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(up date:2021/09/23) id : 15081
Pellon : Print-Stitch-Dissolve White /1set
Perfect for detailed foundation pieced quilt blocks. Just print, stitch, dissolve - complete!
  • Dissolves in water. Won’t distort delicate stitching.
  • Copy, trace or transfer pattern using an inkjet printer or any variety of marking pen.
  • Translucent, blank sheets for easy fabric positioning.
  • Instructions included.
  • Can also be used for embroidery and quilting designs.
  • 12 - 8-1/2" x 11" sheets.
(up date:2021/09/23) id : 15191
June Tailor : You Hexie Thing Hexagon Ruler /1set
Guidelines 4 Quilting Tools help you prepare yourself, your sewing machine, and your fabrics for perfect piecing. Ruler Additions- 3 piece set. Attach these color coded additions, with their suction cups, to the edge of any of your 12" acrylic rulers and Forget-the-Fractions. Pieces marked "S", "H", and "Q" and when attached they will perfectly add 1/4" seam allowances around Squares, Half & Quarter Square Triangles. Built-in finger guard. 8 page instruction booklet included.
(up date:2021/09/23) id : 15094
June Tailor : Round the Corner Ruler /1pc
Create multiple sizes of full circles, half circles and quarter circles using your rotary cutter and cutting mat. • Use with your rotary cutter and cutting mat. • Includes 1/4” seam allowance for full circles and half circles. • Six convenient sizes with easy-to-read markings. • Quarter and eighth circle markings for creativity in creating blocks. • Create inset circle blocks or easy appliqué circles. • Also great for making circular stitching designs on quilts.
(up date:2021/09/21) id : 21496
HQ Ruler-Set : Star Flower Templates / 1pc
(up date:2021/09/21) id : 21538
Creative Grids: 45 Degree Diamond Dimensions Quilt Ruler /1pc
(up date:2021/09/21) id : 21539
Creative Grids: 90 Degree Double-Strip Quilt Ruler /1pc
(up date:2021/09/21) id : 21530
Creative Grids: 2 Peaks in 1 Triangle Quilt Ruler /1pc
(up date:2021/09/21) id : 21529
Creative Grids: Perfect Rectangle Ruler 9-1/2in Quilt Ruler /1pc
(up date:2021/08/31) id : 15928
Empty bottle multipurpose dropper /1pc
(up date:2021/08/24) id : 12429
Alphabet Die-Cuts Halloween
EK Jolee's Boutique Embellishments let you add just a little something extra to your paper crafting projects, whether it be a card for someone special, a scrapbook page of that special memory, or a piece of home decor. Halloween Jumbo Alphabet- Double sided paper pad with die cut alphabet letters. Make your own spooky banner or use as party decor. 54 pieces. One side has an uppercase Black letter with spiders, webs, and light script text in the background. Colors are Burnt Orange, Beige, and Black. The reverse side is Black with Ivory uppercase script letters, each with thin borders and swirls.
(up date:2021/08/19)
(up date:2021/08/19)
(up date:2021/08/17) id : 16929
Unicorn Spit /4oz
  • Ini adalah Paint, Stain, dan Glaze jadi satu.
    Bisa di gunakan langsung (tanpa di di encerkan), atau di encerkan dng air sehingga menjadi stain.
  • Dapat di gunakan di Kayu, gelas/kaca, metal, pottery, concrete, kain dan kulit.
  • Hasilnya waterproof, dapat di gunakan di luar ruangan.
  • Aman, tidak beracun, anda dapat menggunakan tangan untuk aplikasinya.
  • dapat dengan mudah di "blend" antara warna satu dng lainnya, sehingga dapat di buat motif yang unik.
  • Kering dalam waktu 30-60 menit, tergantung jenis bahan yang akan di aplikasikan. Untuk memperpanjang waktu mengering, dapat di spray dng air, agar permukaan basah sehingga jangka waktu mengering lebih lama.
