NEW product
(up date:2017/06/26) id : 11039
Sterling Silver Petite Round Floating Glass Locket Pendant /1pc
(up date:2017/06/26) id : 11035
Stainless Steel Heart Floating Glass Locket Pendant /1pc
(up date:2017/06/26) id : 11034
Stainless Steel Round Floating Glass Locket Pendant /1pc
(up date:2017/06/19) id : 18395
Kitpas Asobody / 1set
(up date:2017/06/19) id : 16803
Marble paint ( Sumi Nagashi ) Boku Undo Mardley / 1 set
(up date:2017/06/18) id : 16802
Marble paint ( Sumi Nagashi ) Boku Undo Marbling / 1 set
Suminagashi : the traditional Japanese paper dyeing method
(up date:2017/06/18) id : 10473
Leather sewing thread : Ramie for machine sewing / 1 spool
  • Material : Natural Ramie fiber (waxed)
Ramie fibres are split from the plant by fingernail and twisted into threads by hand. In tie-dying, bundles of ramie threads are bound tightly with cotton before dying so as to produce a geometric or floral pattern when the thread is woven into fabric using a simple back-strap loom.
Made in Japan
(up date:2017/06/18) id : 22762
Ceramic polishing burs /1pc
It is suitable for polishing of hard alloys and the like, and there are many types of particle sizes and it is made slightly harder than silicon, so firm polishing is possible.
It also reduces rubber dropout than usual and has a long service life.
(up date:2017/06/15) id : 7379
K14 (GF) Gold filled Curved seamless Tube /1pc
(up date:2017/06/15) id : 8414
K14 (GF) Gold filled Tube S-Curve /1pc
(up date:2017/06/14) id : 11419
Argentium Silver Cabochon setting (Oval) #805-B / 1pc
(up date:2017/06/14)
(up date:2017/06/13) id : 18731
Round Maul mallet ( hammer ) / 1pc
Ini adalah hammer (palu), khusus untuk mengetok stamping di atas kulit
Kekerasannya pas, tidak terlalu keras sehingga tidak berisik dan tidak capai di tangan untuk kerja lama, namun juga tidak terlalu empuk (sehingga tidak mental)
Material : Nylon (head)
(up date:2017/06/11) id : 21053
Bead design board Silicone U shape /1pc
(up date:2017/06/07) id : 22801
Abrasive Fiber buff wheels / 1set
Non-woven Fiber abrasive buff disc designed to lightly blend, clean, deburr and finish smaller areas on a variety of metals.
(up date:2017/06/07) id : 260
Stainless steel Brand tag Flat Oval 10x6mm stamped with "S. STEEL"
(up date:2017/06/07) id : 259
Stainless steel Brand tag Flat Oval 9x7mm
(up date:2017/06/07) id : 258
Stainless steel Brand tag Flat round 10mm
(up date:2017/06/07) id : 23881
Stainless steel O kan twist / 1pc
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 14733
Stainless steel magnet clasp round / 1 set
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 11168
Stainless steel spring ring (hikiwa) /1pc
Material : Stainless steel 316L (Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel)
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 4022
Stainless Necklace chain / 1pc(45cm)
  • Material : Stainless
  • Length : 45cm
  • d : 1.5-4.5mm(d)
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 4023
Stainless Necklace ball chain / 1pc(45cm)
  • Material : Stainless
  • Length : 45cm
  • d: 1.5-2.4mm
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 7731
Round tube with fold-in ends /1set(2pcs)
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 9829
Stainless steel spacer corrugated round /1pc
Material : Stainless steel 316L (Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel)
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 188
Stainless steel spacer Tube curved / 1pc
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 3759
Metal Charm Spiral / 10pc
(up date:2017/06/06) id : 1473
Glass bottle & dome Component
Berbagai macam komponen aksesoris terbuat dari gelas / botol (vial) atau glass dome
Anda bisa isi dengan bermacam macam komponen kecil lain , atau batu kesukaan anda, atau juga sering di isi dengan parfum.
Gabung dengan komponen rantai (chain) untuk dipakai sebagai Bag charm, atau pendant dll.
(up date:2017/05/30) id : 10323
Book THE BOOK OF MEN'S SHOES MAKING (Japanese) / 1pc
1. Oxford
2. Derby
3. Main material of men's shoes
4.Making of Oxford
** Design / pattern making
** Upper
** Lasting
** Welt stitching
** Bottoming
** Heel make
** Completion
5.Making of Derby
** Pattern making
** Upper
** Lasting
** Welt stitching
** Bottoming
** Heel make
** Completion
(up date:2017/05/30) id : 10306
1. Introduction
2. Basic tool and the how to use
3. Item making
** ITEM01 Key Holder
** ITEM02 IC Card case
** ITEM03 Smart phone case
** ITEM04 Key case
** ITEM05 Clutch bag
** ITEM06 Diary cover
** SPECIAL ITEM01 Glasses tray
** SPECIAL ITEM02 Fastener pen case
4. Pattern
(up date:2017/05/30) id : 10302
1. Introduction
2. Let's start making leather goods
Tools / Select leather / Metal parts / Basic technic
3. Making process and Patterns
** key cover
** key holder
** key case
** coin case
** smartphone case
** long wallet
** tissue cover
** cup holder
** tray
** room shoes
** floor cushion
** pen case
** roll up pen case
** pen stand
** book cover
** personal organizer
** pouch
** mini tote
** clutch bag
** tool case
** camera case & neck strap
** tote bag
4. Recommend Books
(up date:2017/05/30) id : 10298
1. Item Introduction
2. Basic Knowledge of slide fastener
3. Making process and Techniques
** Mini Wallet with L-SHAPED FASTENER
** Cushion Cover with SLIT FASTENER
** Pen Case with CROSS FASTENER
** Tote Bag with TRIPLE FASTENER
** Universal Case with GUSSETED FASTNER
4. Reference materials
5. Patterns
(up date:2017/05/30) id : 10288
Book STUDS LEATHER CRAFT (Japanese) / 1pc
1. Introduction
2. Basis of studs installation
3. Item making
** Item 01 Bracelet
** Item 02 Key chain
** Item 03 Cup holder
** Item 04 Key chain
** Item 05 The zipper pouch
** Item 06 Card case
** Item 07 Tote bag
** Item 08 Belt
4. Pattern
(up date:2017/05/30) id : 10286
1. Basic technique
2. How to make leather items
*Key holder
*IC card case
*Card holder
*Lomg wallet
*Pen case
*Tote bag
3. Pattern
(up date:2017/05/28) id : 12400
Padico Wood Formo / 1pc (500g)
  • Air Dry and it takes around 2-3 days to dry depending on thickness of the item.
