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(up date:2018/09/13) id : 2653
Swarovski 4127 - 30 x 22mm / 1pc
Klik disini untuk Mounting nya.
(up date:2018/09/10) id : 20990
Necklace card Punch /1pc
(up date:2018/09/10) id : 20989
Hang tag card punch /1pc
(up date:2018/09/10) id : 23281
Double side round beads drilling vise /1set
(up date:2018/09/09) id : 12984
Mold for Aroma stone / 1pc
  • Ini adalah bahan untuk membuat sabun tipe "Clay"
    Artinya : anda cukup mencelup kedalam air panas (60 derajat), hingga menjadi empuk seperti clay, dan siap anda bentuk dengan tangan (atau dng bantuan cetakan). Apabila bahan telah menjadi dingin, akan mengeras.
  • Terbuat dari bahan "Natural", aman untuk kulit, cocok untuk kulit sensitif.
(up date:2018/09/09) id : 593
Argentium Silver Lobster hook (kanikan) /1pc
(up date:2018/09/09) id : 597
Argentium Silver Ball pin : 0.76mm / 5pcs
(up date:2018/09/09) id : 596
Argentium Silver T pin : 0.76mm / 5pcs
(up date:2018/09/09) id : 595
Argentium Silver 9 pin (Eye pin) 0.76mm / 5pcs
(up date:2018/09/04) id : 11021
Stainless Steel pendant parts /1pc
(up date:2018/09/04) id : 17495
Stainless Steel Clip Earring /1pair
Material : Stainless steel 316L
(up date:2018/09/03) id : 16590
Mold for vase ( pot ) /1pc
Berbagai macam cetakan dari silicon rubber untuk membuat Vas bunga (pot bunga) yang mungil dan cantik.
Anda bisa gunakan cetakan ini untuk mencetak dari semen ( concrete ) atau Plaster ( gypsum ), atau kalau ingin lebih kuat bisa menggunakan EcoZai A1 ( modified composite).
(up date:2018/08/29)
(up date:2018/08/28)
(up date:2018/08/28) id : 12652
Clay roller ( rolling pin ) : Padico / 1pc
Use it for thinning clay.
The inside is light in the cavity, the surface has been processed fine streaks so clay becomes difficult to adhere.
Because it is a very fine streak, the clay surface finishes smoothly.
Even a thick clay with a diameter of 30 cm and a waist is reasonable, it can be stretched firmly.
(up date:2018/08/28) id : 21691
EcoZai : Thermoplastic Bubbalux Creative Craft Board /1pack (3pcs)
(up date:2018/08/22) id : 7862
Stainless pierce / pair (clutch NOT included)
(up date:2018/08/19) id : 4489
Pewter wire for Sami bracelet making / 1 meter
(up date:2018/08/08)
(up date:2018/08/08)
(up date:2018/08/05) id : 15049
Hotfix Adhesive /1pack (6sheets)
Apply fusible adhesive with a household iron. Once applied to fabric or paper, designs can be cut with scissors or run through a die cutting machine. No stitching required. It is washable and acid-free to protect photos. Permanent bond.
(up date:2018/08/05) id : 15593
Lift Off Paint Remover /1pc
(up date:2018/07/31) id : 12401
Polymer clay : Sculpey UltraLight / 1pc (227g)
This amazing, versatile clay is lightweight, but bakes so hard that it won't crack or break, even in larger pieces. Sculpey UltraLight can be used as a replacement for tinfoil armatures and as a filler for larger beads. When rolled thin and baked, Sculpey UltraLight is flexible and perfect for paper crafts. After baking, it can be painted, sanded, drilled and buffed.
(up date:2018/07/24) id : 14351
Wave : Flex Sanding sheet Holder / 1 set
This item is a file for modeling use.

These grips make sanding your model kits easy. Just cut a strip of sandpaper from the included pack (1 sheet each of 400, 600, 800, 1000, and 1500 grain) and thread it as directed to use this handy tool. Directions are illustrated and simple, so you can use this device with ease even if you can't read Japanese.

This file holder is molded in black plastic.