(up date:2021/06/24) id : 4465
Bench block with Silicone base / 1pc
Anvil ini biasanya digunakan untuk tatakan pada waktu melempengkan (membuat gepeng) kawat atau benda lain yang perlu di palu.
(up date:2021/06/22) id : 18746
ImpressArt series : Dapping Kit /1pc
A dapping block and punch are used to form soft metals* into a dome shape.
ImpressArt’s Dapping Kit has one curved depression that can easily add a domed effect to stamping blanks up to 1 ¼” in diameter. The depression provides a scratch-free, non-marring surface that produces an even, smooth curvature to pendants and more intricate designs.

Its multi-storage options allow the dapping block and punch to be stored upright on top of a workbench or flat inside a drawer.

To use, simply place stamped blank inside depression and hold punch in center of blank. Then strike punch with a metal stamping hammer until blank is domed.

*Rated for stamping on soft metals: Alkemé, aluminum, pewter, copper, brass, silver, and gold.
(up date:2021/06/22) id : 18742
Multi Hammer with 3 heads /1pc
EZ-STRIKE Metal working hammer includes a fixed steel head plus interchangable nylon and brass heads (third head stores on handle end). A coated handle helps reduce vibration. Total tool weight: 35 ounces.
(up date:2021/06/22) id : 4499
Thread burner tool : Thread Zap Ultra / 1 pc
(up date:2021/06/17) id : 6996
Aquamarine Drop cut (vertical) 5x3.5 / 2pc
(up date:2021/06/10) id : 5185
K14 (GF) Gold filled Love Knot Pierce / 1pc
(up date:2021/06/10) id : 9495
K14 (GF) Gold filled Love Knot Link / 1pc
(up date:2021/06/10) id : 9494
Silver925 Love Knot Link / 1pc
(up date:2021/06/10) id : 9973
K14 (GF) Gold filled Love Knot Charm / 1pc
(up date:2021/06/10) id : 9972
Silver925 Love Knot Charm / 1pc
(up date:2021/06/03) id : 13903
Brush Shaper /1pc
Prolong the life of natural and synthetic brushes with a product that stiffens and re-shapes bristles without harming the brush or the environment. Once your brush is clean and all paint has been removed from the bristles, dip it into Brush Shaper. Using your fingers, re-shape the brush to its original form and set it aside to dry. Non-toxic.
(up date:2021/06/03) id : 16586
Wine glass holder mold /1pc
(up date:2021/06/03) id : 23530
Pin vise (holder) /1pc
(up date:2021/06/03) id : 8753
K14 (GF) Gold filled Magnet clasp with Flat Cable Chain /1pc
size: 40 x 21mm
(up date:2021/06/03) id : 2218
K14 (GF) Gold filled Leaf Charm /1pc
(up date:2021/05/27)
(up date:2021/05/18) id : 14697
Universal 2 way Multi angle Vise Clamp /1set
  • 360° swivel Clamp and 90° tilt
  • Ball and socket base with lock-down adjustment
  • Solid cast aluminum with soft rubber grips
(up date:2021/05/13) id : 12333
Gilding (metal leaf) Kinbihaku : Imitation - Fiber / 1 bottle (2g)
Tote bag (tas) dari bahan Canvas yang masih kosongan. Anda bisa menghias sendiri dengan Stamp, Paint, atau rhinestone dll.
Model: ada kelebaran di bagian bawahnya
(up date:2021/05/11) id : 12331
Gilding (metal leaf) Kinbihaku : Imitation - Flakes / 1 bottle (2g)
High quality imitation metal flakes foil for gilding.
Kin Bi Haku Japan : Kin (gold) Bi (pretty) Haku (gilding / gold leaf)
  • You can use it for gilding on any surface (wood, resin, plaster, etc)
  • Can be put into resin casting.
(up date:2021/05/06) id : 22991
Document organizer : Jilitz clear file /1pc
It is a clear file that can be assembled quickly and can be used upright.