  • When dried, It will have a wood like look. and just like wood, you can carve it further with carving knife.
  • Excellent for craft such as miniature food, doll, bird model, trees etc.
(up date:2017/05/28) id : 21155
Pentel Metallic Fude Brush Pen Kinnoho Ginnoho /1pc
Filled with vivid, opaque metallic ink, this brush pen is perfect for creating beautiful brush lettering and adding festive accents to holiday and birthday cards. It features high-quality nylon bristles and a convenient push button for controlling ink flow.
(up date:2017/05/28)
(up date:2017/05/28)
(up date:2017/05/24) id : 21134
Akashiya Sai ThinLine Brush Pen /1pc
The innovative design of these SAI brush pens from Akashiya is what helped it win the 2007 ISOT Stationery of the Year award in Japan. SAI brushes have the potential to revolutionize painting as we know it, allowing artists to create beautiful artwork from an elegant, non-messy tool. The brushes are a great combination of traditional sumi-e (Asian art) brush quality and modern brush functionality and portability.
(up date:2017/05/24) id : 21135
Akashiya Sai ThinLine Brush Pen - Extra Fine - /1pc
Summon the beauty of Japan for your artwork, using the Akashiya Sai ThinLine brush pens in nature-inspired traditional Japanese colors. The extra-fine tip on each pen draws sharp, precise lines that bring elegance to your calligraphy and cards, and dynamic movement to your comic illustrations and other drawings. Your line types can vary from voluminous swells to fine, delicate lines. The tip is diligently hand-crafted from man-made fibers and is about 2 mm wide. It is highly elastic, giving you precise control. The water-based pigment ink is fade-resistant and waterproof when dried, which is great for outlining watercolor works.
(up date:2017/05/23) id : 16500
Grafix Cling Vinyl Sheet 9x11" Clear / 1 pack (6 sheets)
No need for messy glues when you use Grafix Cling Vinyl Film – it sticks by static! This opaque film will cling to smooth, glossy surfaces without leaving any sticky residue.

Grafix Cling Film will not lose its shape, color or cling. It’s reusable too. Just peel off designs and store for next time. Create temporary decorations for all your holiday and birthday celebrations. Die cut, punch or cut out shapes and embellish with permanent markers, paint pens and glitter glue.

Great for decorating windows, mirrors, cars, picture frames, school lockers, dry erase boards, glass/acrylic surfaces and more.
(up date:2017/05/23) id : 13388
Koeido Interior figure /1pc
(up date:2017/05/22) id : 13389
Koeido Cork powder /1pack
Ini adalah "cork powder" , bubuk / butiran dari bahan cork, untuk membuat diorama atau maket bangunan dll.
(up date:2017/05/22) id : 20160
Koiedo Glue set / 1set
(up date:2017/05/22) id : 13387
Koeido Interior diorama kit /1set
Figures are sold separately
(up date:2017/05/22) id : 17252
Wilton Gum Paste Cutouts /1set
(up date:2017/05/22) id : 12906
Wilton Sugar Sheets /1pc
(up date:2017/05/22) id : 22322
Prima Marketing Metallic Accents Semi-Watercolor Paint Set /1set(12color)
(up date:2017/05/16) id : 13942
Fiskars Tool Precision Cutting & Carving Set Medium Duty / 1 set
(up date:2017/05/16) id : 13941
Fiskars Tool Carving Chiseling & Sawing Set Heavy Duty / 1 set
(up date:2017/05/16) id : 16410
Paper craft :Martha Stewart Fringe Cutter / 1set
(up date:2017/05/15) id : 16409
Paper craft :Martha Stewart Template Ornament Triangle Small / 1set
(up date:2017/05/14) id : 12033
Disney Paper Shapers Medium Punch Mickey Icon / 1pc
(up date:2017/05/14) id : 22454
Rakuyaki Marker /1pc
RakuYaki adalah marker khusus untuk menggambar di atas bahan gelas atau keramik.
Marker ini, selama hasilnya belum dipanaskan (dioven), dapat dengan mudah di hapus (misalnya salah gambar, dapat di betulkan).
Setelah di panaskan dengan oven (atau microwave) hasilnya akan permanen. tidak hilang biarpun di cuci. dan aman terhadap makanan.
Lama pemanasan :
Oven 200 derajat : 25 menit
Oven 230 derajat : 20 menit
(up date:2017/05/12) id : 21864
Leather belt cutting machine ( Portable ) / 1 unit
Ini adalah mesin belah kulit untuk membuat potongan memanjang yang sejajar / lurus , misalnya untuk membuat bahan sabuk, selempang tas, dll.
Biasanya di panggil mesin rajang kulit sabuk.
