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Duck-Bill Parallel-Action Forming Pliers / 1pc

These duck-bill pliers feature a flat interior surface on both jaws; they are ideal for working with oversized or heavy-gauge jump rings and pieces with larger interior diameters.
The wide jaws can also function as a bending brake, helping you create smooth, even bends in sheet and wire.
A jaw stop allows you to set the opening size of the jaws so you minimize the squeezing needed for each bend you make and repeatably achieve the same pressure and curvature as you shape your metal.
Parallel-action pliers have jaws that remain parallel regardless of the range of motion the pliers themselves are put through.
Their jaws hold the object securely, even under very firm pressure.
Choose parallel-action pliers when you need to hold a workpiece or other object securely while at the same time applying firm pressure to it, or when manipulating wire (you can feed the wire down through the throat and hold it firmly over the entire length of the jaw).

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Wubbers Parallel Pliers / 1pc

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Parallel Chain nose plier / 1pc

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Parallel Flat nose plier / 1pc

The jaws of this tool remain parallel while closing, giving a vise-like grip to insure a secure grip on the article being held, even when working with difficult to hold items such as round beads.

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Parallel Combination plier / 1pc

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Parallel Combination plier (Eurotool brand) / 1pc

The compound-action handles are coupled to jaws that remain parallel throughout their range of movement.
Equipped with return spring.
Overall Length: 5.5" (140 mm)

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Parallel Action Zig Zag Bending Plier (Eurotool brand) / 1pc

Give a new twist to your designs with our new Parallel Action Zig-Zag Bending Plier. This simple to use parallel plier reduces repetitive wrist motion and saves time because it creates several zig-zags all at once. Simply place the wire in the jaw and squeeze - instantly you have one inch of uniform zig-zag design. Move the wire over to easily continue the zig-zag pattern in the desired length. Use on 20 gauge or lighter soft wire, 24 gauge or lighter soft metal blanks and even stringing wire! Head and jaws are made of high grade steel for years of use. Length 5-1/4" (135mm).

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