Because it can be set up, it saves space, for meetings and meetings, studying, cooking recipes, reading music scores, etc.
It can be widely used from business to daily use.
Raise your eyes and enjoy comfortable desk work.

Size: A4 vertical type
Number of pockets: 10 pockets, 20 pockets (fixed type, with mount)
Material: Opaque PP cover
External dimensions: Width 237mm x Height 307mm x Depth: 13mm, 16mm
(up date:2021/04/22) id : 19381
Partition stand /1pair
(up date:2021/04/22) id : 146
Strap holder for bag / 1 pair
(up date:2021/04/06)
(up date:2021/03/23) id : 20638
OLFA Chenille Cutter /1pc
Making your own chenille has never been easier! Simple-to-use, multipurpose Chenille Cutter not only helps you easily make your own chenille fabric but can also cut multiple layers of fabric as well as paper, cardstock, fleece and more! Features: four channel guide sizes, turn dial for 24 new blade edges, ultra-sharp, high quality tungsten carbide tool steel blade, no exposed blade for safety, cut curved or straight lines and no scissors needed. Use replacement blades CHB601
(up date:2021/03/23) id : 17781
Thermoforming : We R Memory Keepers Mold Press Vacuform Machine / 1unit
Vacuum form machine
  • Mold Press Machine
  • Magnetic frame
  • Vacuum hose adapters
  • Instruction manual
  • Include 4 sheets of thermo plastic sheet
(up date:2021/03/18) id : 15496
Viva Decor: Maya Gold / 1pc
(up date:2021/03/18) id : 16610
Echo Park Alphabet Stamps / 1set
(up date:2021/03/16)
(up date:2021/03/16)
(up date:2021/03/11)
(up date:2021/02/09) id : 991
Silver 925 Adjustable Bracelet with Screw ball /1pc
(up date:2021/02/02) id : 8072
Silver 925, Adjustable Pendant parts setting / 1pc
(up date:2021/02/02) id : 2284
brooch base with Clip and Safety Pin /5pc
(up date:2020/12/14) id : 14564
Smarty Tool : Head magnifier / 1pc
(up date:2020/12/09) id : 24391
Green Tiger eye round / 40cm
(up date:2020/12/09) id : 23992
Peridot round bracelet / 1pc
(up date:2020/12/08) id : 24394
Necklace Terahertz / 1pc
(up date:2020/12/08) id : 24393
Crystal Lantern cut / 39cm
(up date:2020/11/10) id : 16585
Mold for door plate - sign board / 1pc
(up date:2020/11/04) id : 16588
Mold for mountain peak /1pc
(up date:2020/11/04) id : 16587
Mold for display base - tray / 1pc
(up date:2020/10/13) id : 12620
Ring bender tool - Economy (made in china) / 1 set
Ini adalah alat untuk menekuk batang / lembaran lurus menjadi lingkaran yang cocok dengan ukuran cincin.
(up date:2020/10/13) id : 8481
Tools, Marukan (jump ring) maker PRO / 1set
Produce jump rings quickly and easily with this time-saving device. Coil your wire around one of the twenty mandrels (in the diameters 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12mm) using the included hand-winder. Once the coil is formed, place it in the adjustable coil holder and saw through it using the included rotary saw, handpiece guide, and your flexible shaft machine. It's that easy!

And now the world's best-selling jump ring maker is redesigned and better than ever. The redesigned Jump Ring Maker has a new aluminum stand to organize your mandrels in an upright position. This stand conserves space on your workbench and is removable from the base of the unit. The hand winder can be permanently attached to the black, powder-coated aluminum base of the machine, or you can attach it to the included round aluminum flange (shown in the right foreground of the photo) for mounting elsewhere. The arbor that supports the rotary saw is now made from stainless steel. The cutting box, handpiece holder, mandrels, and mandrel stand are precision machined. Furnished with a complimentary tube of Pepelube saw lubricant. The Jump Ring Maker is now made in USA.