(up date:2018/07/23) id : 14563
Flip up Magnifying glasses /1pc
(up date:2018/07/16) id : 4277
Stainless Steel End Parts / 1pc
(up date:2018/07/10)
(up date:2018/07/08) id : 12936
Lapis Flat Briolette cut / 1string
(up date:2018/07/08) id : 12935
Smoky quartz Flat Briolette cut / 1String
(up date:2018/07/08) id : 12932
Mix Moonstone Flat Briolette cut / 1string
(up date:2018/07/05) id : 1213
White Gold (WGK14) itadaruma /1pc
(up date:2018/07/05) id : 1212
White Gold (WGK14) hikiwa 5mm /1pc
(up date:2018/07/03) id : 1408
Silver 925 Diamond cut chain White Pearl /1pc
(up date:2018/07/03) id : 8684
Silver 925 Ring parts /1pc
(up date:2018/07/02) id : 5522
Silver 925 spacer Rondelle 5mm /1pc
(up date:2018/07/02) id : 21305
Caddy Pad Full Size /1pc
(up date:2018/07/02)
(up date:2018/06/26) id : 6945
Silver 925 pierce / pair
(up date:2018/06/26) id : 2476
Plier : 1 Step Looper Cuts & Loops Wire / 1pc
Trim and Loop in One Step
  • Create & trim eye pins in one motion!
  • Works with dead-soft or half-hard precious metal wire; craft wire; and copper or brass core wire
  • Consistent size loops every time
  • Bends & trims wire between 26-18 gauge
  • Customize the length of eye pins
(up date:2018/06/24) id : 9823
Stainless pierce /pair
(up date:2018/06/19) id : 21541
Creative Grids: Machine Quilting Tool /1pc
(up date:2018/06/18) id : 22436
Angelus Dye Pen Applicators /1pc
(up date:2018/06/17) id : 4120
Special order : Stamp dies for Emboss and HOT stamp ( Interchangeable alphabet ) made in UK
(up date:2018/06/12) id : 961
Angelus Shoe Trees (Shoe keeper) / 1pair
(up date:2018/06/06) id : 10889
Metal Clasp / 1pc
(up date:2018/06/06) id : 10887
Metal Clasp / 1pc
(up date:2018/06/06) id : 10886
Metal Clasp / 1pc
(up date:2018/06/04) id : 20139
Paver Color : Coloring powder for Paverpol ( mica powder ) Metallic Sale / 1 pc
(up date:2018/05/30) id : 15926
Liquitex Polling Medium / 1pc
(up date:2018/05/30)
(up date:2018/05/30)
(up date:2018/05/29) id : 21617
Design tool : Acrylic template ruler ( Belt )/ 1pc
(up date:2018/05/29) id : 21616
Design tool : Acrylic template ruler ( Corner, Label ) / 1pc
(up date:2018/05/29) id : 18743
Whaley sliding hammer / 1 set
From the mind of metalsmith and instructor Jay Whaley. The Rivette Sliding Hammer features a slender, hollow hammer head that holds a long punch that slides back and forth in the head. Jewelers typically use a hammer and punches to move metal, but that really isn't the "best" way to do it. There should be a better way, and this is what the Rivette does.
In bezel setting, the bezel needs to be hammer against the stone without damaging the stone. Channel setting requires moving metal to hold stones in place without breaking them. Chasing and repousse are done with repeated hammer blows. Even riveting needs careful accurate hammer blows for the right finish.
Since the punch slides within the hammer head, it is always perfectly aligned with the hammer blows. The impact the hammer blows can be easily felt by your hand so that you can quickly adjust your force.
The punch can rotate within the hammer body and the hammer head itself pivots. You can hold use the punch in whatever position is comfortable.
The hammer has a sculpted rosewood handle that is long enough to give maximum force. The punches are machined out of stainless steel for long life.
The Rivette comes with 3 punches that can be changed quickly and easily by just removing the machine screw on the hammer head. Each punch has pin that keeps it from falling out of the head.
