Paper craft & StationaryPaper craft : Stencil and Embossing
Sizzix :Texture Boutique Embossing Machine (White & Gray) / 1 set
The Sizzix Texture Boutique Embossing Machine is your personal cardmaking and embellishing system. Fun, easy and affordable, the Texture Boutique elegantly transforms ordinary cardstock into one-of-a-kind embossed treasures. Made to showcase our deepest and richest embossing textures, the Texture Boutique accommodates Sizzix Textured Impressions, Texture Fades and Texture Trades Embossing Folders (up to 4 1/2" wide) as well as ShadowPress Debossing Folders. Whether you love the look of lovely embossed cards or just want to complement your creativity, the Texture Boutique Machine makes an unforgettable impression!

  • Machine Dimensions: 203 x 127 x 229mm (plus 63.5mm handle)
    Package Dimensions: 241 x 164 x 254mm
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    Martha Stewart Dry Embossing Kit / 1set
    Create elegant embossed cards andinvitations with this dry embossingstarter kit.
    • 1 stylus with 1.5 mm tip and 2 mm tip
    • 2 metal stencils
    • 5 folded cardswith envelopes
    • 2 sheets wax paperlight box not included

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    Tulip ScreenIt All-in-1 Screen Printing Machine / 1set
    Tulip® ScreenIt™ is an all-in-1 screen-printing system designed to help you easily achieve professional results on fabric surfaces, even if you've never seen a screen-printing machine before! Whether you want to create a personalized tee or tote of your own, or you need to whip out some spirit tees for your cheer squad or sports team, you can count on Tulip® ScreenIt™ to make the process super simple and super quick.
    The Tulip® ScreenIt™ All-in-1 Screen-Printing System includes a variety of products to help you screen print like a pro!

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    Martha stewart : Tape / 1pack

    Patterning Tape : Create plaids, stripes, and checkerboards. Low tack adhesive allows easy placement, adjustment, removal.

    Stencil Tape : Low-tack tape is safe for fabrics and other surfaces. Use to hold stencils securely in place or to mask off areas while stenciling.

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    Martha Stewart : Stencil Film / 1 pack
    Adhesive Stencil Film : Use any pattern or design and a craft or hot knife to create adhesive stencils to decorate most surfaces. Perfect for curved objects and fabric. It will stick to the glass so that the etching cream won't seep under.
    Stencil Film - Non Adhesive : Use your own patterns and designs to create custom stencils that fit your own needs and decor! This package contains three 11x18 inch sheets of stencil film and instructions.

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    Plaid : Simply Stencil Blank (No glue) / 1pack
    Durable and reusable laser stencils are made from plastic and feature delicate, detailed designs. Easy to use and easy to clean.
    Create your own stencils with these uncut blanks.

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    Stok: 3 Rp
    Plaid : FolkArt Peel and Stick Stencil Blank / 1 pc
    Folkart Peel & Stick Blank-Low-tack adhesive adheres firmly to project surface to ensure design clarity and prevent paint run-unders. Flexible material allows stenciling on any surfaces-even hugs curves.
    Repositionable up to 20 times. This Stencil is blank so you can create you own design using cutter.

  • Size : 5.875"x 8.25" (149 x 209 mm)
  • ID: 16474 Stok: 3 Rp
    Mylar film sheet ( Stencil sheet ) / 1set
    • Mylar film is often used to generically refer to polyester film or plastic sheet. However, it is a registered trademark owned by Dupont Tejjin Films for a specific family of plastic sheet products made from the resin BoPET (Biaxially-oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate)

  • MicronMilmm
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    21-30 d
    Stencil template / 1 pack
    Kumpulan berbagai macam STENCIL template ( film ), untuk stencil diatas kain, dinding, gelas, tatoo, Tole painting dll.

  • CR-STENC-05A3
    Stencil template ( SmartyTool brand ) / 1pc
    • Custom cut Stencil film ini kami potong sesuai permintaan anda (Text, font dan tinggi huruf)
    • Terbuat dari bahan Mylar film yang bermutu sehingga bisa di pakai berulang kali.
    • Dipotong dengan komputer sehingga hasil rapi dan tepat.

  • CR-STENC-05A6
    Stencil template for Clay (silkscreen ) / 1pc

  • ] ]
  • CR-STENC-05A7
    Stencil sheet for Fabric and Leather (Masako Abe)
    Ini adalah "Stencil", khusus untuk kain atau kulit.
    Stencil ini ada bahan lem khusus di bagian belakangnya, sehingga kalau di buat stencil, maka cat tidak mbeleber masuk ke bawah stencil.
    Lemnya khusus sehingga tidak meninggalkan bekas (residu) lem di kain / kulit.
    Untuk cat nya, kami anjurkan menggunakan Angelus, karena dapat di gunakan di atas kain maupun kulit. hasilnya tetap lemas / lembut.