The Jump Ring Maker is used with 2 sizes of rotary saws:
31.75 mm blade: Cuts up to 18 ga. (1.02 mm) wire (included with the outfit)
38 mm blade: Cuts up to 14 ga. (1.63 mm) wire (not included)

Flexshaft machine with a 1" diameter handpiece required (not included).

The redesigned Jump Ring Maker will work only with Foredom brand no. 30 handpieces.

The 4 smallest mandrels in this set do not have holes. In using one of these small mandrels, the wire to be wound is inserted into the chuck of the winder together with the mandrel.
You can buy from here. Instruction in English

(up date:2020/10/12) id : 14363
Argofile Artima 5 /1set
Argofile Japan brings us their Artima 5! Light-weight and easy to hold, this is one of the best multi-tools around. Powered by an AC adapter for maximum power, the movements and vibrations of the tool can shifted from low to high power. File and clean-up all of your parts and 3D models!
(up date:2020/10/07) id : 23254
Mini Compound Cross sliding Vise Table ( SmartyTool ) / 1pc
  • Fungsi : mengatur posisi ( X, Y) secara tepat waktu mengerjakan proses drilling / milling atau pekerjaan lain yang perlu akurasi.
  • Material Aluminum Die cast
  • Note : sudah berikut CLAMP ( lihat bagian option )
(up date:2020/10/07) id : 23331
Bench drill press machine / 1 unit
  • Mesin bor duduk yang presisi ( putaran stabil ) cocok untuk pekerjaan yang memerlukan ketelitian (ujung mata bor tidak getar).
  • Direct drive ( tidak menggunakan pulley ), sehingga lebih stabil tidak bergetar. hal ini penting untuk mengebor sesuatu yang perlu teliti, misalnya pekerjaan jewelry yang halus, atau pekerjaan yang butuh keteltian.
  • Putaran RPM dengan mudah di atur sesuai kebutuhan , hanya menggunakan tombol putar, tidak perlu mengganti belt dan puli
  • Note : ini adalah bor duduk dng kapasitas cukup besar 16mm ( bukan 13mm ) dan tenaga 1050 watt , jauh lebih bertenaga di banding tipe sejenis di pasaran yang hanya 700 watt.
Model BG-5157
Electric220 volt 1050 watt
No-load Speed (rpm)0-800 rpm
Max stroke travel60mm
Max chuck size16mm
(up date:2020/09/03) id : 24810
Morion Round 10mm /20cm
(up date:2020/08/27) id : 12427
Crafter's Companion Self-Healing Mat /1pc
This self-healing cutting mat is the perfect tool when it comes to using craft knives and rotary cutters. It comes with a double-sided measuring grid showing both metric and imperial measurements.
(up date:2020/08/20) id : 19992
Washable Paper Fabric : Texon ( Germany ) / 1 meter
(up date:2020/08/20) id : 15980
Menso Brush / 1pc
(up date:2020/07/16)
(up date:2020/07/16) id : 24402
Sphere stand /1pc
(up date:2020/07/12) id : 20185
Safety helmet with face shield ( Toyo Venti ) / 1 pc
  • Helm buatan Toyo Jepang seri Venti Plus, adalah "Ultra High Performance Helmet" yang mendapat award penghargaan di Jepang.
  • Wide anti fogging front shield, pelindung bagian depang yang lebar, dan dapat di simpan kedalam ( masuk ke bagidan dalam helm ).
    Sehingga rapi , tidak mengganggu , serta tidak berat kedepan , karena helm yang tutupnya dibagian luar helm, kebanyakan berat kedepan dan mengganggu karena ukurannya besar.
  • Bahan pelindung (shield) ini terbuat dari Polycarbonate yang ANTI gores. Daya tembus pandang yang tinggi serta anti dispersi ( tidak membuat pandangan menjadi aneh ).