  • Ini adalah tipe portable untuk light duty (kerja agak ringan), cocok untuk memotong kulit yang soft (bukan kulit nabati) dengan ketebalan max 2mm.
  • Kapasitas maksimum lebar 10 cm
  • Mesin ini dobel fungsi. bagian kiri (yang ada pisau) untuk memotong merajang kulit. dan bagian kanan (yang ada ROLL) , bisa untuk emboss ringan atau melipat kulit (untuk membuat tali/ pegangan tas).
  • Berat mesin 28kg
(up date:2017/05/12) id : 21865
Leather belt cutting machine Cowboy CB-818 / 1 unit
Ini adalah mesin belah kulit untuk membuat potongan memanjang yang sejajar / lurus , misalnya untuk membuat bahan sabuk, selempang tas, dll.
Biasanya di panggil mesin rajang kulit sabuk.
  • Body mesin terbuat dari besi cor ( casting ) yang kokoh, kuat, heavy duty.
    Ini berbeda dengan yang model yang di jual di tempat lain, yang BUKAN terbuat dari besi cor, tapi terbuat dari plat tekuk.
    Body cor ini sangat penting agar konstruksi bisa kuat sehingga biarpun kerja keras (memotong kulit keras yang tebal), posisi lengan "AS" tidak melengkung , dan selalu sejajar dengan meja kerja.
  • Lebar maximum bidang potong adalah 40 cm. dimana di antara 40 cm ini anda bisa pasang berapapun jumlah pisau dengan jarak yang dapat anda atur sesukanya (dengan ring spacer ). misalnya anda pasang pisau dengan jarak 4cm, maka anda dapat pasang 10 buah pisau yang menghasilkan potongan dengan lebar 4cm.
    Satu unit ini sudah berikut pisau 10 buah, dan tentunya kami juga sediakan tambahan pisau kalau anda memerlukan.
  • Menggunakan motor SERVO yang kuat, dan dapat di atur kecepatannya ( dengan injakan di kaki ).
(up date:2017/05/10) id : 69
Sculpey Silkscreen Kit /1set
(up date:2017/05/09) id : 23382
Smarty Organizer : Sewing Cabinet with lift up table
Meja cabinet khusus untuk mesin jahit, dimana mesin jahit dapat dengan mudah di simpan (turun ke dalam meja), daun meja dapat dilipat, praktis, rapi, sehingga cocok untuk di taruh dimana saja. di taruh di ruang tamu pun tidak mengganggu pemandangan interior.
  • Ukuran meja 60 x 44 cm , kalau terbuka menjadi 120 x 44cm.
    Tinggi meja 70 cm dari lantai.
  • Ukuran tatakan mesin jahit ( bagian naik turun ) adalah 45 x 25cm
    Jadi kalau mesin jahit anda tidak lebih dari ukuran ini, bisa cocok pakai.
  • Desain modern dengan rangka kayu dari plywood tebal yang kuat (bukan MDF), dan di lapis dengan lapisan anti gores bercorak kayu "Beech", yang serasi di tempatkan di ruangan mana saja.
  • Mekanisme naik turun mesin jahit ini, menggunakan sistem buatan jerman, yang kokoh, menggunakan gas spring yang menjamin mesin jahit hingga 25 kg dapat dengan mudah di atur ketinggian nya.
  • Bagian pintu sudah berikut papan "peg board", dimana anda dapat dengan mudah mengatur , menempatkan peralatan jahit anda. (Gantungan dan alatnya tentu saja tidak berikut, jual terpisah, sesuai kebutuhan anda.)
(up date:2017/05/08) id : 8371
K14 (GF) Gold filled chain #25-A2.42 / 10cm
(up date:2017/05/08) id : 8370
K14 (GF) Gold filled chain #5-A2.36, rope style / 10cm
(up date:2017/05/08) id : 9453
K14 (GF) Gold filled chain #2-A3.07, Azuki flat 3.07mm /10cm
Size : 8cm
(up date:2017/05/08) id : 9459
K14 (GF) Gold filled chain #1-A3.81, Azuki / 10cm
(up date:2017/05/08) id : 7163
K14 (GF) Gold filled chain #1-A2.5, Azuki / 10cm

Closed ring.
(up date:2017/05/08) id : 7162
K14 (GF) Gold filled chain #1-A2.25, Azuki / 10cm

Closed ring.
(up date:2017/05/08) id : 7161
K14 (GF) Gold filled chain #1-A2.11, Azuki / 10cm

Closed ring.
(up date:2017/05/07)
(up date:2017/05/07) id : 15680
Padico Jewel drops UV regin color /1pc
A liquid coloring agent exclusive for transparent resin (UV resin). Because it is liquid, it is easy to mix with resin liquid, coloring is beautiful.
You can change the color intensity depending on the amount to be added, or mix colorants to create your favorite color.
It can also be used with two-component resin.
(up date:2017/04/26) id : 16937
Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint 1 oz /1pc
Angelus Leather Acrylic paint :
  • Apabila di aplikasikan dengan benar diatas kulit , hasilnya tetap lembut , tidak retak atau mengelupas biarpun kulit di tekuk tekuk.
    Cocok untk memberi warna diatas kulit ( sepatu, tas, jaket kulit, sofa dll )
  • Water-based (berbasis air) bukan thinner atau alkohol, sehingga aman lingkungan, kuas mudah di bersihkan (dengan air), dan anda dapat campur (mix) diantara warna dari produk yang sama ini, untuk mendapatkan warna campuran lain.
  • PENTING : sebelum di aplikasikan, permukaan yang mau di cat harus BERSIH dari debu dan bersih dari minyak, wax, atau bahan lain yang dapat menghambat daya tempel cat ini. Karena Angelus degreaser tidak boleh di kirim (karena mudah terbakar), sebagai penggantinya anda dapat gunakan ACETONE ( cara ini di anjurkan langsung oleh pembuat Angelus ).
