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Martha Stewart High Gloss Acrylic Craft Paint /1pc

High-performance, patented, premium acrylic paint is specially formulated for use on all surfaces. Its highly pigmented color provides superior coverage - perfect for all craft and hobby painting techniques, including brush painting and detailing, sponging, stenciling, stamping, and printing. UV and weather-resistant for indoor and outdoor use. Self-priming for use on porous and non- porous surfaces. Dishwasher-safe on glass. Non-toxic. Waterbased. Made in the USA. High Gloss paints give vibrant, high shine color.

  • size: 2fl oz (59ml)
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    Martha Stewart Glass Paint /1pc

    Create a glossy, opaque effect on any glass surface. Fine tip allows for quick and easy application. Use for painting, silkscreening and outlining on glass surfaces. Weather resistant for indoor and outdoor use. Non-toxic. Permanent. Dishwasher safe on glass.

  • size: 2fl oz (59ml)
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    Martha Stewart Chalkboard Acrylic Craft Paint /1pc

    • Ini adalah cat acrylic khusus untuk membuat Chalk board (papan tulis) yang bisa di tulisin dng kapur.
    • Bisa diaplikasikan di segala permukaan. Kayu, terracota, termasuk gelaspun bisa. Aplikasikan sekitar 3 kali, setiap kali aplikasi tunggu sampai kering (sekitar 1 jam) baru aplikasi berikutnya.

  • size: 6fl oz (177ml)
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    Turner Chalkboard Paint

    Cat ini dapat memberi tekstur kasar yang kemudian dapat menjadi dasar untuk papan tulis kapur. Disarankan untuk aplikasi pada permukaan yang halus.
    Tidak bisa digunakan untuk permukaan dari polyethylene, polypropylene,
    polyolefin, nylon, kain, dan karet.
    Warna dasar bisa memucat dan bisa dibersihkan dengan kain basah.

  • Size 170 ml
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    DecoArt Glo-it / 1pc

    • Glo-it adalah cat yang mengandung partikel yang dapat menyerap cahaya dan menyinarkan terang di tempat gelap.
    • Tidak beracun, berbasis air (water based), hasilnya permanen, dapat di cuci (tahan air).
    • Glo-it dapat dicampur dengan cat acrylic lain untuk mendapatkan cahaya dengan warna kesukaan anda. (perbandingan kira kira 1 : 1 )
    • Dapat digunakan diatas : kain, kayu, clay, kertas, styrofoam, dinding, keramik dll.

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    DecoArt Snow Writer (2oz) / 1pc

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    DecoArt Snow tex (2oz) / 1pc

    Snow-Tex creates dimensional effects like snow and stucco on most craft surfaces. Snow-Tex also can be tinted or antiqued by adding Acrylics paint.

  • size: 2 US. FL. OZ.(59 ml)
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    Delta Stencil Magic Paint Cremes / 1pc

    Create beautifully blended and shaded stencil designs in any area of your home with Delta Stencil Magic Stencil Paint Crème.

    • No-drip formula has a thick, creamy texture for great control.
    • Won’t seep under stencil edges.
    • Concentrated permanent colors.
    • olid in the jar, creamy on your brush.
    • Use on Walls, Fabric, Wood…almost any surface!
    • Permanent and washable on fabric.
    • Oil-based, non toxic, cleans up easily with soap and water.

  • size: 15ml
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    Liquitex Airbrush Medium /1pc

    Liquitex Airbrush Medium is specifically formulated to thin acrylic colors for airbrush application. Mixing colors with Airbrush Medium will ensure that the colors do not lose their flexibility, durability and adhesion.

  • 120ml
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    Liquitex Polling Medium / 1pc

  • 237ml
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    Liquitex Gel mediums /1pc

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    Liquitex Gesso / 1pc

    Liquitex Gesso is a premium acrylic gesso used to prepare painting surfaces for acrylic and oil paint.

    • Non-yellowing.
    • Flexible and non-cracking.
    • Provides the perfect "tooth" and adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces such as canvas, paper and wood.
    • Excellent base coat primer for many applications for example murals.
    • One coat is usually all that is required.

  • 50ml
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    Liquitex Modeling paste /1pc

    Thick Acrylic Gel Blended With Marble Dust for Strong, Durable Texture.

    • Extra heavy body and very opaque.
    • A marble paste made of marble dust and 100% polymer emulsion.
    • Used to build heavy textures on rigid supports and create three-dimensional forms.
    • Dries to the hardness of stone. It can be sanded or carved when thoroughly dry.
    • Can be handled like clay if the top of the container is removed and some of the water is allowed to slowly evaporate until it reaches a clay-like consistency.
    • Adheres to any non-oily, absorbent surface.
    • Drying too quickly causes mud cracking that is usually cosmetic, not structural.
    • When mixed with acrylic colors will act as a weak tinting white, while increasing thickness and rigidity.
    • Excellent substrate for acrylic paint, oil paint, oil pastel, oil bars, watercolor, graphite or dry pastel.

