to produce lines sharper than existing calligraphy pens. You can create blended color lines with its special mixable ink as well.
Refill sold in a box of 6 tubes (same color).

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Calligraphy pen : Kuretake calligraphy brush pen / 1set

The ZIG® Memory System Calligraphy range possess unique qualities for every crafter. With its unique blending qualities, you can produce personal papercraft projects of the highest quality. These twin-tipped markers are so versatile in use - not only can you create beautiful lettering styles for both titles and journaling on your scrapbook pages and cards, but also intricate flowers and other motifs that finishes off projects nicely.

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Calligraphy pen : Kuretake ZIG Scroll & Brush / 1pc

ZIG Scroll & Brush memiliki dua ujung : scroll tip untuk menulis calligraphy dan kuas flexyble untuk brush lettering dan stamping. Marker ini tahan air dan ideal untuk berbagai proyek seni.
Type tinta : water based pigment, photo safe, bebas acid, tanpa bau, bebas xylene dan cepat kering.
Marker dengan dual-tip sebaiknya diletakkan dalam posisi horizontal untuk menjaga kedua sisi tidak kering.

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Calligraphy pen : Kuretake Twin-Tip Brushables Pen / 1 pc

ZIG Brushables have two brush tips and two tones per marker, one color from the ZIG Memory System color range and the other color being a 50 percent tint of that color. Brushables are featured in the ZIG Memory System line making them a water-based pigment, permanent, lightfast, acid-free, and even photo safe; most suitable for paper.
his unique two-toned pen is great for brush layering techniques and for creating two-toned blending effects. With a flexible felt tip and strong elasticity, Brushables are even great for brush lettering.

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Speedball Calligraphy Pens / 1set

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Zebra pen nibs / 1 pack

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Nikko ( Tachikawa ) pen nibs / 1 pack

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Manuscript Calligraphy Set / 1set

Sailor Fude De Mannen (Calligraphy Fountain Pens) / 1set

Fude DE Mannen is a fountain pen whose special nib allows the user to write calligraphy-quality letters easily, even for individuals unskilled in the use of calligraphy and brush products. In Japan, pens like these are growing in popularity compared to traditional brush pens due to their more ergonomic grip and easier stroke. The pen is available in a high angled “Wakatake” nib (nib angle 55°) for fine lettering and a low angled “Kon” nib (nib angle 40°) for more bold lettering. The line weight changes depending on the angle of the pen.

Two black ink cartridge is included. This pen is compatible with SAILOR ink cartridges and converters.

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Sumi-e ( Suiboku-ga ) paper / 1set

Sailor Fountain Pen HighAce neo clear Calligraphy /1pc

Includes cartridge ink (3 black) and "First time writing guide" to understand how to write calligraphy by supervised by Kazuko Tanzawa. It is a set that even the first person can start calligraphy immediately.
Lineup of three types of pen width of 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 mm in "Broadpen" type which cut the pen point widely. By changing the structure of the conventional pen point and improving the ink flow, comfortable writing has been achieved even with a wide pen point.
An optional ink inhaler converter can be attached to the main unit. You can easily enjoy calligraphy, design letters, and illustrations using your favorite fountain pen bottle ink.

More impressive with beautiful and fashionable characters such as greeting cards, invitations, wedding paper items and more! If color ink is used for illustration and art work, expression spreads more.

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