  • PC-STCH-011A1
    Sew Easy Stitch Piercer Handle & Needle / 1set
    Want to add stitching to your project without having to drag out the sewing machine? It is Sew Easy! The rotary stitch piercer creates perfectly aligned holes that can easily be stitched up.

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    Sew Easy Stitch Piercer (Head Only) / 1pc
    Alat ini adalah HEAD / Kepala saja, yang harus dipasang di bagian pegangan (handle), yang di
    jual terpisah di id : 13046
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    Sew Easy Large Stitch Piercer (Head Only) / 1pc
    Alat ini adalah HEAD / Kepala saja, yang harus dipasang di bagian pegangan (handle), yang di
    jual terpisah di id : 13046
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    Stok: 4 Rp
    Hot cutter : Stencil film heat cutter / 1pc
    This tool has been specially designed for cutting stencil patterns faster and easier from plastic, MYLAR®, and resist materials up to 7 mil thick. Perfect for glass etching, sandblasting, crafts and hobbies. Its short shaft provides good tip control and cutting accuracy making it ideal for cutting intricate as well as larger patterns.
    Note: Electric is 110 Volt

    ** The color and the package may vary. **

    ID: 7126 Stok: 1 Rp
    Stencil cutter : GOOT HE-31 / 1 set
    • Menggunakan panas listrik, sehingga dengan mudah dapat memotong Mylar, plastik, bahan stencil dll.
    • Konsumsi listrik 20 watt
    • Spare part bagian ujung tersedia penggantinya.
    • Untuk di pakai di Indonesia , pilih yang 220 volt, bisa langsung pakai ( tidak perlu pakai trafo )

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    Stok: 5 Rp
    Spare part for Logan. / 1set

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    Design tools : Fiskars Stylus / 1pc
    Embossing stylus digunakan untuk membuat design embossed (lekukan) atau sebaliknya Debossed (menonjol) diatas metal tipis, kertas, karton, vellum, dll.

    ID: 12034 Stok: 6 Rp
    Soft-Grip embossing & stylus set / 1set(3pc)
    Stylus ini terdiri dari 3 pc stylus dengan dua tip di setiap ujungnya yang memudahkan Anda untuk melakukan emboss pada setiap bidang yang Anda inginkan.
    Gunakan bersama dengan embossing stencil untuk menciptakan motif dan patterns pada scrapbooking maupun card making project.
    Tip Size:
  • small 0.8mm & 1.2mm
  • medium 1.2mm & 2mm
  • big 2mm & 3mm
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  • TO-DSG-ST-02A
    Design tools : Mc.Gill Paper Blossoms pen stylus / 1set
    Paper Blossoms Tool Kit includes 3 dual tipped stylus tools and 1 straight reverse tweezers in a convenient storage case and snap closure. Each of 3 ball stylus tools offers dual tipped ball stylus giving you the variety of sizes you need to create the desired look ready at your fingertips.
    Stylus and Tweezers offer you the variety of tip sizes so that your paper flower and leaves shapes are molded to a realistic shape. The straight tweezers makes all small punch designs easier to hold and apply small parts allowing you to focus on your project all the way to the finest detail.

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    Mc Gill Paper Blossoms Molding Mat / 1pc
    • Mat ini terbuat dari synthetic rubber dengan kekenyalan yang cocok untuk digunakan sebagai tatakan pada waktu melakukan emboss, maupun membentuk kelopak bunga dengan menggunakan stylus
    • Selain kegunaan diatas, juga cocok untuk kegiatan papercraft embossing lainnya.

  • size: 203 x 148 x 5 mm
  • ID: 13508 Stok: 1 Rp
    3D Wooden Embossing modeller / 1set
    Kit of 2 wooden tools with two different tips each. Four measures heads available. Compulsory to model the plastic leaf even when using slight papers.

    ID: 13676
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    Emboss Heater : Heat it craft tool / 1pc
    • This tool is great for : Curing embossing powders, Heating decorative shrink plastics, Quick drying inks, glues, paints.
    • It's safe : no protruding metal tip.
    • Works as fast as heat gun, but much quieter.
    • Note : 100 volt 300 Watt electric plug.
    • Temperature : approx 300 degree

    ID: 11721
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    Heat Gun Craft Tool / 1pc
    Cocok untuk mengeringkan embossing powder, mengeringkan cat, atau memanaskan "shrink plastic" dll
    • Nama : Mesin Hot Gun
    • Merk : Tekiro Ryu
    • Type : RH-1800
    • Berat : 1 kg
    • Daya Listrik : 900 Watt - 1800 Watt (sesuai dengan panas yang dihasilkan)
    • Aliran Udara : 210-250 / 340-380 lpm
    • Temperatur : 50 ~ 350 / 50 ~ 600 Celcius
    • Fitur : Variable Temperature
    Alat ini listriknya 220 volt - 240 volt (cocok dipakai di Indonesia)

    ID: 17610
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