(up date:2017/04/25) id : 13695
Stapler buatan Max Jepang ini punya kelebihan sbb.
  • Bentuk dan ukurannya ergonomic, enak dipegang dan mudah untuk menjepret butuh tenaga ringan , tidak terasa keras.
    Bisa maximum untuk men-stappler 32 lembar kertas.
  • Bagian pegangan ada tempat menyimpan isi / refill nya.
  • Hasil stapplernya RATA, tidak menggembung, sehingga hasil stapplernya bisa di tumpuk tanpa banyak perbedaan tinggi. (tidak ngganjal )
(up date:2017/04/24) id : 14028
BOOK Ichiban Wakariyasui UV Resin Kyoushitsu (Japanese) / pc
(up date:2017/04/24) id : 22481
PILOT : Drawing Pen /1pc
(up date:2017/04/24) id : 22479
Sakura : Microperm Pen /1pc
The Sakura Microperm pen is fantastic for all those challenging surfaces we come across, including plastic, metal, glass, photos, film, CDs, and so on. The quick-drying, waterproof ink is permanent on most surfaces and is resistant to most household cleaners. (However, alcohol-based cleaners do remove the ink from non-porous surfaces.) The ink also meets ACMI non-toxicity standards. The durable tip does not split, and the fine point is great for writing in small spaces or creating precise, detailed drawings.
(up date:2017/04/24) id : 22477
Steadtler : Pigment liner 308/1pc
Fineliner for writing, sketching and drawing
Long metal tip, ideal for use with rulers and templates e.g. Mars lettering guide 572 FL
Pigment ink, indelible (in accordance with ISO 14145-2), lightfast, waterproof
Erasable when used on drafting paper, no bleeding when highlighted
Stand-up STAEDTLER box
Cap off - can be left uncapped for 18 hours without drying up (Standard atmosphere according to ISO 554)
PP barrel guarantees long service life
Up to 12 line widths, black ink
(up date:2017/04/23) id : 16499
Deco Podge 3D Sheet /1pc
(up date:2017/04/23) id : 16498
Deco Podge Film /1pc
(up date:2017/04/23) id : 10273
1. Foreword
2. How to use this book
3. Patterns and Making
Pass case, Book cover, Tray, Key holder, Simple key Case, Basic key case, Bell-shaped key case, Outseam coin case, Inseam coin case, Box coin case, L-shaped fastener coin case, Document case, V gusset card case, Split leather gusset card case, Side gusset pen case, Belt gusset pen case, One-piece gusset pouch, Divided one-piece gusset pouch, Dog collar, Lead, Camera case, Neck strap, Passport case, Tool bag
4.How to use patterns
5.Recommended leather
6.Metal parts catalog
7.Tools catalog
8.Supervisor "SEIWA"
9.Recommended books
(up date:2017/04/20) id : 19652
Book Sanuki Kagari Temari (Japanese) / pc
(up date:2017/04/20) id : 19644
Book Chiisana temari to kawaii zakka (Japanese) / pc
Chiisana temari to kawaii zakka : ito o kagatte korokoro tenten
(up date:2017/04/20) id : 21303
Patchwork & Quilting kit ( BAG )
Berbagai macam koleksi KIT (Bukan barang jadi) untuk membuat tas dari Patchwork Quilting, dari beberapa desainer terkenal di Jepang.
KIT ini berisi bahan kain dan petunjuk cara buat, TIDAK berikut alat tentunya.
  • Akemi Shibata
  • Akita Yoko
(up date:2017/04/19) id : 1890
Leather craft kit : Hand Sewing Deluxe Set /1set
  • Made in China
  • Set of 14 items.
(up date:2017/04/19) id : 14558
Inspection Loupe / 1 pc
Sering di pakai untuk inspeksi di pabrik textile ( Fabric magnifier ).
Terutama di Jepang , di pembuatan tenun tangan , alat ini standard di pakai untuk menghitung kerapatan atau ke rapian hasil tenunan .
(up date:2017/04/19) id : 1285
Quilt Clips / 1set(2pcs)
(up date:2017/04/18) id : 18568
Precission tweezer Black series /1set
Pinset ini , cukup halus buatannya dan ujungnya lumayan detail, sehingga biarpun awalnya di peruntukkan untuk industri elektronik, namun juga cocok untuk pengerjaan craft atau hobby lain yang butuh ketelitian.
Khusus model EDS-14 juga jual terpisah (selain yang set)
karena model ini sering dipakai untuk urusan pramodel atau kerja halus lainnya ( clay, papercraft dll ) yang butuh ujung pinset kecil dan halus.
(up date:2017/04/18) id : 15590
Clover Scissors Cleaner / 1pc
Pembersih khusus untuk gunting, atau pisau cutter dll.
  • Gunting atau cutter anda terasa tidak tajam lagi karena kotor atau ada residu plester yang lengket menempel ?
    Dengan pembersih dari Clover ini, dengan mudah dapat membersihkan gunting anda dari kotoran yang mbandel menempel, sehingga bersih dan lancar di gunakan kembali.
  • Mengandung bahan silicon oil, yang selain membersihkan, juga membantu melapisi gunting anda agar selalu lancar, dan residu lem tidak mudah menempel.
    Juga lapisan ini menjaga permukaan tidak mudah berkarat.
(up date:2017/04/18) id : 12804
Wilton : Doll Pick Cake Decorations 4.25" /1set(4pc)
(up date:2017/04/18) id : 13908
Holbein Water Color Medium /1pc
It is a medium series dedicated to watercolor painting and watercolor painting that extends the expression power of artists and the range of techniques.