(up date:2018/05/29) id : 14382
Bezel Tube Setting Burnisher / 1 set
Stone setting system with hardwood handle and 18 concave tempered punches is ideal for setting stones. Simply insert the stone and press the punch directly over the prongs to set. The concave shape pushes prongs in gently and evenly. This system is especially good for more fragile stones. Supplied in an attractive wood box, it will set stones from 2mm up to 6mm in diameter.
(up date:2018/05/28) id : 15386
Wubbers Parallel Pliers / 1pc
(up date:2018/05/23) id : 16829
Decoart Americana Acrylic Paint /1pc
(up date:2018/05/22) id : 16827
Folk art Enamel /1pc
(up date:2018/05/22) id : 24011
Woodland scenic : Diorama Rock Mold / 1pc
(up date:2018/05/22) id : 16592
Wilton Texture Mat Set - Flagstone & Wood / 1set
(up date:2018/05/20)
(up date:2018/05/16) id : 11074
K14 (GF) Gold filled Component /1pc
(up date:2018/05/15) id : 12128
Paper craft KIT : Echo Park Collection Kit 12"X12" / set
Preserve your wedding-day memories with this Colorbök Wedding Page Kit (pronounced Col-or-Book). The kit includes over 70 wedding-themed pieces that make it easy to capture and express the joy of that special day. With this kit, every walk down memory lane brings those moments "to life" again.

Colorbök Wedding Page Kit - 12" x 12" Features:

* (8) 12" x 12" standard patterned papers * 19 cardstock punch-outs * 26 chipboard punch-out alphabet letters * 2 layered cardstock embellishments * Creates up to (8) 12" x 12" scrapbooking layouts * Acid and lignin free

  • 9 x 9 My Big Fat Cat Chipboard Album
  • Cat-atude Sticker
  • Assorted Ribbons
  • Metal Binder Rings
  • Buttons
  • Full page Color Instructions
  • Transparencies
  • (up date:2018/05/14)
    (up date:2018/05/14) id : 12324
    Alumilite metallic powder /1pc
    (up date:2018/05/08) id : 10675
    Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils / 1pc
    • Pemakaian : Pakaian , baju , produk kain dll.
    • Tujuan : membersihkan, menghilangkan noda ( lihat bagian option )
    (up date:2018/05/07) id : 496
    Wood burnisher for Edge Leather craft ( Nijigami tool ) /1pc
    (up date:2018/05/06) id : 23936
    Silver 925 pierce parts Drop/ pair
    (up date:2018/05/06) id : 23935
    Silver 925 pierce parts Leaf / pair
    (up date:2018/05/06) id : 23934
    Silver 925 pierce parts Leaf / pair
    (up date:2018/05/06) id : 23933
    Silver 925 pierce parts / pair
    (up date:2018/05/06) id : 23932
    Silver 925 pierce parts Flower / pair
    (up date:2018/05/06) id : 23931
    Silver 925 pierce parts Flower / pair
    (up date:2018/05/06) id : 2912
    Silver 925 S and 8 shape clasps / 1pc
    Create fashion looks easily with this tool.
    Quick and easy to use as a stapler
    Complete with 4 plunger (different size of head setter)

    for Rhinestone STUD click here
    (up date:2018/04/24)
    (up date:2018/04/23) id : 6596
    Gold K10 (Pink Gold) pierce clutch (with silicon small) / pair
    (up date:2018/04/23) id : 7193
    Silver 925 bead stopper, round with Ring / 1pc
    (up date:2018/04/23) id : 7191
    K14 (GF) gold filled bead stopper, round with Ring / 1pc
    (up date:2018/04/23) id : 23981
    K14 (GF) gold filled Flat Wire Clasp /1pc
    (up date:2018/04/23) id : 23982
    Silver 925 Flat Wire Clasp /1pc
    (up date:2018/04/23) id : 7709
    Silver 925 Adjustable Ring /1pc
    (up date:2018/04/23) id : 7708
    K14 (GF) gold filled Adjustable Ring /1pc
    (up date:2018/04/17) id : 17121
    Latch & Locker Hook Rug Canvas / 1pack
    • 0.25 inch squares.
    • Use for locker hooking, latch hooking, rug hooking.
