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Art Flower : Flower Iron Head only / 1pc

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Emboss Heater : Heat it craft tool / 1pc
  • This tool is great for : Curing embossing powders, Heating decorative shrink plastics, Quick drying inks, glues, paints.
  • It's safe : no protruding metal tip.
  • Works as fast as heat gun, but much quieter.
  • Note : 100 volt 300 Watt electric plug.
  • Temperature : approx 300 degree

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Heat Gun Craft Tool / 1pc
Cocok untuk mengeringkan embossing powder, mengeringkan cat, atau memanaskan "shrink plastic" dll
  • Nama : Mesin Hot Gun
  • Merk : Tekiro Ryu
  • Type : RH-1800
  • Berat : 1 kg
  • Daya Listrik : 900 Watt - 1800 Watt (sesuai dengan panas yang dihasilkan)
  • Aliran Udara : 210-250 / 340-380 lpm
  • Temperatur : 50 ~ 350 / 50 ~ 600 Celcius
  • Fitur : Variable Temperature
Alat ini listriknya 220 volt - 240 volt (cocok dipakai di Indonesia)

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HOT tools : general purpose Creative Versa tool : / 1set
  • This is complete SET of heat tools, required by hobbyists, crafters, and artists alike
  • Suitable for woodburning, leather crafting, soldering, stamping, paper crafting, hot knife cutting, pattern transferring, embossing, stencil cutting, and personalizing.
  • Use on wood, leather, jewelry, glass, ceramic, wax, soap and more.
  • The Tool comes with so many points and can be used on so many surfaces
    Universal tip, Flow tip, Calligraphy tip, Soldering tip, Stencil cutter, Hot Knife and Transfer Tip. Heats to 500 degrees Celcius.
Note : Electric is 110 Volt

** Package may vary. **

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HOT tools : FUSE Tool /1set
Partition can make the adhesive to a free position of the plastic in the heat.
Scrapbooking, of course, the original bookmark, contents moves shaker card, such as a collection file, you can use in a variety of applications depending on the idea.

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Clover Mini Iron / 1set
The Mini Iron is excellent for ironing on pieces for general applique, Celtic and stained-glass applique, appliquéing, pressing seams, paper crafting, and many other sewing and quilting projects like fusing narrow fabric strips or reaching the smallest corner when fusing fabric to cardboard. It's easy to use on even the smallest details!
  • Heats up to operational temperatures in less than 10 minutes
  • Lightweight body only weighs 80 grams
  • Long 2.5 meter electric cord
  • Easy-glide sole plate
  • Multiple temperature control settings
  • On/Off switch built into cord
  • Mini Iron® stand included
  • Iron size: 23mm x 35mm
Electric 100 volt 20 watt

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Clover Mini Iron II with Adapter Set / 1set
The New innovation MINI IRON II was designed to expand the creativity of every Crafter. This New Mini Iron II has special interchangeable tips that can be used for Quilting, Sewing and Crafting. The MINI IRON II Adapter set has four adaptable tips perfect for doll making, stenciling, paper crafting, hard to reach corners and all your innovative ideas.
This set includes: Mini Iron II, five adapter tips (small and large iron tips, ball tip, slim line tip and hot knife tip), screwdriver for changing tips and an iron stand.
Electric 120 volt

  • 45W
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