Various expressions that could not be made with water alone are born.
(up date:2017/04/18) id : 13906
Holbein Masking Ink /1pc
Ink for resisting watercolors
(up date:2017/04/17) id : 15393
Acculoop Precision Plier /1pc
Make a perfect measured square loop every time with Acculoop2! Jaws clearly marked with measurements for making loops that range from 2-8mm. Length 6-1/2".
(up date:2017/04/17) id : 15396
Anticlastic & Synclastic Pliers / 1pc
  • Anticlastic pliers
    Anticlastic pliers are similar to synclastic but produce a curve in opposite ways in two directions (saddle-shaped). Produces a fine, finished product in a fraction of the time without having to use a dapping tool. Total length: 8".
  • Synclastic pliers
    Synclastic pliers put a curve toward the same side in all directions. Create a bracelet in minutes, not hours. Also makes rings, bangles and is indispensable in doing jewelry repair. Length 8".
(up date:2017/04/17) id : 13908
Holbein Water Color Medium /1pc
It is a medium series dedicated to watercolor painting and watercolor painting that extends the expression power of artists and the range of techniques.
Various expressions that could not be made with water alone are born.
(up date:2017/04/17) id : 13907
Holbein Masking Ink Cleaner /1pc
Ini adalah cairan pembersih, untuk membersihkan sisa Masking fluid yang telah mengeras / menempel di ujung kuas dll.
(up date:2017/04/17) id : 13906
Holbein Masking Ink /1pc
Ink for resisting watercolors
(up date:2017/04/14) id : 17116
Kogin fabric / 1 sheet
This is special fabric for Kogin Embroidery
Kogin embroidery is a Japanese form of pattern darning. It’s related to Sashiko, a form of quilting.
(up date:2017/04/14) id : 15244
Kogin needle /1set (2pcs)
Ini adalah jarum khusus untuk "Kogin Embroidery"
di jual per pak isi 2 buah.
(up date:2017/04/12)
(up date:2017/04/12) id : 13905
Prima Marketing : Christine Adolph Watercolor Resist Pen /1set
This is the best Master Grade releases ever with not just one but two MG versions (normal and full burst mode) of everybody's favorite mobile suit Strike Freedom Gundam.
This full burst mode special version box comes packed with the same MG kit as the normal version of MG Strike Freedom Gundam except that this special box include gold coating parts, Dragoon effect parts, a special clear blue base stand, and a clear illustration poster of Strike Freedom vs Destiny.
Clear stands for each Dragoon are included, which can be attached to the special base stand and display them being sent flying out to its target(s). \
Stickers and custom decal markings are included to detail-up the completed Strike Freedom Gundam kit.
(up date:2017/04/12) id : 16981
Prima Marketing : Memory Hardware Artisan Powder (28g) /1pc
(up date:2017/04/12) id : 10700
Shoe goo : Shoe Cleaner / 1pc (200ml)
  • Pembersih khusus sepatu, bisa untuk bahan kulit benar, kulit imitasi, nylon, cotton mesh, juga bisa untuk jenis suede / nubuck.
  • Ini bukan sekedar air sabun, tapi.. mengandung bahan Amino yang efektif menghilangkan kotoran bekas lemak yang lengket, lumpur dll (kalau habis hiking , daki gunung, masuk lumpur dll).
  • Berbahan ramah lingkunan, Biodegradable, Tidak mengandung bahan berbahaya
  • NOTE : yang di jual disini adalah CLEANER SAJA, tidak berikut sikat (karena yang type berikut sikat, mahal di harga sikatnya).
(up date:2017/04/09) id : 4808
ImpressArt Stamp Storage Case /1pc
Hole: Horizontal hole
(up date:2017/04/03)
(up date:2017/04/03) id : 15445
Argentium Silver Sheet Solder /50x50mm
(up date:2017/04/03) id : 6017
Burnisher / 1pc
(up date:2017/04/02) id : 1284
The Grace Company : mini Quilt Clips / 1set(12pcs)
  • Untuk menjepit pinggiran Quilting , atau menjepit kelos benang agar tidak terurai.
  • Di jual per bungkus isi 12 buah.
(up date:2017/04/02) id : 15262
Q-Snap Floor Frames Model /1set
Q-Snap frames have four half-pipes that snap over your fabric and the tubed frame. They are incredibly lightwieght, hold fabrics nice and tight, and best of all: the round tube won't crimp your fabric. Originally designed for quilters, they now offer hand-held sizes for embroidery and cross-stitch.
(up date:2017/03/29) id : 15383
Duck-Bill Parallel-Action Forming Pliers / 1pc
These duck-bill pliers feature a flat interior surface on both jaws; they are ideal for working with oversized or heavy-gauge jump rings and pieces with larger interior diameters.
The wide jaws can also function as a bending brake, helping you create smooth, even bends in sheet and wire.
A jaw stop allows you to set the opening size of the jaws so you minimize the squeezing needed for each bend you make and repeatably achieve the same pressure and curvature as you shape your metal.
Parallel-action pliers have jaws that remain parallel regardless of the range of motion the pliers themselves are put through.
Their jaws hold the object securely, even under very firm pressure.
Choose parallel-action pliers when you need to hold a workpiece or other object securely while at the same time applying firm pressure to it, or when manipulating wire (you can feed the wire down through the throat and hold it firmly over the entire length of the jaw).
(up date:2017/03/28) id : 17449
Bow making set /1set
Add a special touch to any gift by making custom bows using your own favorite colors, materials and effects. Suggested materials include craft paper, magazine, newsprint, book pages, sheet music, tissue paper, ribbon, felt, burlap, silk and more. Includes one large bow template 4.5"x4.5", 8 bow stickers and complete instructions.