    • Hook with wool, fleece, yarn. Design your own pattern!
    (up date:2018/04/17) id : 19879
    Scissor : Thread Snips Ultrasharp Premier
    (up date:2018/04/17) id : 15117
    Scissor : Fabric Easy Action Rag Quilt / 1pc
    These award-winning scissors combine an easy-to-use design with short, sharp blades perfect for quick snips.

    Winner of the Arthritis Foundation® Ease-of-Use Commendation, our Easy Action™ Scissors are the perfect choice for people with arthritis or limited hand strength. A spring-action design opens the blades after each cut, greatly reducing the effort needed for this basic motion. High-grade, stainless-steel blades perfect for short snips through fabric cut all the way to the tip and include a serrated edge to grip while you cut. An ergonomically sculpted handle with Softgrip® provides excellent cutting control and comfort, and a bent handle design keeps materials flat for precise cuts every time.

    • Ideal for quick snips on a wide variety of materials including denim, silk and multiple layers of fabric
    • Awarded the Arthritis Foundation® Ease-of-Use Commendation for a design that is easy-to-use for people with arthritis or limited hand strength
    • Spring-action design gently opens blades after each cut to reduce hand strain
    • Short blades make quick snips easy, and a serrated edge grips difficult-to-cut materials
    • Hardened, stainless-steel blades provide lasting sharpness
    • Ergonomic handle is sculpted to fit your hand, maximizing cutting control and sensitivity
    • Softgrip® handle adds comfort
    • Bent handle design keeps material flat for mistake-free cutting
    • Length: approximately 8"
    (up date:2018/04/17) id : 281
    Beadalon Weaver Tool /1pc
    (up date:2018/04/16)
    (up date:2018/04/16)
    (up date:2018/04/16) id : 7108
    Lacing needle / 1set (5pcs)
    Jarum ini fungsinya untuk memudahkan anda dalam menelusupkan kulit, atau cord (paracord) dalam proses mengayam atau " Lacing ".
    (up date:2018/04/16) id : 220
    Metal Pendant / 1pc
    (up date:2018/04/02) id : 10873
    Shoe Lace tip ( Aglet ) / 1 set (4pc)
    (up date:2018/04/02) id : 13139
    Holbein Fluid Acrylic / 1pc (35ml)
    Holbein Fluid Acrylic is a low-viscosity artist acrylic that delivers exceptional brilliance and clarity in a smooth, free-flowing formula.
    The range of 60 colors is based on the most popular colors in Holbein's world-renowned heavy body acrylic and watercolor lines, and the colors match across the ranges.
    Produced using lightfast pigments and no fillers or extenders, Holbein Fluid Acrylic delivers outstanding tinting strength, durability, adhesion, and flexibility. It is formulated to resist crazing, wrinkling, and foaming whether dripped, poured, sprayed, or applied with a brush.
    Holbein Fluid Acrylic can easily be thinned to achieve watercolor-like effects. It also mixes seamlessly with all acrylic mediums including gels, pastes, and gesso.
    (up date:2018/03/27) id : 19480
    Insert clock component : 36mm
    Ini adalah komponen jam duduk, TIDAK berikut rumah (body) yang harus anda buat dari kayu atau resin dll
    Jam ini sudah lengkap dng body metal (bulat) , dimana anda siapkan rumah luar dengan lubang ukuran 35mm, dan jam ini tinggal tancap ( insert ).
    (up date:2018/03/25) id : 12682
    Jadeite Jade Cabochon Round /1pc
    Natural Jade ( Jadeite ) cabochon.
    Origin : Canada jade.
    (up date:2018/03/21) id : 19872
    PLUS Scissors for Cardboard & Cloth / 1pc
    It is durable & sharp sharpness with 3.0 mm thick high carbon stainless steel material.
    Scissors ideal for cloth / cardboard.
    The grip is made of resin, the shape and material devised to make it easy to move even with a small hand or weak force.
