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Epo Resin / 1set

A Revolutionary Resin Putty for model making and custom fabrication
  • Easy fabrication. Just mix the two clays together and model as you like.
    - Step 1: Mix Putty A and Putty B.
    - Step 2: Soak finger with water then mold figure within 30 minutes from mixing.
    - Step 3: Shave surface and fix figure.
    - Step 4: Paint with acrylic, lacquer or other paints.
  • Hardness of putty is adjusted simply by adding more water.
    Enlargeable putty by water / easy to shave after stiffen.
  • Attaches to anything: wood, metal, ceramic, etc.
  • Finished product features a waterproof, hard resin formation that can be sanded, painted, and textured in any way you choose.
  • No dealing with messiness or harmful fumes.

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