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Olfa Rotating Self-Healing Rotary Mat / 1pc

Exclusive rotating design, just cut, rotate mat and cut again
This 32x32cm (12" x 12") green exclusive rotating self-healing professional quality rotary mat rotates 360º smoothly, eliminating the need to move your body or your project around. It's simple to use, just cut, rotate mat, and cut again! Non-slip back for stable and safe cutting and light-weight to take along to class. Easily make 30º, 45º, 60º and 90º cuts. Especially designed for use with OLFA® rotary cutters. Rotary mats protect your work area and greatly extend the life of your rotary blades.

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Matilda's Own Rotating Cutting Mat / 1pc

  • 15in(38.1cm) Diameter
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    Olfa Folding cutter mat / 1 pc

    • Kelebihan cutting mat olfa ini adalah BISA dilipat
      Ukuran terbuka adalah A3, dan kalau dilipat menjadi separuhnya A4
    • Praktis, mudah disimpan, mudah di bawa bawa
    • Ukuran dalam keadaan terbuka : 450 x 320 mm (A3) , tebal 2mm

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    NT cutter Joint Cutting Mat / 1pc

    • Ukuran : 60 x 29cm
    • Cutting mat ini bisa di sambung kearah memanjang (interlocking), sehingga cocok untuk tatakan memotong yang panjang.
      Misalnya anda punya 2 buah, bisa disambung sehingga panjangnya menjadi 120 x 29cm

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    Magnetic Cutting Mat & Ruler 18" Teal /1set

    Let the power of the magnet in We R Memory Magnetic products help you keep things in place while you craft. Whether you are simply cutting a piece of paper, or laying out an entire scrap book page design, you'll appreciate the extra "hand" that the magnet gives you. Cutting Mat & Ruler 18" Teal- Set includes a Teal 18"x 14" double sided, self-healing, magnetic mat, with inch and metric markings in White, and an 18" metal ruler, with inch and metric measurements in Teal.
    Combination of magnetic mat and metal ruler will hold down what you're cutting. Also includes 4 magnetic "posts" for additional hold and control.

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    Crafter's Companion Self-Healing Mat /1pc

    This self-healing cutting mat is the perfect tool when it comes to using craft knives and rotary cutters. It comes with a double-sided measuring grid showing both metric and imperial measurements.

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    DSPIAE Cutting Mat /1pc

    Soft PVX material is used for both sides of cutting mat, and hard PVC material for the middle part.
    Boths are safe to use as they are environmentally friendly materials and are in line with EU EN71 standard.

    Cutting mat is designed for model cutting, 2mm thicken type, with scaleplate and ruling on the surface.

    With special automatic healing technology, the DSPIAE cutting mat is more durable.
    The surface material of cutting mat is soft, which may effectively protect the blade to extend its service life and protect the working table from being damaged by the blade.

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    Blade disposal : Olfa safety blade disposal case / 1 pc

    Praktis untuk mematahkan ujung cutter, serta menyimpan hasil potongannya
    Tutup kaleng ini sengaja tidak bisa dibuka, biar hasil potongan cutter tersimpan didalam dan tidak bisa terbuka tanpa sengaja.

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    Blade disposal : NT Cutter iCD-400P / 1pc

    Disposal case, for used snap off blades, has a built-in blade snapper. Convenient case can safely hold used blades and dispose without danger of harm or injury.
    Pyramid shaped case can be kept on your desk or in any workspace for convenience. To prevent blades from spilling out, the corners are screwed shut for extra security. Good for disposing of snap-off blade segment.

  • Disposal case with blade snapper for used snap off blades
  • Holds 2600ea of A-type snapped
  • Hold 400ea of L-type snapped blades

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    Blade disposal : OLFA Poke Station / 1pc

    Olfa Disposal Safely dispose of used blades with this convenient blade case.
    You can easily fold the blade with light force lever.
    Came with the case to prevents blades from falling out accidentally.

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    Paper trimmer : Carl paper cutter / 1 unit

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    Paper trimmer : Magnetic Twist trimmer / 1set

    Ini adalah "Paper trimmer" buat motong kertas.