    (up date:2018/03/21) id : 16633
    Smooth ON : Rebound /1set
    (up date:2018/03/21) id : 16748
    Plaster Cloth /1roll
    Plaster Cloth is the easy, convenient method for modeling lightweight land contours and terrain base. the plaster-coated cloth creates a durable hard shell, designed to accept Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigment, paints, plaster castings and landscape materials easily and with realistic results. Use to fill gaps around rocks, tunnels, in terrain gaps and seams and to blend terrain features.
    (up date:2018/03/20) id : 10438
    K14 (GF) Gold filled Motif Strip /1cm
    Berbagai macam "Pattern wire", dari bahan Gold filled.
    (up date:2018/03/19) id : 19201
    The Museum Gel , Putty , wax /1pc
    • Museum Gel For see-through glass and crystal objects. Perfect on glass shelves. It's so clear you won't even know it's underneath. The translucent gel forms a thin clear bond that holds tight.
    • Museum Putty For objects that are frequently moved because it comes off easily and quickly. Most universal product and holds up to 40 lbs. A superior Poly-Putty formulated to remain pliable and reusable.
    • Museum Wax For objects on high shelves and in hard to get locations where they are not likely to be moved often. HINT: Best for most wood. It is a specially formulated blend of Microcrystalline waxes used by museums for antiques.
    (up date:2018/03/13) id : 968
    Shoe repair and making tools : Fudge wheel / 1 pc
    (up date:2018/03/13) id : 20709
    Leather punch : Corner cutter / 1pc
    (up date:2018/03/12) id : 2551
    Stainless steel magnet clasp / 1set
    (up date:2018/03/12) id : 2550
    Metal magnet clasp / 1set
    (up date:2018/03/12) id : 2549
    Metal Clasp / 1set
    (up date:2018/03/12) id : 2548
    Metal Hook Flower /1set
    (up date:2018/03/11) id : 70
    Clay stencil silkscreen /1pc
    (up date:2018/03/05)
    (up date:2018/03/05) id : 2045
    HOT tools : Hot modeler for Leather Pyrography / 1set
    Alat untuk pyrography

    Note : contoh yang ditampilkan , adalah produk buatan salah satu pelanggan kami Bapak Fredy , yang ahli di bidang pyrography.
    Dia tidak menggunakan alat ini , namun tipe yang professional yaitu Razertip
    (up date:2018/03/05) id : 19548
    Sun Catcher Frame /1set
    (up date:2018/02/27) id : 13912
    Holbein Acrylic Gel Mediums / 1pc
    • Holbein Acrylic Gel Mediums offer professional quality at an affordable price. When mixed with acrylic paints, they give you a myriad of different ways to alter texture, sheen, transparency, viscosity, and depth.
    • Like all Holbein art materials, these mediums are formulated to meet some of the most stringent quality standards in the industry. They are packaged in unique, freestanding poly bags — tough, durable, and better for the environment than standard rigid plastic containers.
    • High Solid Gel Medium — Mix this gel with acrylic paint and it will hold brushstrokes, knife marks, peaks, and valleys in your paint surface.
    • Heavy Body Gel Medium — Thicken acrylic paints, increase their gloss level, and make them more transparent with Heavy Body Gel Medium, which holds high peaks and brushstrokes.
    • Soft Body Gel Medium — This medium imparts a soft, cream-like consistency to acrylic paints and improves their flow. It's great for pouring, puddling, and spattering techniques.
    (up date:2018/02/27) id : 16091
    12 inch container for Scrapbooking craft & Quilting / 1pc
    Tempat dari plastik , ukuran 12 x 12 inch ( 30x30 cm ) , khusus untuk menyimpan scrapbooking paper atau kain quilting.
    Ukuran wadah 12x12 inch (30x30 cm ) jarang ada yang jual, dan ukuran ini penting untuk di gunakan menyimpan kertas scrap booking atau kain quilting quarter , yang ukurannya sering menggunakan ukuran ini.
    • Box : ini wadah luar, dalamnya tidak ada sekatnya , pas untuk menyimpan kertas atau kain ukuran 12 x 12 inch.
