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xxx : Effect paint :Debika Easy diorama tools color / 1 set

  • Size: 31.0 x 20.1 x 6.3 cm / 240g
    Ver : 2010-01
  • ID: 13599 Stok: 3 Rp
    Soft pastel : Zoukei Mura make up color / 1 set

    Soft pastel ini khusus di pilih oleh Zoukei Mura untuk mem Make up doll.
    Cara pakainya gampang, pegang pastel ini vertikal dan gosokkan keatas kertas amplas yang agak kasar sehingga anda dapatkan bubuk pastel.
    Gunakan "make up brush" , atau kapas dll untuk mem-Make Up doll anda.

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    Stok: 8 Rp
    Mr.Hobby : Mr.Color acrylic resin paint ( GX series ) / 1pc (18ml)

    Paint type : Solvent based acrylic resins paint (laquer)
    Content : 18ml
    Mr.Color GX features brigher color, higher foundation screening effect and stronger film than standard Mr.Color.
    It may be mixed with the standard Mr.Color and diluted with the conventional Mr.Color Thinner or Mr.Color Leveling Thinner.

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    Mr.Hobby : Mr. Metallic color ( GX series ) / 1pc (18ml)

    Paint type : Solvent based acrylic resins paint (laquer)
    Content : 18ml

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    Stok: 39 Rp
    Mr.Hobby : Mr.Color Metallic color / 1pc (10ml)

    Mr.Color Metal Color provides metallic feeling when the paint surface is polished.
    It has a surface like metal when the dried paint surface is polished with soft cloth, though it may be painted in the same way as the former Mr. Color.
    Note that the metallic feeling becomes different if clear paint is sprayed on it.

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    Mr.Hobby : Mr.Color Super Metallic color / 1pc (18ml)

    • This is High quality metallic finishing paint.

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    Mr.Hobby : Mr. Crystal Color / 1pc (18ml)

    Paint type : Solvent based acrylic resins paint (laquer)
    Content : 18ml

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    Tamiya Enamel paint ( 10ml ) / 1pc

    Tamiya Enamel Paints are used for brush or spray painting, and can be applied to almost any surface of wood, metal or plastic.
    When spray painting enamels, best results are achieved by adding 2 parts of thinner to 10 parts of paint.
    Content : 10ml

  • FN-P-01TM02M1
    Tamiya Baking Master / 1 set

    Bake master color ini fungsinya untuk membuat hasil karya clay anda terlihat lebih realistik, mirip biscuit yang baru keluar dari oven
    Satu set terdiri dari 3 warna (light brown, brown dan dark brown)
    Aplikasinya mudah, gunakan kuas atau sponge, tinggal di oleskan / dikuaskan sehingga mendapatkan hasil yang mirip biscuit / kue yang baru di oven.
    Untuk aplikasinya di anjurkan menggunakan
    produk id:13096

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    Tamiya Weathering Master Set / 1 set

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    Tamiya Diorama texture paint / 1pc

    • Paint type : Water based
      It does not have a strong smell and it is possible to clean with water before it sets.
    • Features a paste-like texture and is useful for reproducing textures for dioramas.
    • 1 bottle contains 100ml
      Contains enough paint to cover B4-sized area (1 coat). Drying time: 4-5 hours.
    • When applying, please use a spatula or an old paintbrush as the new brush bristles may be damaged when applying.
    • It is possible to mix with other Tamiya acrylic paints to achieve different colors.

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    Modelling Brush : Mr.Hobby / 1pc

    Mr.Brush is the world’s first panting brush for use in model kit, hobby and art, which has a handle made of silicone rubber.
    Silicone rubber handle has an appropriate elasticity that fit in your fingers, easy to hold and keep your fingers from getting fatigue from long time working.
    Bristle is made from special material PBT (synthetic fiber) that is elastic and durable. This PBT bristle solves the problem the conventional animal hair such as Kolinsky sable and horsehair has with.

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    Gofun powder / 1pack

    Gofun is an opaque white pigment made from pulverized high quality oyster shells. It has a pearl like luster. Used in traditional japanese doll making, and also often splashed on a print to imitate effects such as snow in a three dimensional manner.
    It is made from natural clam shell, by allowing Oyster shells to decompose until all organic matter is gone then grinding the remaining shell. Nowadays there is only one or two traditional manufacturer left doing this.
    Mix Gofun with melted NIKAWA (Japanese traditional glue id.16672) and using brush for applying to doll/goods.

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    Padico Doll Finisher / 1pc

    • Waterbased Acrylic Polymer Emulsion coat for clay doll and modeling cast doll finish. Finish color is clear. Doll skin becomes matte texture with the first coating. Repeat coating for a few times and the skin becomes clear tranparent complexion. After the coating, you can make-up with color paints. Once the doll finisher either clear or gohun is coated on the skin, you can fix doll face make-up. Use a marketed painting oil for wipe lines off, and adjust the lines.

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    Tamiya craft cotton swab / 1set

    Ini berbeda dengan cotton swab yang biasa untuk telinga.
    Cotton swab ini ujungnya lancip kecil, sehingga cocok untuk mengaplikasikan cat untuk craft, plamodel, dll
    Dijual per pak isi 50 buah.

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    Masking tape for modelling / 1pc

    Masking tape untuk kebutuhan painting.
    Tersedia bermacam macam ukuran lebar
    Harap perhatikan, masing masing ukuran dibuat oleh merk yang berbeda dan harga berbeda.

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