    • Kelebihan alat ini, bagian penggarisnya menggunakan magnet sehingga bisa di letakkan di sembarang tempat, apabila menggunakan "magnetic mat". (tatakan yang bisa ditempelin magnet)
    • Bisa juga di pakai tanpa "magnetic mat" , namun ... tentu saja fungsi magnetnya tidak berguna
    • Ruller and cutting set : sudah berikut pisau yang lurus (standard)
    • Anda bisa beli jenis pisau yang lain dan gampang sekali gantinya.

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    Paper trimmer : Marvy Uchida paper trimming budy / 1pc

    Ini adalah "Paper trimmer" buat motong kertas buatan Marvy Uchida.

    • Bagian pisau tersembunyi (tidak berbahaya, tidak mudah melukai)
    • Jenis pisau bisa diganti dengan mudah
    • Bisa kuat memotong 10 lembar kertas sekaligus
    • Ukuran besar 30cm
    • Bagian bawah ada penggaris yang bisa di lipat terbuka / tertutup
    • Bagian MAT bisa diganti (apabila perlu diganti)
    • Trimming buddy set sudah termasuk :
      1 buah unit alatnya, 1 buah pisau yang lurus (straight)
    • Pisau bentuk lain di jual terpisah.

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    Paper trimmer : Fiskars SureCut Paper Trimmer / 1pc

    Keep all of your scrapbook pages crisp and clean with a trimmer specifically designed to meet your needs.
    SureCut™ Scrapbooking Paper Trimmer will bring a new level of precision to your next scrapbooking project. The SureCut™ wire cut-line indicates exactly where the blade will cut your scrapbook page. Our patented TripleTrack™ System interlocks the blade and rail for straight, precise cuts every time. This trimmer can even handle extra-large scrapbook pages with precision — a self-leveling swing-out arm extends the measuring deck to a full 12".
    A permanent scale and grid cutting mat helps ensure cutting accuracy. An ergonomically designed, high-profile blade carriage is easy-to-grip to help you make accurate cuts quickly. It even includes a lightweight, portable design, so it’s easy to take this trimmer wherever your passion for scrapbooking takes you.

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    We R Memory Keepers Large Hand Tools Kit / 1set

    Get a straight edge every time with this easy-to-use paper trimmer that includes both scoring and cutting blades. Cuts up to 12" papers. The trimmer lets you score and cut in both directions, so it's great for both right- and left-handed crafters.

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    The Zutter Kutter / 1set

    Cuts almost anything, from chipboard, book board, Zutter Canvas Artboard,foam board, stacks of cardstock, leather and Zutter's Corrugated Cardboard. Adjustable blade height allows for scoring, left/right paper guide, 13"( 330mm ) deep cutting platform. Ideal for paper crafters, model makers, architects. Maximum cutting thickness: 5/32"( 3.96mm ).

    **Package may be broken**

  • Package size: 200x550x185mm
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    Replacement Blade for The Zutter Kutter / 1 pc

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    Circle Scissor Pro / 1pc

    • Bisa untuk memotong dan juga menggambar lingkaran hingga diameter 15cm
      Kalau dipasang alat potong untuk memotong, kalau dipasang pensil bisa untuk menggambar lingkaran (pensil tidak berikut)
    • Set ini sudah lengkap berikut : template untuk memotong, pisau potong, dan 3 buah pisau pengganti.
    • Bagian pegangan dari pisau potongnya bisa berputar, sehingga lebih gampang pada waktu memotong.

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    Magnetic Circle Cutter II Refill pack / 1set

    Choose from a wide selection of We R Memory Tools designed specifically to help you with your crafting projects. You'll wonder how you ever managed without them. Magnetic Circle Cutter 2 Refill- Pack includes 3 blades and 3 pencils that will keep your Circle Cutter II(sold separately), sharp and ready to cut or draw circles. Keep out of reach of children.

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    Ultra ShapeXpress Starter / 1pc

    The Ultra ShapeXpress is an incredibly versatile tool with simplified design and an interior swivel blade that makes precise cuts effortless. The ergonomic shape and softgrip technology grips make it comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver. Glides easily in every direction. A freehand spacer allows easy switching from template to freehand cutting while a fine tuning dial adjusts blade depth for different paper thickness and personal preference.
    This starter set is ideal for the beginning crafter or as the base of a more extensive collection for the most experienced user. It includeds the Ultra ShapeXpress convenient craft mat and templates of different shapes.