    • Tray : ini adalah bagian dalam saja ( penyekat ) yang bisa masuk ke Box diatas, sehingga dapat di pakai menyimpan barang kecil
    (up date:2018/02/26) id : 5235
    Prima Marketing Acrylic Paint /1pc
    Great quality water-based metallic acrylic paint, rich in color and permanent after drying. Great for artistic and decorative use. Archival safe. Non-toxic.
    (up date:2018/02/25) id : 15667
    Ice Resin : Glitter /1pc
    (up date:2018/02/25)
    (up date:2018/02/20) id : 17263
    Wilton : Rolling Pin /1pc
    (up date:2018/02/20) id : 5234
    Prima Marketing Art wax /1pc
    (up date:2018/02/20) id : 16691
    Ranger Texture Paste /1pc
    Ranger Texture Paste. Artist quality texture paste is ideal for adding dimensional layers onto a variety of surfaces. Apply paste to surfaces using a palette knife, use with stencils for defined shapes, or create textures and patterns using texture tools. Customize the paste by inking or painting directly over the dry paste, or by mixing in acrylic paints, re-inkers and other texturizing elements. The wide mouth jar opening is ideal for quick, easy access and return of unused product to the jar.
    Available in an Opaque, Transparent Matte and Transparent Gloss finishes.
    Cleans up with soap and water when wet. Available in a 4 oz. jar.
    (up date:2018/02/13)
    (up date:2018/02/09) id : 16718
    EcoZai : Stone resin
    Ini adalah "Water based resin", yang fungsinya untuk membuat permukaan lantai dari batu yang terlihat rapi, alami, kuat tahan cuaca, tembus air ( permeable ).
    Cairan ini di campur dengan kerikil batu (atau bahan batu lainnya), setelah di aduk rata di tuang keatas permukaan lantai, dan di ratakan. Tunggu kering sekitar 1 - 2 hari.
    Setelah kering hasilnya kuat namun cukup fleksibel sehingga di injak atau dilewatin mobil pun tidak akan patah (karena agak lentur).
  • Eco material yang amanTerbuat dari bahan yang aman lingkungan, water based (berbasis air) yang tidak beracun, namun setelah kering hasilnya kuat, tahan cuaca, tahan UV (sinar matahari).
    Bahan untuk campuran ini , penting harus pilih yang aman (tidak bisa sembarang resin), karena kena hujan dll dapat meresap kedalam tanah (meresap ke air tanah) dan merusak lingkungan serta berbahaya buat kesehatan.
  • Di jual per botol 1.5 kilo, kira kira cukup untuk campuran batu kerikil 20 kilo
    Klik icon video di bawah, untuk melihat cara pakainya
  • (up date:2018/02/04) id : 13911
    Holbein Retarding Medium /1pc
    (up date:2018/02/04) id : 13910
    Holbein Painting Solvent /1pc
    Ini adalah pengencer khusus untuk "Acrylic paint".
    Note : cat akrilik biarpun bisa di encerkan dengan air , namun .. kalau di encerkan dengan air, maka hasil warnanyapun jadi encer ( warna pudar / pucat )
    Pengencer ini gunanya mengencerkan akrilik , TANPA membuat pigmen warna menjadi encer. sehingga biarpun jadi encer, warna tetap "vivid" .
    (up date:2018/02/04) id : 20552
    EcoZai : Recycled Glass stone / 1 pack(200g)
    Ini adalah "Gelas" yang di proses daur ulang, di potong kecil dan di "tumbler" ( giling ), agar permukaan tidak tajam , dan di proses agar bersih, mengkilat dan di saring agar ukuran hampir sama.
    Gunanya macam macam, tergantung ukuran :
    Ukuran kecil biasanya untuk Glass art, atau dimasukkan kedalaum akuarium ikan.
    Ukuran medium bisa di campur dengan resin , dan di cor untuk mendapatkan permukaan yang unik.
    Ukuran yang besar bisa di campur dengan semen dan dibuat Tile ( lantai ) yang mengkilap.
