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Cutter : LeatherCraft Knife ( made in Japan ) / 1pc

This is a high quality traditional Japanese skiving knife. This quality blade is made in Japan using traditional techniques.
Great for skiving!
Handcrafted and made from high quality steel, this knife is tempered on the inside of the blade and annealed on the other surface giving you an exceptionally sharp blade that will last many years.
After used, please keep dry and store in a manner.

Produk ini bisa "Back Order", artinya anda bisa order melebihi stok yang ada.(atau biarpun stok kosong, anda dapat order). Kekurangan stok nya, akan kami orderkan dari pabrik.

id:10380 (sku:TO-CUTL-025A1)  
  Pilihan (Rp) Harga Stok Qty
10380-angled   Angled 52119 751,000 1
10380-curved   Curved 52118 751,000 0
10380-flat24   Flat 24mm 52039 601,000 1
10380-flat36   Flat 36mm 52026 601,000 2
10380-preq24   Premium Quality Flat 24mm 52027
This is for cutting ( NOT skiving )

1,255,000 0 X
10380-preq36   Premium Quality Flat 36mm 52028
This is for cutting ( NOT skiving )

1,303,000 0 X
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