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    Ultra Shape Cutter

    This new, simplified design revolutionises shape cutting. With its ergonomic shape, the Fiskars® Ultra ShapeXpress™ is easier to hold, and SoftGrip® technology adds comfort. The freehand spacer allows for a quick switch between template and freehand cutting. The fine tuning dial adjusts blade depth for different paper thickness and personal preference.

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    Slide Tools ( for Olfa Cutter L) / 1pc

    Guide rail ini khusus untuk olfa ukuran L ( juga bisa untuk cutter lain, asalkan sama ukurannya).
    Cocok untuk pabrik yang sering harus motong benda yang harus motongnya tidak bisa satu kali potong (misalnya kulit tebal, karet tebal, atau gasket dll )
    Panjang maximum jalur potong : 100 cm.

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    Leather & Cord cutter / 1pc

    Little CUT’s heat-treated, stainless steel blade creates a perfect flush cut, which requires less finishing. This heavy duty 4.5" (114 mm) cutter is excellent for use on plain Licorice Leather™ and other stringing materials such as rubber cord, leather thong, and rope.
    PLEASE NOTE: The Little CUT is NOT suitable for cutting metals such as craft wire, memorywire, flex wire, or chain, which can damage the blade.

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    HT380 HG universal cutter / 1pc

    HG universal cutter (with angle cutting guide) / 1 pc
    A large cutter that is useful for cutting plastic rods and plates.
    - Cut the material straight with a large blade that pushes from above.
    - The grip shape is easy to hold, and the material can be cut with a light force.
    - An angle cutting guide that can be adjusted to 7 different angles is included.
    (Note: To finish at an angle of 15 ° / 30 °, it must be cut in two stages.)
    - Blade made in high quality
    · Blade length: Approximately 60mm
    · Opening width: Cutting edge side approx. 28mm / Root side approx. 5mm - Supported materials
    · Plastic bars and plates
    · Thin wood
    · Rubber and vinyl materials

    * Even the above materials may not be cut depending on the shape and size.
    * Since this product is a blade, please handle it with care. Also, do not apply excessive force to the cutting edge when working.
    ¦ Product size: Approximately 240mm (length) x 100mm (height)
    ¦ Product Material:
    Body: Tool steel
    Handle: ABS
    Cutting edge base / angle cutting guide: Nylon
    Blade: Carbon alloy steel
    ¦ Accessories: Angle cutting guide / 2 replacement blades for replacement

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    God Hand Amazing Cutter /1pc

    The plastic plate can be cut quickly with light force!
    By simply holding the grip with the object you want to cut, you can cut the object straight and crisp.
    Designed to cut a plastic plate with a thickness of 2mm or less and a length of 75mm or less. In addition to a plastic plate, paper, cloth, vinyl, cardboard, etc. can be used if it is 2mm or less and the length is 75mm or less Cut.
    If your production is small and you want to cut it straight, you can use the Amazing Cutter to make it crisp.

    The cross section is clean! Amazing sharpness!
    The cut surface is almost not crushed and can be cut straight and clean. For this reason, the labor of shaping after cutting can be greatly reduced.

    If it is a rod-like object, it can be cut to a thickness of 5 mm!
    By using the notch, you can cut round (or 5mm square) rod-shaped material with a diameter of 5mm.

    The blade can be replaced with a commercially available cutter blade!
    Since the blade uses a commercially available cutter blade, it can be replaced with a new commercially available cutter blade if the sharpness deteriorates.
    Replacement blades are not included with this product. Purchase a replacement cutter blade from your local dealer.
    Replacement cutter blades are also available on the official online hand site of God Hand.
    * “Special black blade (small)” is recommended for cutting plastic plates.
    OLFA Olfa cutter blade (small)
    Model number: SB10K, SB10KS, SB10B, SB10BS, SB50K
    OLFA Stainless Spare Blade (Small)
    Model number: SSB5B, SSB5K
    OLFA Special Black Blade (Small)
    Model number: BB10K, BB10KS, BB50K

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