  • Ada 2 macam tipe pelindung Clear (bening) dan Smoke (gelap).
    Dua duanya di lapis dengan ANTI UV ( 99 persen menahan sinar UV matahari).
    Yang tipe smoke cocok untuk pekerjaan yang silau atau di bawah terik matahari.
  • Type Venti ini mempunyai lubang ventilasi dibagian sehingga nyaman dipakai di tempat panas, karena ada ruang jarak antara shell (pelapis luar) dan foam bagian dalam , sehingga tidak panas dan tidak mudah berkeringat.
  • Bagian shell luar juga di lapis Anti Scratch, serta Anti Static (tidak mudah debu menempel.
  • Spare part pengganti semua tersedia ( silahkan email untuk tanya ).
    - Parts untuk liner dalam
    - Pengganti shield dll.
(up date:2020/07/12) id : 16036
Full face shield
Face shield eyeglasses eyewear untuk pelindung wajah dari cipratan dan droplet Covid. Dapat digunakan untuk MEDIS maupun NON MEDIS.
  • Frame terbuat dari bahan PE (polystyrene) Lentur dan tidak mudah Patah.
    Karena bahan agak soft maka tidak sakit di telinga.
    Agak transparan ( bening ) , sehingga Fashionable, tidak mencolok dan cocok di wajah.
  • Bahan Shield (pelindung) terbuat dari bahan PET yang di telah di coating "Anti Fog" (tidak mudah berembun apabila bernapas.
(up date:2020/07/02) id : 24757
Crystal tambled / 5pcs
(up date:2020/06/30) id : 21711
Worbla Crystal Art - Clear Moldable Thermoplastic Beads Pellets
  • Worbla’s Crystal Art adalah "Thermo plastik pellet", apabila di panaskan menjadi lunak, sehingga dapat di cetak, atau di bentuk dengan tangan.
    Setelah dingin akan menjadi keras dan tetap transparan ( tembus cahaya ).
    Kalau di panaskan lagi, tentu saja dapat menjadi lunak lagi dan dapat dirubah bentuknya.
    dapat di pakai berulang ulang. Untuk apa gunanya ? Sebagai alternatif resin, bagi yang alergi terhadap resin, maka produk ini tidak menimbulkan alergi, mudah di bentuk dan dapat di pakai berulang ulang.
    Untuk membuat hiasan batu kristal atau benda lain untuk kebutuhan Cosplay dll. Bagaimana cara pakainya ? Awal mulanya produk ini berbentuk biji (pellet), anda panaskan hingga 110 derajat celcius ( menggunakan heat gun atau pemanas lain ), sehingga menjadi lunak dan dapat di bentuk.. Pewarnaan Setelah produk jadi, anda dapat mengecat permukaannya.
    Atau.. anda dapat juga mencampur warna pada waktu masih lunak sehinga seluruh materi berubah warna, menggunakan "Alcohol inks" atau dengan bubuk semacam "Mica powder".
