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Ecozai : Reinforcement fiber /1 pack ( 50 gram )

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    Ecozai : Triaxial Glass Fiber / 3.9 m2

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    Ecozai : Basalt Fiber for composite laminating W:127cm

    • Strong Basalt is extremely durable, resistant to craking, resistant to rust, and light.
    • Safety Because of the inert nature of basalt, it is NOT a carcinogen. Also, Ecozai Basalt fiber which we sell, is between 9 and 16 micrometers in diameter, which is too large to be an inhalant risk. Basalt also causes significantly less skin irritation. ( No itchy ).
    Harga adalah per meter lari , lebar 1.2 meter.

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    Ecozai : Basalt Mesh - Geo Grid fabric / 1meter

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    Ecozai : Basalt rebar

    What is Basalt Rebar ? Nowadays, in the construction sector the biggest problem is the corrosion problem of the steel rebars. Environmental conditions and sea water are causing for corrosion on the steel rebars by time. Due to these reasons with the time damages occurs on the constructions and this is causing to huge maintance costs, especially the structures which are affected by the outdoor conditions like, parking places, ports, bridges and their legs.

    Basalt rebars are resistant according to corrosion and due to the high pulling strength, it will be an excellent alternative to traditional steel rebars. Basalt rebars are little bit more expensive than regular steel rebars but due to its advantages, like no maintance cost, light weight etc. becomes more favoured to normal steel rebars.

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    Ecozai : Basalt Fabric - Cloth.

    What is Basalt Fabric (cloth)

    • Basalt Fabrics are weave cloth, made from Basalt yarns manufactured to varying thickness, weight, weave pattern and weaving technique according to end-use requirements.
    • Basalt Fabric wet easily and therefore enable fast resin impregnation, making them suitable for resin transfer molding, infusion molding and pultrusion.
      "All the products that are made of fiber glass or Carbon fiber can be made of basalt fabric,".
    • Basalt fabrics are typically used in place of fiberglass or carbon fiber and are ideally suited for applications requiring high mechanical strength, resistance to high temperature and chemicals. Basalt fabrics regularly outperform standard E-glass in demanding applications and are close in performance to specialty fibers like S-glass or carbon fiber , but cheaper.