(up date:2017/03/28) id : 10697
Eclectic : Amazing GOOP /1pc
Adhesives are here to help you, in the home and on the job.
They are designed to adhere to virtually any surface with exceptional strength, to meet your bonding, sealing and repairing needs.
Amazing goop Carded Craft 2oz- - This contact adhesive and sealant is the strongest single component craft adhesive available.
Ideal for all types of materials including, wood, stone, metal and glass.
The nozzle tip is ideal for small craft projects.
It is washer & dryer safe, waterproof and remains flexible even in extreme temperatures. Dries clear.
(up date:2017/03/26) id : 13609
PenBlade Retractable Knife/ 1 pc
PenBlade safety scalpels retractable blade activates like a click pen and retracts with a simple press of a button.
The “Pen-Style” activation is intuitive, using existing muscle memory. The release button is positioned near the front of the scalpel where it can be pressed without looking or repositioning the hand. The result is a safety scalpel that doctors and nurses actually like using.
Push button blade retraction for instant safety and storage. No caps necessary.
Handy ruler in inches and millimeters on the end of handle for quick and easy measuring.
Trimming groove to trim twine, thread, thin ribbon, yarn, jute, etc., without exposing the blade.
Ambidextrous use designed to give left and right handed users the same experience.
(up date:2017/03/23) id : 22471
Tombow : Kei Coat Double-Sided Highlighter / 1pc
This Unique highlighters features exclusively developed materials and structure that protects the pen tip from mangling.
A fine point highlighter marker on one end and a broad highlighter marker on the other.
The thick pen tip is guarded by high polymer reinforced materials and the thin pen tip is made from durable special plastic material.
This pen allows you to solve following unpleasant common issues, "Line became wider because of mangled pen tip" or "The ruler stained in ink messed paper or other pen tip" In other words, it allows you to highlight accurately and clearly for long time.
This highlighters are refillable and are available in a wide range of colors
(up date:2017/03/22) id : 20162
Woodland Scenics : Realistic water / 1pc (473ml)
Use to model still or slow-moving water, such as ponds, rivers, lakes and more. Pour directly from the bottle. Realistic Water is self-leveling, water soluble, it won’t crack and has minimal shrinkage. Surface dries firm and clear in approximately 24 hours, depending on humidity conditions.
Non-toxic. Seal water area with Plaster Cloth and use only Woodland Scenics Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigments, Water Undercoat or 100% acrylic paint when preparing your water feature. One bottle covers an area 17 in (43.1 cm) in diameter if poured to a depth of 1/8 in (0.31 cm).
(up date:2017/03/22) id : 13001
Wilton donut cutter / 1pc
  • Bahan mold terbuat dari "Food grade" polypropylene yang tahan hingga suhu 120 derajat.
  • Cup terbuat dari aluminum
  • Satu set terdiri dari 3 buah "bread cutter" dan 3 buah aluminum cup
(up date:2017/03/21) id : 17256
Wilton Silicon Fondant Mold / 1pc
(up date:2017/03/21)
(up date:2017/03/16) id : 6784
K14 (GF) gold filled Bead Hoop pierce/1 pair
(up date:2017/03/15) id : 12806
Wilton : Shot Tops / 1set (12pcs)
These unique punches have internal gears that make punching easy and effortless--even when punching cardstock! The image is printed on the base for perfect alignment every time--simply make your first punch then slide the paper card along until you can see the pattern through the punched holes. The punching lever locks in place when not in use for safe and compact storage. Each package contains one punch. Available in a variety of designs (each sold separately). Size of punched image varies by design. Measurements of the actual punch are 3.1/2x 3.1/2x1.1/2 inches.
(up date:2017/03/15) id : 17185
Wilton : Cake Rods / 1set
Tanpa pisaupun anda bisa memotong telur dadar untuk membuat sushi dan bento.
Dengan 2 jenis variasi potongan, potongan bergelombang dan potongan lurus.
Cobalah! membuat bento atau sushi dirumah bersama anak jadi sangat menyenangkan.
(up date:2017/03/15)
(up date:2017/03/14) id : 17255
Wilton : Fondant Cutouts /1set
(up date:2017/03/14) id : 17189
Wilton Icing Comb set / 1 set
Draw beautiful lines on the outside of the cake. Put a small rotating table under the cake and turn it and get it to a full-fledged finish.
You can choose a line according to the decoration and variation spreads.
The four scrapers can be gathered together with the attached ring.
(up date:2017/03/14) id : 21515
TrueCut Ruler / 1pc
(up date:2017/03/14) id : 17333
TrueCut My Comfort Cutter / 1pc
Whether you craft with paper or fabric the LED Rotary Cutter from Imaginisce is a must have for cutting crisp straight lines. This tool features a bright LED light that makes reading the measurements on your ruler a breeze. The LED light also works as a safety feature that automatically turns on when the blade is exposed, and the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable for both right and left handed users. Batteries included.
(up date:2017/03/13) id : 15401
ImpressArt Bracelet Bangle Bender tool / 1pc
(up date:2017/03/13) id : 22321
Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections Watercolor Pans /1set(12color)
We are back to feature projects using our Watercolor Confections!
For those of you who don't know, Watercolor Confections are artist-grade, high-quality, and highly-pigmented watercolor pans.
(up date:2017/03/13) id : 16867
Plating system : Simple plating Mekki Koubou /1set
  • Ini adalah sistem electro plating ( sepuh ) dengan cara menggunakan PEN
    Sehingga mudah seperti menggunakan pen marker (tapi sistem plating), tidak perlu menggunakan bak pencelupan.