(up date:2020/06/11) id : 1443
Ruby oval cabochon /1pc
(up date:2020/06/11) id : 24771
Eagle eye bracelet round /1pc
(up date:2020/06/11) id : 24770
Amethyst bracelet round cut 14mm /1pc
(up date:2020/06/11) id : 24769
Amethyst bracelet round /1pc
(up date:2020/06/09) id : 9410
K14 (GF) Gold filled Flat Rectangle Link / 1pc
(up date:2020/06/09) id : 10820
K14 (GF) gold filled pendant parts #0-A7 /1pc
(up date:2020/06/09) id : 24768
Birma Jade Bracelet Round 10mm /1pc
(up date:2020/06/09) id : 24767
Jadeite Jade bracelet round 12mm /1pc
(up date:2020/06/09) id : 24766
Jadeite Jade bracelet round 8mm with flower /1pc
(up date:2020/06/09) id : 24765
Beryl bracelet round /1pc
(up date:2020/06/04) id : 24764
Rose quartz bracelet round cut 12mm /1pc
(up date:2020/06/04) id : 24763
Rose quartz bracelet round 6mm /1pc
(up date:2020/06/04) id : 24762
Chalcedony ( Pink )bracelet round 14mm /1pc
(up date:2020/06/04) id : 24761
Inca Rose bracelet round 14mm /1pc
(up date:2020/06/02) id : 23996
Blue topaz oval cut /1pc
(up date:2020/06/02) id : 23995
Ruby button cut bracelet /1pc
(up date:2020/06/02) id : 23994
Ruby round bracelet /1pc
(up date:2020/06/02) id : 23993
Sapphire round bracelet /1pc
(up date:2020/06/02) id : 8478
Stainless steel Bracelet core / 1pc
(up date:2020/05/14) id : 8188
Swarovski 6533 (raindrop pendants) /1pc
hole size 4mm
(up date:2020/05/14) id : 8187
Swarovski 6532 (pure drop pendants) /1pc
(up date:2020/05/14)
(up date:2020/05/14)
(up date:2020/05/12) id : 15216
FOE (Fold Over Elastic) Bias tape / 5m
FOE ( Fold Over Elastic ) adalah bias tape terbuat dari bahan elastic.
Sering di buat untuk pinggiran masker (agar rapi) dan sekaligus berfungsi sebagai tali penyangkut telinga.
Daya elastisitasnya bagus , tidak berubah biarpun di cuci berkali kali.
Lebar 15mm (1.5 cm ) ,sehingga kalau di lipat 2, menjadi 7.5 mm
(up date:2020/05/10) id : 15223
Full plastic ( Polyethylene ) Face mask nose bridge / 5 meter
  • Terbuat dari bahan PE (Polyethylene), Mudah di bentuk dan dapat mempertahankan bentuknya.
    Sering dipakai untuk bagian atas masker (dekat hidung), sehingga dapat menutup rapat , mengurangi kemungkinan udara lewat.Produk yang kami jual ini TIDAK mengandung kawat ( sehingga tidak bisa berkarat), berbeda dengan produk serupa yang terbuat dari kawat.
(up date:2020/05/08) id : 16032
Valve for mask
ini adalah Valve ( katup ) untuk dipasang di mask.
Katup ini tertutup waktu anda menghirup udara, tapi.. waktu mengeluarkan udara katup akan terbuka.
Tujuannya adalah memudahkan mengeluarkan udara sehingga memakai masker akan lebih terasa nyaman, dan mengurangi efek embun kalau anda mengeluarkan nafas.
Di jual per bungkus terdiri dari 2 SET ( satu set terdiri dari 3 bagian ).
Biasanya satu masker satu sisi saja sudah cukup, namun ada juga yang menggunakan 2 sisi (kiri kanan dipasang katup).
Valve (katup) ini, bisa anda pakai untuk memproduksi masker type katup, atau untuk merubah masker kain biasa menjadi tipe katup.
Cara pasangnya mudah. Anda buat lubang sebesar 2.7 cm di sisi masker, bagian dalam pasang dari arah dalam, dan katup dipasang , bagian luar pasang dari arah luar, dan ditekan hingga rapat. Selesai.
(up date:2020/05/07) id : 16031
Hardware for face mask
Berbagai komponen untuk pembuatan masker.
(up date:2020/05/07) id : 7855
Stainless Ear pierce post with ball /pair
(up date:2020/05/07) id : 18183
UV-c Steril box : type F-20 / 1 unit
  • Sistem Sterilisasi tipe F series (Familly type) ini di peruntukkan untuk kebutuhan Keluarga, dengan kemampuan multi fungsi.
  • Menggunakan lampu short wave UV-c type buatan Jepang.
    Gelombang cahaya UV yang dapat mematikan kuman, bakteri, virus dll.
