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Creative Grids: House Ruler 9-1/2in x 12in /1pc

House Ruler
This multi-purpose ruler is designed to cut a multitude of shapes. Half-square triangles; quarter-square triangles; trapezoids; parallelograms; diamonds from squares and rectangles; “house” shapes; and “barn” shapes are fast, easy and accurate to cut with this one ruler. Our exclusive embedded gripper dots hold the fabric while cutting when pressure is applied.

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Creative Grids: Non Slip Lazy Angle Ruler 6.5in x 10.5in /1pc

Lazy Angle® Ruler
Make hundreds of Lazy Angle® blocks in 1" to 6" finished sizes. Learn the simple technique of cutting and piecing A & B shapes to create a multitude of patterns. This ruler is featured in the book, "Lazy & Lovin’ It" book. Our exclusive embedded gripper dots hold the fabric while cutting when pressure is applied.

  • 6.5 inch x 10.5 inch (16.51 x 26.67 cm)
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    Creative Grids: 45 Degree Diamond Dimensions Quilt Ruler /1pc

  • Total Size - 8-1/2in x 20-1/2in(21.59 x 50.8 cm)
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    TrueCut Ruler / 1pc

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    Patchwork template set #57-894 circle / 1 set

    Tanpa bantuan kompas kita bisa membuat lingkaran dengan mudah.
    Tersedia diameter lingkaran : 2cm,3cm,4cm,5cm,8cm,dan 10cm.
    Dimensi kemasan : 120×140×4.5mm

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    Clover Trace 'n Create Quilt Templates : Carefree Curves / 1 set

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    Clover Trace 'n Create Quilt Templates : Dresden / 1 set

    Create super-sized to traditional quilt blocks with Nancy's easy-to-follow directions

  • Size: 304mm, 609mm, 812mm and 914mm
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    Wheel Origami Quilt / 1 pc

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    Clover Piece template / 1pc

  • Package size: 155×230×2mm
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    Patchwork ruler - protractor / 1 set

    Sangat mudah mengetahui sudut dengan alat ini.

  • Size: 105×190×1.5mm (box)
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    Clover Patchwork Ruler / 1pc

    Clover Patchwork Ruler enabling easy reading when ruler markings on dark colored fabric. Full measuring grid from edge to edge. Grid guide marks for measuring both parallel and perpendicular lines.
    To work with a pen drawing, pattern making, quilting line, and marked pen.

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    Clover Strip Ruler / 1pc

    Clover Strip Ruler with full angle line is also required for the piece of 8cm wide cut in an easy-presser. As you move the rotary cutter along the ruler´s track, the guide keeps the cutter from veering away or slipping off the ruler´s edge.

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    Clover Trace 'n Create Quilt Templates : Lone Star / 1 set

    Create super-sized to traditional quilt blocks with Nancy's easy-to-follow directions, all in one set of quality reusable templates.

  • Size: 12 sizes from 152mm to 1016mm blocks
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    Flip-N-Cut Magic Template / 1set

    Includes 3 nested templates to make over 8 different shapes quickly and easily. Create hundreds of designs for quilting, scrapbooking, crafting and sewing. Instructions: Quick and easy to use. 1. Trace 2. Flip 3. Trace 2nd half 4. Ready to cut. Each template has an outside circle and two different inside shapes. Use "+" plus sign to mark center of shape. Trace half of desired shape, then flip template over, line up center and trace other half. It's that easy! 9", 4" & 2" Circles.

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    Quilt Sense: Kaleidoscope Triangle Ruler / 1 pc

    Quilt Sense tools were developed with well-known quilting author Marti Michell. Designed specifically for patchwork quilters and packaged in color-coded packages. This line features three styles of rulers: Straight Cuts, Shape Cuts and Finishing. Each ruler contains detailed, easy-to-understand instructions.

  • Size : 310x165 mm
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    EZ Quilting : Easy Circle Cut / 1pc

    The Easy Circle Cut ruler was designed by Sharon Hultgren. This ruler template will allow you to cut accurate circles, including a 1/4" seam allowance, for sizes from 2" finish to 10" finish. You have 9 circle size choices.
    The 18mm rotary cutter (not included) fits into the grooves and quickly cuts circles for any project.

  • size:21.59x31.75 cm
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    EZ Quilting : 45 Diamond shapes / 1pc

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    EZ Quilting : Easy Dresden Quilting Ruler / 1 set

    Quilters' of all levels can make a beautiful dresden quilt with this ruler. Makes shapes in 14 sizes, from 1S to 7-1/2S. Includes a supply l ist for in-store shopping and a quilt pattern.

  • Size : 1" (2.54cm)to 7-1/2"(19.05cm)
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    Easy Hearts / 1pc

    A complement to the Easy Circle Cut tool. It has channels for cutting a perfect heart in five sizes, up to 5" with a built-in 1/4" seam allowance.
    ** Package may vary. **

  • Size : 203x304 mm
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    EZ Quilting : Easy Scallop Set / 1 set

    These easy tools are more than just templates but adjustable scallop shapes designed to finish any size quilt border. The adjustable shape with interlock feature allows even a beginner to measure a precise scalloped edge with an evenly sized and spaced design. This unique tool eliminates the need for math! Create any size scallop from 4" and 12". Includes 2 Easy Scallop templates and easy step-by-step instructions. Sizes: small - 4-5/8" x 8" x 4" and large - 7-1/2"x 7".

    • Scallop shapes are designed to finish any size quilt border
    • Adjustable shape with interlock feature allows evenly sized and spaced design; eliminate need for math!
    • Create any size scallop from 4"-12"
    • Small: 4-5/8" x 4"
    • Large: 7-1/2" x 7"

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    Guidelines 4 Quilting : Guidelines quilting rulers / 1pc

    Guidelines 4 Quilting Tools help you prepare yourself, your sewing machine, and your fabrics for perfect piecing. Ruler 6x12- Slide and lock the built-in fabric guides onto any line, 1/8" increments, on the ruler and cut accurately every time. The fabric guide catches the fabric's edge for perfect alignment, making it great for repeated cutting of widths. Insert Purple marker on the angle line you need. You are able to make a 6"x 24" or 12" square when needed with connectors and other rulers, sold separately. Bottom has non-slip grips. Made of polycarbonate 25 times stronger that acrylic.

  • size:6x12 inch(150x300mm)
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    Guidelines 4 Quilting :Seam alowance additions for Guidelines rulers / 1set

    Guidelines 4 Quilting Tools help you prepare yourself, your sewing machine, and your fabrics for perfect piecing. Seam Allowance- 3 piece set. Designed to attach exclusively to Guideline rulers, these color coded additions, "S" "H" and "Q", make it easy to add exact 1/4" seam allowances to Squares, Half & Quarter Square Triangles. Built-in finger guards. Includes 8 page instruction booklet.

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    HQ Ruler-Set : Arc Templates / 1set

    Arc Ruler B set 12in, 8in & 4in
    Use to make 10 inch and 6 inch arc designs while free motion quilting.
    Made from 0.25-inch thick quality acrylic.

    ** Package may vary. **

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    HQ Ruler-Set : Star Flower Templates / 1pc

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    HQ Ruler-Set : Half-Circle Templates / 1set

    For Mid-Arm and Long-Arm Machines. Handi-Sized half circles are easy to grasp and control. Right-sized cut to compensate for 1/2in hopping foot. Half circles cut in 1in increments (1-1/2in to 11-1/2in) for quilted circles from 2in to 12in.
    Made from 0.25-inch thick quality acrylic.

    ** Package may vary. **

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