  • Kelebihannya adalah bisa menyepuh bidang tertentu (tidak perlu semua permukaan ), sehingga cocok untuk barang kecil, atau untuk reparasi.
    Atau menyepuh benda yang sulit di lepas (misalnya pegangan pintu, atau velg mobil dsb ). sehingga anda bisa menyepuh di tempat , tanpa perlu melepas barang tersebut.
  • Menggunakan tenaga baterai biasa.
  • Tersedia cairan sepuh Copper, Nickel, Gold (emas), Rhodium, Black Nickel, Tin, Zicn, dll
(up date:2017/03/13) id : 13140
Holbein Acrylic Ink / 1pc
  • Holbein Acrylic ink, is the next modification of Holbein Aeroflash Liquid Acrylics. which are professional-quality colors with exceptional brilliance and permanence. They contain high-density pigments ground to fine-grain size (0.001–0.004 mm) in an acrylic resin manufactured to the uniform viscosity most suitable for airbrush use.
  • The result is deep, clear colors of non-toxic archival permanence that will not clog even a 0.1 mm aperture airbrush or tech pen. The colors may also be used with a brush.
  • This Acrylic ink utilizes a pure watersoluble acryl base that ensures no shift in color tone from wet to dry. It can be diluted with water, but is water-resistant when dry.
(up date:2017/03/07) id : 1065
holbein : Aquash Water Brush / 1pc
Holbaine watercolor pen The pen is a handy watercolor pen that can wash the brush at any time without using brushwork just by extruding water, if you put water in the handle (container).
(up date:2017/03/05) id : 16925
Otter Wax: Leather Salve /1pc
(up date:2017/03/05) id : 16924
Otter Wax: Leather Oil /1pc
(up date:2017/03/05) id : 16923
Otter Wax: Leather Saddle Soap /1pc
Specially formulated using a proprietary blend of all-natural beeswax, castile soap, and essential oils, Saddle Soap gently cleans, protects, and revives leather. Made without harsh detergents, chemicals, or dyes, this product is safe to use on all types and colors of leather.
(up date:2017/03/05) id : 16921
Otter Wax: Fabric Wax Regular Bar /1pc
Our all-natural heavy duty fabric wax is made from the highest quality beeswax and proprietary blend of plant-based waxes and oils. The first and only water repellent wax that doesn’t utilize paraffin, silicone, or other petroleum-based synthetic ingredients.
Using Otter Wax is an easy way to improve the functionality and utility of virtually any item. It can be used to revive the waterproofing capabilities of factory-waxed or oiled clothing, and is also an excellent way to waterproof untreated fabrics. Use on a variety of clothing and equipment like jackets, hats, bags, tents, and more.
(up date:2017/02/27) id : 18448
Book Knitting with the addi-Express KINGSIZE (English) /pc
(up date:2017/02/27) id : 18447
Book addi-Express - Combination Technique (English) /pc
(up date:2017/02/27) id : 18446
Book Turbo-knitting2 with addi-Express PROFESSIONAL (English) /pc
(up date:2017/02/27) id : 18445
Book Turbo-knitting with addi-Express PROFESSIONAL (English) /pc
(up date:2017/02/23) id : 12947
Addi Express knitting machine / 1 set
Alat ini dapat dengan mudah dan otomatis membuat rajutan, dengan hanya memutar handle.
Banyak variasi yang dapat di buat oleh alat rajut ini, mulai dari topi, kerpus, syal, kaus kaki, mantel, dll.
Note : Alat ini orisinil buatan Jerman.
Berbeda dengan alat serupa yang bukan buatan jerman, dimana buatan merek lain sering jarumnya macet dan nyangkut. namun yang buatan jerman ini semua gerakan mulus, lancar, anti macet, dan di tujukan untuk produksi barang.

Ada 2 jenis ukuran.
  • Addi 22 : jumlah jarum 22
  • Addi 46 : jumlah jarum 46
(up date:2017/02/16) id : 22810
Organizer Mascot /1pc
(up date:2017/02/16) id : 22439
Holbein Acrylic Ink Empty Pump /1pc
A dedicated refilling marker container which can be used by filling with acrylic [ink].
You can put your favorite color into four kinds of marker containers with different shapes.
It is also possible to create your own original marker by color mixing. Expanding the possibilities of expression.
(Pearl type color is clogged at the tip and can not be used.)
(up date:2017/02/16) id : 3181
Flux (Liquid type) Yellow flux /1bottle 473ml
(up date:2017/02/15) id : 19920
Hamanaka : Latch Hook Rug Needle /1pc
This is an easy tool to use for making yarn rugs or wall hangings, using short pre-cut pieces of yarn with a canvas backing. Bent and Straight.Wooden Handle.
(up date:2017/02/15) id : 16525
Logan Board Mounted Mat Cutters #250 : Craft & Hobby Mat Cutter/ 1 set
Easy to operate 20" (50cm) mat cutting system designed specifically for photographers. Handles matboard up to 16" x 20" (40cm x 50cm). Small 12" x 23" (30.5cm x 58.4cm) system doesn't require much space -- perfect for small studios. Includes parallel mat guide for setting border widths up to 5" (12.7cm), 90-degree squaring bar, straight cutting head, and bevel cutting head. Includes creative matting instructions and five extra blades.
  • includes free instructional DVD
(up date:2017/02/15) id : 21872
Leather paring - Skiving device / 1 unit
Alat untuk menipiskan kulit ( skiver , Paring machine ), dibagian pinggir atau tengah kulit, agar bagian tersebut dapat di lipat dengan rapi.
  • Dapat di atur dengan mudah dan presisi, derajat / sudut ketipisan maupun jarak ketipisannya.