    Sistem sterilisasi menggunakan sinar UV-c ini adalah yang paling praktis dan aman.
    - Karena hanya menggunakan sinar (TIDAK menggunakan bahan kimia) , maka dapat mensterilkan makanan ( sayur, buah, daging , dll)
    - Karena tidak menimbulkan panas maupun gelombang listrik / magnet, maka dapat di gunakan di peralatan elektronik, misalnya HP ( handphone) dll.
  • Banyak di pakai di klinik, atau tempat yang membutuhkan kebersihan dan steril.
    Dengan adanya bahaya virus corona saat ini, maka rumah pribadi pun, sebaiknya mempunyai alat ini untuk mensterilkan masker (sehingga dapat di pakai ulang.), uang, kacamata, juga buah dan sayur sayuran.
  • Dilengkapi timer otomatis, dapat di atur waktunya hingga maksimum 60 menit.
    Biasanya dengan tenaga 20 watt, sekali steril butuh waktu 20 - 25 menit.
  • Listrik 220 volt (bisa langsung di pakai di Indonesia).
    Lampu UV-c 2 x 10 watt ( total 20 watt).
  • Jaminan 1 tahun (tidak termasuk lampu).
    Umur lampu sekitar 6.000 jam.
    Lampu pengganti tersedia (buatan Jepang).
(up date:2020/05/06) id : 18181
UV Light Sanitizer Sterilizer Box /1unit
(up date:2020/05/06) id : 16067
Disposable mixing consumable /1set
(up date:2020/04/14) id : 23733
Stainless steel Charm Animal / 1pc
(up date:2020/04/09) id : 501
Edge dyeing pen ( roller and spatula ) / 1 pc
(up date:2020/04/09) id : 16951
Angelus Leather Dye /1pc
(up date:2020/04/09) id : 18182
UV-c sterilizer box : UV clean system
  • Alat sterilisasi menggunakan lampu short wave UV C type.
    Gelombang cahaya UV yang dapat mematikan virus.
  • Banyak di pakai di klinik, atau tempat yang membutuhkan kebersihan dan steril.
    Dengan adanya bahaya virus corona saat ini, maka rumah pribadi pun, sebaiknya mempunyai alat ini untuk mensterilkan masker (sehingga dapat di pakai ulang.).
  • Benda yang akan di sterilkan, harus dalam keadaan kering (tidak basah), karena kalau basah maka hasil sterilnya tidak optimal.
  • Sekali steril butuh waktu 20 - 25 menit.
  • Ada 2 macam ukuran, tergantung kebutuhan besarnya benda yang mau di sterilkan.
  • Listrik 100 volt (karena ini dari Jepang), namun sudah termasuk trafo , sehingga anda bisa langsung pakai di Indonesia.
  • Spare part ( lampu UV-c ), juga kami sediakan .
(up date:2020/04/07) id : 16949
Angelus Foam Tex Cleaner /1pc
(up date:2020/04/06) id : 169
Metal Component Double hole Bead Frames Circle / 1pc
Size(approximately): 2.5x12.5mm
(up date:2020/03/23) id : 24411
Terrahertz Hematite tumbled large /240g
(up date:2020/03/23) id : 24410
Terrahertz Hematite tumbled small /240g
(up date:2020/03/23) id : 24409
Terrahertz Hematite round cut 8mm /40cm
(up date:2020/03/23) id : 24408
Terrahertz Hematite round cut 6mm /40cm
(up date:2020/03/23) id : 15140
Perfect Patchwork Template : 8586Set / 1set
(up date:2020/03/10) id : 12524
Doll eye silicon mold / 1Set
Sold in one set of 6 different sizes.
(up date:2020/03/04) id : 23361
Resin tumbler ( cup ) turner spinner
(up date:2020/03/02) id : 21540
Creative Grids: Round Up Tool /1pc
(up date:2020/03/02) id : 13485
Clover Pattern Chart Marker set / 1set