    (up date:2018/02/04) id : 295
    Findings Forms: Adjustable Ring Jig / 1pc
    (up date:2018/02/04) id : 11835
    Clasp (magnet) / 1pc
    (up date:2018/01/28) id : 5909
    Sodalite stone Cabochon Oval /1pc
    (up date:2018/01/28) id : 5908
    Malaysian jade Cabochon Oval /1pc
    (up date:2018/01/28) id : 20263
    Shoe soap /1pc
    Pembersih sepatu, terutama untuk sepatu canvas dll.
    (up date:2018/01/28) id : 20262
    Shoe polish portable / 1set (8pcs)
    (up date:2018/01/21) id : 6941
    Silver 925 pierce / pair
    (up date:2018/01/21) id : 6940
    Silver 925 pierce / pair
    (up date:2018/01/21) id : 6939
    Silver 925 pierce / pair
    (up date:2018/01/17) id : 22300
    Uni Mitsubishi Uni Pencil / 1doz
    • Harga adalah per lusin / doz
    (up date:2018/01/15) id : 18516
    Ultrasonic Cutter ZO-80 / 1unit
    (up date:2018/01/10) id : 13141
    Holbein Acrylic Ink Iridescence / 1pc
    (up date:2018/01/08) id : 21059
    Heat Insulation Silicone Pad /1pc
    (up date:2018/01/04) id : 15700
    Bokuju ( Japanese ink ) Drawing Sol : Kaimei brand / 1 bottle
    This Kaimei, also known as Moon Palace, Drawing Pen Ink is a rich, deep black ink that is a favorite among artists for its superior drying time. It is bleed resistant, fade resistant, fast drying, and water resistant when dry. It is alcohol resistant and can be used with alcohol-based markers. The wonderfully rich color is dark enough that even a fine line can be detected and scanned into a computer. It is ideal for use on tracing and drawing paper. The bottle features an indented pen rest on the top.
    (up date:2018/01/04)
    (up date:2018/01/04) id : 21931
    Draw bench ( wire draw puller ) : Harp Japan / 1set
    (up date:2018/01/04) id : 18699
    Metal die cutter punch - Disc cutter : Harp Japan / 1set
    (up date:2017/12/27) id : 21758
    Weaving Loom : Louet Erica / 1 unit
    • Ini adalah alat tenun buatan Louet (Netherland Belanda) untuk menenun dengan menggunakan sistem Shaft.
      Sistem Shaft lebih mudah di operasikan , dan jumlah variasi motif lebih banyak di banding sistem Rigid heddle.
    • Kelebihan model Erica ini adalah anda dapat menambah jumlah Shaft sesuai kebutuhan. Tipe basic awalnya adalah 2 shaft, dan di kemudian hari anda dapat menambah jumlah shaft menjadi 3 atau 4 shaft ( maksimum 4 shaft )
    • Mudah di lipat dan disimpan, kokoh namun ringan untuk di bawa bawa.
    • Basic unit Ini adalah alatnya dalam kondisi basic (paling dasar), dimana shaft nya terdiri dari 2 shaft. (anda dapat tambah dengan membeli extension tambahan )
      Sudah berikut reed dari stainless steel dengan ukuran 40-10 (40 dent setiap 10 cm).
      Lebar loom 30cm, jarak shed 4.5cm
      Ukuran waktu di lipat 55 x 48 x 16 cm dan berat hanya 3.5 kg
    • Extension Ini adalah tambahan shaft, dimana anda dapat merubah model basic unit dari 2 shaft menjadi 3 shaft, atau maksimal 4 shaft.
    (up date:2017/12/26) id : 21195
    Tassel Maker / 1set
    Large and small tassels can be created.
    (up date:2017/12/26) id : 21194
    Coaster Maker / 1set
    (up date:2017/12/26) id : 21193
    Knitting loom straight shape / 1set
    (up date:2017/12/26) id : 21192
    Knitting loom round shape / 1set
    (up date:2017/12/26) id : 21191
    Pom Pom Maker (Bom Bom) / 1pc
    (up date:2017/12/24) id : 12596
    Clover Pom Pom Animal Kit / 1set
    Ini adalah KIT buatan Clover, untuk membuat maskot binatang yang lucu dengan alat Pompom ( alatnya berikut di kit ini )