  • Sudah berikut 15 buah pisau ( menggunakan pisau cukur yang standard di jual di pasaran) dan 3 buah pisau khusus untuk kulit tebal ( bisa di asah )
  • Cocok untuk yang mengerjakan pembuatan dompet kulit (agar lipatan pinggir dapat di tipiskan dan dilipat dengan rapi. Atau juga sering dipakai untuk yang membuat diary cover dari kulit, dimana kulit bagian tengah ( bagian yang dilipat) dapat di tipiskan.
(up date:2017/02/12) id : 451
Swarovski Crystal beads # 5301 bicone / 10 gross (1440pcs)
Ini adalah harga grosir, di jual per pak isi 10 gross (1.440 buah)
(up date:2017/02/12) id : 14690
IRIS OHYAMA :Cordless Electric Power Screwdrivers (Rechargeable)/1set
Kelebihan Screw Driver / Drill ini adalah dapat di charge menggunakan USB charger. Tenaga cukup kuat di banding produk serupa yang lainnya.
Satu set ini sudah lengkap dengan beberapa mata obeng yang sering di pakai.
(up date:2017/02/08) id : 17887
Mesin jahit Make Up 360 : untuk reparasi kulit tas dan sepatu / 1 unit.
Mesin jahit ini di tujukan untuk "make up" atau mereparasi kulit (atau bahan tebal) produk Tas, dompet, sepatu, dan produk lainnya. Dimana mesin jahit biasa tidak bisa karena produknya sudah jadi.
Kelebihan mesin jahit manual ini adalah sepatu (foot press) yang bisa di putar 360 derajat, sehingga anda bisa menjahit segala arah sesuai posisi dari sepatu mesin ini. (misalnya menjahit ulang bagian dalam dari kantong tas dsb.)
Mesin jahit manual ini, tidak perlu pakai listrik, cukup di putar tangan.
Anda dapat menjahit kulit (dompet sepatu sabuk dll), atau bahan keras lainnya misalnya nylon, terpal dll ( untuk buat tas dsb)
Sebetulnya desain mesin ini awalnya di temukan oleh Singer (Singer 29K), yang kemudian di buat ulang di China dengan harga jauh lebih murah.
Namun di China pun mesin ini banyak di contek dengan mutu yang bermacam macam ( sebagian sangat rendah mutunya ). Yang kami jual di website ini adalah mutu yang kami pilihkan dari pabrik yang kami yakin hasil kerjanya lebih bagus dari pabrikan lainnya. dan beberapa komponen telah kami modifikasi dengan komponen yang lebih bagus.
(up date:2017/02/08) id : 17891
Leather sewing machine ( Cowboy brand ) / 1 unit
Menjual mesin jahit HEAVY DUTY khusus untuk kulit
Kami adalah distributor resmi dari produk mesin jahit "Cowboy" / HighTex untuk wilayah Indonesia.
  • Di Amerika produk Cowboy CB3200 ini sangat populer di kalangan pembuat Pelana kuda atau perlengkapan cowboy lainnya (sarung revolver), sarung belati, maupun perlengkapan kuda lainnnya (tarikan pelana dll).
    Karena itu mesin ini di ciptakan agar KUAT (anda bisa lihat di video demo, dapat dengan mudah menjahit tumpukan kulit setebal 2cm).
  • Menggunakan sistem "walking foot" dan "Compound feed mechanism", bisa menjahit dengan pelan (setapak demi setapak) , sehingga anda bisa menjahit dengan rapi terutama di lekukan atau di tempat yang harus di jahit dengan teliti dan perlahan. Dan dapat menjahit biarpun harus melewati ketebalan yang berbeda.
  • Spare part terjamin (dan 80 persen menggunakan spare part yang cocok dengan merek industrial sewing machine lainnya)
  • Garansi 5 tahun
(up date:2017/02/07) id : 21608
Leather gauge / 1pc
Alat ukur ketebalan kulit
Terbuat dari kayu, untuk mengukur ketebalan kulit 2oz (0.8mm) - 15oz (6.0mm)
(up date:2017/02/06) id : 5822
Silver 925 link / 1pc
(up date:2017/02/06) id : 19571
Produk ini sedang "in Mode" populer di Jepang
Untuk yang kerja di kantor, atau yang ingin mejanya selalu rapi. Tinggal buka kotak berbentuk buku ini dan semua peralatan stationary anda tersedia rapi dan mudah di ambil, kalau selesai tinggal tutup dan rapi tersimpan seperti buku tebal.
(up date:2017/02/03) id : 21875
Leather Splitter : Cowboy CB-8116 / 1 unit
Leather Splitter : Mesin penipis kulit (seset kulit) heavy duty
Alat untuk menipiskan kulit. Dengan mudah ( tanpa listrik ) cuman di putar tangan dengan mudah anda dapat menipiskan kulit sesuai kebutuhan anda.
  • Kapasitas LEBAR kulit yang bisa di tipiskan 150mm (15 cm )
    Kapasitas ketebalan yang dapat di seset : 1.2mm hingga 5mm
  • Ketebalan, atau tipisnya kulit yang mau di seset dapat dengan mudah diatur.
  • Body mesin terbuat dari besi cor yang kokoh, sehingga stabil dan tidak bergetar biarpun kerja keras, sehingga hasil seset nya rapi dan mulus.
    Berat mesin 35kg. Ukuran 38cm x 26 x 50cm ( tinggi)
  • Pisau terbuat dari karbon steel yang tajam , dan dapat di asah ulang (biasanya tukang asah pisau serut kayu, dapat mengasah pisau ini).
    Lebar pisau 15cm, ketebalan 6mm
  • Mesin ini hanya bisa di putar tangan, tidak bisa di pasang motor.
(up date:2017/02/01) id : 17249
Wilton Cake Cookie Stencils /1set