    • Apply with knife, brush, cake decorating tools, etc.
    • To prevent shrinkage cracks (mud cracking), dry slowly by covering loosely with plastic wrap. Apply less than 1/4" thick.
    • Mix with acrylic colors to produce a colored tinted paste.
    • When dry, Liquitex Acrylic Modeling Paste may be painted with acrylic or oil colors.

  • 50ml
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    Viva Decor: Modeling Cream / 1pc

    Highly pigmented cream with a fine luster in metallic or mother of pearl optic. With the Modeling-Cream surfaces and objects can be artistically designed for inside and out. On canvas remarkable 3D effects can be achieve by applying the Modeling-Cream with a pallet knife, sponge, brush or stenciling.

    • water based
    • high color luster
    • smear- and weather-proof

    Modeling-Cream Handling: Stir well before use!
    Modeling-Cream can be applied with a pallet knife, sponge, brush or stenciling. With help of modeling tools (e.g. modeling brush, pallet knife) many different designs can be worked in.

  • 90ml
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    OIL varnish : Winsor Newton / 1 bottle

    Varnish yang permanent untuk melindungi / melapisi diatas cat.
    Jenis : OIL
    Tersedia 2 macam :

    • Matt : Doff tidak mengkilat.
    • Gloss : Mengkilat
    • Kemasan 75ml.

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    FolkArt DragonFly Glaze Topcoat / 1pc

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    Gofun powder / 1pack

    Gofun is an opaque white pigment made from pulverized high quality oyster shells. It has a pearl like luster. Used in traditional japanese doll making, and also often splashed on a print to imitate effects such as snow in a three dimensional manner.
    It is made from natural clam shell, by allowing Oyster shells to decompose until all organic matter is gone then grinding the remaining shell. Nowadays there is only one or two traditional manufacturer left doing this.
    Mix Gofun with melted NIKAWA (Japanese traditional glue id.16672) and using brush for applying to doll/goods.

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    Suihi enogu / 10gram

    Suihi-enogu is made from mud or erath found mostly in mountains, which is washed with water to remove impurities and then dried in plate form.

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    Kissho Gofun powder for raised texturing ( Moriage Gofun )/ 500g

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    Gofun powder / 1pc

    Gofun is a white pigment, used in Japan from the Muromachi period to the present day. Gofun was made of calcium carbonate powder obtained by heating and pulverizing the shells of oysters and clams, collected around the Inland Sea coast. It was used alone, or mixed with other pigments (guiri) to lighten the colour tone. An example is cinnabar mixed with gofun, called shu-no-gu (cinnabar-shell). In woodblock prints (ukiyo-e), gofun was sometimes rubbed directly on the picture surface, or sprinkled to give the effect of falling snow. Mixed with animal glue (nikawa), it was used as a coating on paper gubiki, an adhesive for sprinkled gold dust (fundami), and a priming (doroji), on statues and masks after the Kamakura period.
    These type of Gofun is ready-to-use
    When using it, you don’t need to grind, Just add warm water.
    It is very easy to use and gives you the same quality of gofun (id.12257).

  • Size : 150 gram
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    Gofun paste ( Miyako no Yuki ) / 1 tube

    Superior Quality Shell White.

    • This paste type of gofun is already contains Nikawa.
    1. Take needed volume and put in a small container.
    2. Put some water approximatelly half to same volume of the Gofun
    3. Using some brush , stir well.. and ready to use ( just like ordinary painting )
    4. If you want to make it more thinner , you can put some more water and MORE nikawa (NOT just water).

  • Size : 20 ml
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    Padico Doll Finisher / 1pc

    • Waterbased Acrylic Polymer Emulsion coat for clay doll and modeling cast doll finish. Finish color is clear. Doll skin becomes matte texture with the first coating. Repeat coating for a few times and the skin becomes clear tranparent complexion. After the coating, you can make-up with color paints. Once the doll finisher either clear or gohun is coated on the skin, you can fix doll face make-up. Use a marketed painting oil for wipe lines off, and adjust the lines.

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    Kissyo: Nikawa (Japanese Traditional Glue) / 100cc

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    Nikawa (Japanese Traditional Glue) - stick / 1 pkg (100g )

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    Nikawa (Japanese Traditional Glue) - Small chunks form / 1pack

    How to melt Nikawa : Rabbit skin nikawa Rabbit glue is an agglutinant extracted from rabbit skin and pulverized in the form of a glue plate.
    This type of glue has existed as a painting material in Europe since ancient times.
    The glue plate swells in water at room temperature and dissolves when heated.
    Rabbit Glue has low density but high adhesion, making it suitable as a spreadable color material for pigments and as a binder for creating an absorbent foundation.
    It is commonly used as a filler for boards, cloth, and paper, also as a base for Nihonga (Japanese paintings), tempera paintings, oil paintings, etc.
    Before use, dissolve the product in cold water, then melt the glue in a container placed in hot water.
    How to use Nikawa

    • 1. Place 100gr Nikawa into a container. Add 200cc (approx. 1 cup) of water. Soak at least 6 hours or overnight.
    • 2. Heat the Nikawa mixture on low heat, mixing constantly to dissolve Nikawa pieces, making sure it does NOT boil, until it melts away and the color is light brown.
    • 3. Pour Mixture into a large bucket/jar, add an additional water if necessary.

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